Highest Self Podcast 101: Awaken Your Powers Masterclass with Shaman Durek


In this episode, we dive deep into what it means to awaken your powers. We discuss owning your voice, public speaking to be remembered, being clear on your message and knowing your value.


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More than just an educational class, this is an up-leveling, a transmission of my Vedic/ Persian/ Sufi and his Shamanic/ African Haitian sacred knowledge, plus our modern experience as authors, speakers, healers and public figures, passed along to you. We’ve made it affordable so ALL people can benefit.


The masterclass is only $35 for the full 4-part masterclass series, PLUS a live Q+A webinar where you can ask us any of your questions, PLUS a private FB support group PLUS an Instagram comment pod to increase engagement and create TRIBE, which is exactly what we all need.


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Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor




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