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What Were You Doing in 2012?

Since asking this question on my most recent podcast, episode I’ve been floored by the answers.

“The year I quit my job and became a yoga teacher.”

“The year I walked up to a man at Old Navy and he is now my loving husband.”

“The year I picked up my first metaphysical text.”

“The year I attended my first silent retreat with Mooji.”

“The year I let go of a relationship that wasn’t serving me.”

“The year I picked up my bags and moved across the country with no plans but total trust in the universe.”

I’d love to know, where were you?

The latest Highest Self Podcast Episode is unlike any I’ve ever done, purely channeled from source energy (and I explain what that means in-depth in the episode!

You know how there are farm-to-table restaurants? This is kind of like a cosmos-to-podcast episode. It all came through, was recorded and published within an hour and is it just me or do you also feel the world needs some more real, uncurated social media/ podcast content that’s real and raw and soulful? Can I get an amen?!

In the episode, I discuss:

  • What is going on from a cosmic perspective
  • How we are living in the microcosm of the macrocosm
  • Why the world woke up in 2012
  • The shift from the patriarchal to the feminine era
  • The transition between being 5-dimensional to multi-dimensional human-beings
  • Accessing information from the Vortex
  • Why Donald Trump was elected from a metaphysical perspective
  • Uncovering your shadows
  • The spiritual perspective on bed-bugs
  • Meditation on accessing the lessons the universe is waiting for you to experience
  • Why connecting to Mother Earth is more important than ever before
  • Why you need to put your voice out there as a multidimensional being to transmute pain and darkness into healing and light

This episode is not for everyone but if you are ready for this information, then I am honored to be a messenger of it for you.

In the second Highest Self Podcast Episode of the week, I get real and vulnerable with you to share the 27 Lessons I’ve learned in my 27 years, in honor of my recent birthday.
I discuss what I’ve learned in career, love, friendships, spirituality, joy, purpose and everything in between.
I’m so honored to share this with you and would love to know if you’ve also learned similar lessons! Create your own list of xx lessons in xx years and share it with me! I would love to see on Instagram @iamsahararose.
(Picture taken in December in Varanasi, India on my upcoming book-shoot, Eat Feel Fresh!)
Eat Right For Your Mind-Body Type Guided Program

A lot of you are asking me about where you can deepen your studies on Ayurveda but in a modern, plant-based way. Well, I created this course for this very reason!
It includes:
  • Weekly videos explaining Ayurvedic concepts in a modernized way
  • Guided meditations to help you heal your relationship with food
  • Grocery shopping lists for each Dosha
  • Meal plans for each Dosha
  • How to change your diet according to the season
  • How to lose weight as a Kapha
  • Finding the right exercise for your Dosha
  • Choosing the right water to drink
  • Exclusive Facebook Support Community for Program Participants
  • Email access to me with your questions
  • and so much more!!

As a special gift for writing a beautiful review on Amazon, I am offering my exclusive Ayurvedic Skincare Guide, filled with 24 pages of ALL my secrets to balance dry Vata, acne-prone Pitta and combination/ hormonal Kapha skin.
In the PDF, I explain how each Dosha’s skin behaves and provide dozens of recipes for homemade cleansers, masks, moisturizers and more specifically for YOUR skin-type!
Our skin is a reflection of our health and the gift-wrapping the world sees us in so it’s super important we listen to our skin, as imbalances are hinting to us more deep-rooted issues in our body.
To receive the guide:
1. Leave a beautiful, honest review of the book on Amazon (preferably with a photo because that helps with rankings!)
2. Send me back a screen-shot of your review!
3. I will email you the PDF of my Ayurvedic Skincare Guide in the next 24 hours! It’s that simple!
Last night we experienced the lunar eclipse paired with the blue moon in Leo.

This is an amazing time to speak your truth and utilize that throat chakra, which I talk about in Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda!

I’d love to know: What’s your message to the world?
It’s time to put yourself more out there and EXPRESS all that incredible knowledge, curiosity, love and joy that you’ve been boxing inside of you.
As I discuss in the Highest Self Podcast Episode, the WORLD needs your wisdom!
By you playing small and thinking that you’re not ready, we ALL lose!
No one has the expertise you have, experience you have, Doshic constitution that you have, dharma (life-purpose) that you have.
You were put on this planet for a very specific purpose and we NEED you to share it with us because you have SO much to offer!
Namaste and wishing you a beautiful blue moon,
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