I Want To Tell You Something About Me

By now you may be wondering, “Who is this girl? Why does she want me to find my soul’s purpose so much? Why is she emailing me?”, well here are somethings about me

I feel you.

My passion to help other people live their best lives is a lil cray.

But that’s because I was FAR from living that life myself.

You see, I was rid was doubt, worries and fear that I’d never be able to live a life I truly loved.

I thought you had to choose.. you either did what you love and are broke, or you have financial security but hated what you did. Anyone relate?

It wasn’t until I discovered my dharma that everything shifted. I share with you that story in this Highest Self Podcast episode. Click here to listen. (Also available on iTunes and Spotify.) How I Discovered My Dharma.

Years later.. after literally being disowned from my family for wanting to live my purpose.. I’m living the life I was incarnated to live giving me the opportunity to tell you somethings about me.

I’m super honored to share with you my story featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine this Jan/ Feb 2020 issue.


For being part of my community, I wanted to share the feature with you.

I hope it lets you see that your dreams, your visions, your desires.. are no coincidence.

The reason why they were there is because you are meant for them.

Click here to read the full article.

In the article, you’ll read about my sacred sisterhood collective, Rose Gold Goddesses.

This community is everything I wish I had on my mission to discover and embody my dharma, with the support of a tribe of women who get it and hold the same high visions for themselves.

Though doors are technically closed, if you feel the call to dive deeper into your dharma and live the life you were born to live… you’re the perfect fit (especially because you’re reading this far!)

Click here to learn more about it and join the community you’ve been waiting for!

Thank you for being part of the shift. Part of the rise of consciousness. Part of the new paradigm.

Eternally grateful to be on this soul journey with you!

Plus.. we get to make it FUN!

With gratitude,
Sahara Rose

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