My goals, visions and dreams

My goals, visions and dreams

These three words are what keep me going. My mantra when I open my eyes and when they drift to sleep.

The vibrations I send out to the universe, manifesting their transition from dreams to reality.

It all starts with a dream and mine has always been “to help people.” As cliché as it sounds, I’ve always known my purpose of life was to enhance the lives of others.


In middle school when we were told to dress as our favorite celebrity, I came to school in robe, dressed as Gandhi.

In high school, when we were told “where do you see yourself in 10 years” I wrote “in the Peace Corps.”

But how would I help people? Would I become a human shield and stand in front of houses about to be bulldozed? Would I move to a tribe and teach English? Would I become an International Humanitarian Lawyer and fight for human rights in the UN? Would I work one-on-one with abused children as a therapist?

There were so many avenues I could take that I felt helpless in my quest to help.


Then it hit me. I will help people in the same way I help myself- by making them healthier and happier.

I was very dedicated to my health, researching nutritional theories, mindful eating and holistic living.

I would help people find the mind-body connection.

And that was my vision as I began blogging.

Each post brought me closer to my voice.

What sort of lifestyle would I promote?

Is the raw vegan diet the way to go or the Paleo?

Should I focus on creating recipes or writing articles?

Isn’t there more out there then just losing weight?

Are people actually reading this stuff?

Doubt rose inside me, like a glass box slowly filling with water, until I could no longer breath.


I was unsupported by my family, who believed I should focus on something more realistic then a writing career.

I had no one to look up to, no one to turn to, no one to tell me “You’re on the right path.”


And with every breath, I became closer to my vision, finding air in this water-filled glass box.


Becoming a Certified Health Coach.

Becoming a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Becoming a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

More readers, more followers, more content, more passion, more inspiration.

Following my dreams, not my expectations.

I began setting goals.

I will write a book connecting Ayurveda with modern nutrition.

I will write a book on hormonal balance.

I will write a book on connecting with your soul.

As tides washed over me, temporarily taking me from the shore, another wave would come to push me closer to where I was meant to be.

I stopped listening to the voices outside that said I can’t.

I began listening to the voices that say I can.


Plane ticket. Bali. Have I been to Bali? No. But something is calling me there.

Boarding the plane. No idea where I’m going to go. My only goal: find myself.

The next four months consisted of yoga, meditation and hours of writing in the jungle, connecting to the Earth, connecting to my root, connecting to myself.

Thousands of words streaming from the universe, channeling through my body and typed onto my turquoise laptop keyboard.


They say you write about a subject you want to learn more about. I never could have imagined how much I learned about myself by trying to advice others.

Opinions shifted. Beliefs shattered. Replaced by love, understanding and acceptance.

Books completed.

The moment I stopped making it a goal and started making it a lifestyle.


Our fixation on goals sometimes keep us from actually completing them.


When I forced myself to sit in front of a computer screen and said “1, 2, 3 write,” I was always stuck at the starting line.

The moment I let go, let it flow and just listened to what came from my soul, is the moment magic happened.


The moment you realize your dreams, visions and goals are aligned is one of beauty.

You can stop trying and just be.

And that’s really what we truly want. To be content with who we are, so we stop attaching our self-worth to our goals, but rather they become us.


We are the things we do.

Our bodies are puppets with two conductors, our heart and our mind.

Our mind pulls our strings one way and our heart another.

But when the two are in battle, the strings break, leaving the puppet lifeless.

That’s how so many of us are, stuck in this limbo of what we want to do and what we are doing.

The fear of not “being someone” keeps us from becoming who we truly are.

The fear of losing ourselves keeps us stuck in our old selves.


The longest distance you’ll ever travel is between your head and heart.

The moment you make this journey, doors will open up because the keys of your potential are aligned.

Heart can’t operate with head. Head can’t think without heart.


So make your goal to follow your vision.

Make your vision the reminiscing moments of your dreams as you awaken.

And tap into the dreams stuck under those heavy layers of fears.


Align your head and heart, and the rest will fall right into place.

You have the key to make your goals, dreams and visions comes true.

All you have to do is clear up the clutter that’s hiding it.


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