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The Truth About My Priorities

I am going to fill you in on a secret.

My priorities have shifted in 2020.. especially during this quarantine.

Most of my life my priority has been productivity

Whether it’s writing my four books, publishing almost 300 Highest Self Podcast episodes over the past 3 years, launching Rose Gold Goddesses, or even getting good grades

It’s always been about achieving something

And this year that has shifte.

My priority is….

Dun dun dun..


Sue me.

But fun isn’t something we’re supposed to prioritize right?!

It’s just supposed to happen somewhere along the way??


When we don’t prioritize fun..

.. It never happens

(Just like working out or yoga or meditation.)

So many of us in our spiritual journey get SO DAMN SERIOUS

We come up with other lists of things we have to DO and ACHIEVE in order to now climb up the spiritual hierarchy


And it goes against the very essence of what spirituality is.


To be in your body
In your senses
In your JOY

In fact, the Vedas and all other spirituality modalities would agree.. the core of who you are is BLISS (anandamaya kosha)

So why do we make it so damn hard on ourselves?!

  1. Societal upbringing
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. Our fear-based 3D culture
  4. Colonialism
  5. Patriarchy

(which I dive into in this week’s Highest Self Podcast episode)

Now what is the antidote?

How do we actually enjoy these lives we’ve so diligently prepared ourselves for with our 12-part morning routines?!


Dancing, drawing, making skits, playing games, making art, walking around in nature, playing with your kids/ pets..

Whatever brings YOU joy and taps into your creativity!

I’ve been creating a ton of TikTok videos which has been SUCH a great joy for me, as it combines my love for dancing, comedy + improv!

Here are a couple that went viral!

Making these videos has brought SO much joy into my life and I look forward to continue making conscious comedy!

Click here to follow me on TikTok for many more @iamsahararose!

This week’s Highest Self Podcast solocast is all about why it’s so important to get into your lower chakras NOW!
I dive deep into the HEALING benefits of shaking/ shimmying/ twerking which:

  • Balance your root and sacral chakras
  • Connect you with your divine feminine energy
  • Release tension, stress and trauma somatically from your body
  • Connect you to Earth and womb wisdom
  • Drain your lymphatic system
  • Reset your nervous system
  • Creates more prama (life force) in your being
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • And SOUL much more

I also speak about WHY belly dance, twerk and other root/sacral chakra dance forms are viewed as “shameful” in our society because of Colonialism and Patriarchy (you’ll be SHOCKED to hear how much this is affecting us in our subconscious.)

If you’ve been wanting to dance more and feel freer in your body.. this episode 285 is for you!

I’ll also be launching my Healing + Embodiment Through Dance Workshop exclusively in Rose Gold Goddesses this month so be sure to join to dive deeper into embodying our JOY essence!

New Goddess Circle Alert!

Are you ready to emerge from this quarantine in your fullest expression?
Are you ready to “rebrand” who you are and step into your confident, unique radiance?

Then this Goddess Brigid Circle is for you, dear one.

As we prepare for our re-introduction into the world, we are given the opportunity to ask ourselves:

What parts of me would I like to keep and which would I like to upgrade?

We are given the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to take the remainder of this sacred pause and gain clarity and confidence in who we wish to re-emerge as.

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of rebirth, renewal and re-emergence

In this 90 minute Brigid Goddess circle, as part of Rose Gold Goddesses, we gain clarity and awareness on where we see ourselves six months from now.. and what exactly needs to shift for us to get there

Not only do we manifest, but we go deep into the well of the subconscious to see what thought patterns you’ve been holding onto that have kept this from being your reality in the past.

We do the shadow work so we can spring forward into our highest expression through spiritual wisdom, rituals, magick, journal prompts, poetry, meditation and much more.

You will leave this Goddess Circle complete alignment and clarity with what you are meant to focus on, how you’re meant to show up in the world and who you ARE in your FULLEST Expression

With gratitude, laughter and dance moves,

Sahara Rose

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