If You Want To Manifest It…Embody It.

We live in a world where we all talk about how to manifest it.

How do you *get* that thing you want.. as if that thing is outside of you.

Let me share with you the real secret.

You gotta feel that shit first.

If you want to feel abundance, embody it.
You want to feel joy ?, embody it.
If you want to feel success, embody it.
You want to feel radiance ?, embody it.
If you want to feel fiercely feminine. embody it.
You want to feel sensual ?, embody it.
If you want to feel free, embody it.

What I’ve realized as a spiritual/ personal development author who has been deeply immersed in this world for the past decade (and a total self-professed nerd) is the truth is… we have enough information.

We’ve read a lot of articles, listened to a lot of podcasts, gone to a lot of conferences.

But are we taking action on it or just going from one podcast, one email, one event to the next without changing anything in our lives?

What we need is more embodiment.

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If we took even ONE piece of that information and took ACTION on it.. our world will radically transform.

All it takes is one step. One decision. One move forward, for the domino effect of up-leveling to take place.

And that requires stepping away from the imposter syndrome and stepping into the fact that the ONLY way you’ll realize you’re ready.. is by starting doing it.

Our external world is a reflection of our internal vibration and no vision board will change your life if you don’t take action.

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With gratitude,

Sahara Rose

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