What We Need on the Planet Right Now

Return to her fertility⁠⠀
Return to her abundance⁠⠀

The world only seems to be spiraling out of control when we lose our connection with Her⁠?⠀
Our planet is always beneath you, supporting you, feeding you⁠⠀
Giving you fruit to nourish you⁠⠀
Waters to play in⁠⠀
Mountains to comfort you⁠⠀
When the world seems to overwhelm you⁠⠀
Rest your feet in her soil⁠⠀
And let yourself⁠⠀
Come back home⁠??⠀
Amazing time connecting back to Gaia on the Mayan lands of @banyantreemayakoba, Mexico ?Such a beautiful reminder to reflect + pause⁠⠀

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