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Highest Self Podcast 076: How To Be More Confident with Sahara Rose

Confidence is key, but how do we get it? There is so much talk about why confidence is important but the real way to get …

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Highest Self Podcast 075: How To Balance Each Dosha with Sahara Rose

This episode is a deep-dive on how to balance each Ayurvedic Dosha and a sample of what my Doshas + Dharma 4 Week Virtual Coaching …

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Highest Self Podcast 074: What It’s Like To Be On My Doshas + Dharma Program

I sat down with three of my former Doshas + Dharma Virtual 4 Week Program students, now coaches on the program, to ask them what …

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Highest Self Podcast 073: How To Live Your Purpose with Sahara Rose

We all say we want to find our purpose.. but are you willing to let go of the version of you you have gotten really …

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Highest Self Podcast 072: Creating Your Own Mentorship Tribe with Lori Harder

I sat down with author Lori Harder for an inside scoop on her recent book launch, “A Tribe Called Bliss,” which I highly recommend to …

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Highest Self Podcast 071: How Your Dosha is Related to Your Dharma (Life Purpose) with Ayurveda Author Sahara Rose

Did you know Vatas are meant to be in the creative fields? And Pittas are meant to be managers? And Kaphas are meant to work …

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Highest Self Podcast 070: The WILD Habits That Will Change Your Life with Tara Mackey

In this episode, I sit down with my good friend Tara Mackey, author of Wild Habits and Cured By Nature to discuss how she healed …

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Highest Self Podcast 069: The Real Purpose Of Eating Ayurvedically with Sahara Rose

Why do we eat Ayurvedically? Why do we take care of our bodies? What is the POINT of all this self-care and wellness rituals? To …

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Highest Self Podcast 067: Lessons From 1 Million Downloads with Sahara Rose

On April 7, Highest Self Podcast hit 1 million downloads in it’s first 10 months! I never expected this podcast would grow as quickly as …

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Highest Self Podcast 066: Conscious Motherhood, Purpose and Italian Plant-Based Cuisine with Srimati aka Julie Piatt

Whether you are/ want to be a mother or not, this episode is for you. Julie Piatt aka Srimati, wife of vegan athlete extraordinaire Rich …

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Highest Self Podcast 065: Becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner with John Immel of Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda

I’ve partnered up with Joyful Belly School of Ayurvedic Diet & Digestion to offer my Highest Self Podcast Community a $1000 scholarship, a bonus interactive …

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Highest Self Podcast 064: The Art of Mending What’s Broken with Author Candice Kumai

When Candice found herself in a deep depression, she went back to retrace her ancestors’ roots in Japan to learn the art of kintsugi: to …

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