Pitta: Fire + Water

Pitta is fiery like the summer heat. ⠀
Mentally, Pitta types are driven hard-workers who thrive in competition. They’re task-oriented realists that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Excessive heat accumulation can cause them to become impatient and agitated, though they’re generally strong leaders. However, if you get on their bad side, they can have an anger attack, like an erupting volcano. 🌋 ⠀

Physically, Pitta types contain a great deal of heat that needs to be released. You can often see the signs of fire in their body manifesting as red tones in their hair and a flushed face. They become overheated easily and cannot tolerate hot, humid days. They perspire more than the other Doshas and are naturally well-muscled. They require strenuous exercise to cool down their bodies and can become addicted to exercise. They have more oily skin and hair that is prone towards acne. 💪🏽⠀

Internally, Pitta types contain a great deal of fire and are able to digest about anything. They often expel superfluous stomach acid, suffering from heartburn and hyperacidity. They do best in routine and their fire comes out when they’re missed a meal! 🔥 ⠀

Celebrity Examples: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Anniston (all the Jennifers), Madonna, Gary Vee, Brad Pitt, Kobe Bryant ✨⠀

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