Four Fall Tips For Transitioning Into Vata Season

As the weather becomes colder and air becomes dryer, we enter “Vata” season. Vata is a cold, dry, light, rough and windy energy, just like the Fall. That’s why it’s extra important we make sure our Vata Dosha does not get imbalanced in the Fall.

We all have the three elements- Vata, Pitta and Kapha- inside of us, in different amounts. The season also affects our Doshas because we are always affected by our environment. Even if you aren’t a predominantly Vata type, your Vata Dosha can still get off balance in Fall so it’s extra important to follow a Vata-pacifying diet to stay healthy.

Here are my Four Fall tips to transitioning into Vata season..

  1. Drink hot water with cinnamon. Hot water will warm up your gastrointestinal system from within, stimulating your digestive fire. Cinnamon is similarly a heat-inducing spice that will help keep your body temperature stable, even in the chilly weather. Make sure you buy high quality cinnamon because much of the cinnamon in stores is actually fake. Be sure to purchase Ceylon cinnamon and not Cassia .
  2. Oil pull with sesame oil. Oil-pulling is the practice of rinsing your mouth with sesame oil to remove toxins and cleanse your system. Just put a tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth and swish it around for at least 5 minutes, working your way up to 20. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually way easier than you think and will be a huge game-changer. Sesame oil is warming, making it the best choice for Vata season.
  3. Avoid icey smoothies. Drinking icey beverage will only make you cold from within, putting out your digestive fire. This is going to make you more prone to bloating, gas and constipation because your digestive system won’t be working as efficiently. If you do have a smoothie, avoid adding ice and add warming ingredients like ginger and cinnamon instead.
  4. Eat warm, cooked meals. Now is the time for pumpkin soup, steamed greens, spiced quinoa, baked sweet potato and other warming, grounding ingredients. These foods will balance out the cold, windy qualities of the Fall season. Now is not the time for juice cleanses, only eating salads, snacking on crackers, cookies, popcorn and granola bars.  Avoid cold, dry, raw foods and instead have something warm, moist and well-cooked.

What are your favorite tips for staying grounded in windy Vata season? Share them below!


Cinnamon, spice and all things nice,


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