Can You Have Multiple Purposes?

This is probably the MOST common question I get on the topic of dharma (your soul’s purpose.)

Do you just have one? Can you have multiple? How come some people have one career/ business/ role that stays with them for the rest of their life, while others keep changing?

I answer that in this Highest Self Podcast episode (just 22 min!) Tune in on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud!

An excerpt I share in my upcoming book, Discover Your Dharma on the topic:

“Your dharma is eternal but the way that it manifests may change throughout the course of your life..

We are always evolving and your dharma requires you to only be the most recent edition of who you are. It’s not giving up if it’s honoring your truth. Giving up is quitting something you love because of external feedback. Evolving is choosing something else because your energy has moved.

You can be an artist, healer, visionary, entrepreneur, and activist at the same time—different archetypes will just show up in different situation and your dharma is to find the unique ebb and flow between the various sides of you.”

I can’t wait to share it with you!

This year has been challenging for all of us and has provided us with an opportunity to look deeper and really ask ourselves. Why am I here? How can I live a life more in alignment with my truth, gifts and passion? And this is why it’s more important to Discover Your Dharma than ever before.

I’m SOUL excited my book is out in just over two weeks. I’ve created epic bonuses for pre-ordering the book, from tickets to my live virtual Book Launch Workshop, to my Discover Your Dharma meditation, to materials to host your own Discover Your Dharma book club, to information to teach Discover Your Dharma to your class or team.

I’m even doing random giveaways including a 1:1 Dharma Coaching Session with me, free Rose Gold Goddesses memberships, Doshas + Dharma tanks and more!

These are ONLY available for those who pre-order, and it also really helps get the message out to serve more who could really benefit from finding their purpose at this time.. and the ripple effect it has on families!

I’ve been sharing tons of nuggets from Discover Your Dharma on Instagram @iamsahararose! Click the image above to read them and check out my recent posts for more!

So excited for the magick, impact and transformation you will create when you are in full alignment with your dharma.

With Gratitude,


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