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My New Favorite Kale Avocado Kelp Salad: Oil-Free and Kapha-Friendly

While Ayurveda does not traditionally recommend raw foods, I find that they work fine as long as your unique digestive system can handle them. There are so many benefits to raw foods- the living enzymes, the nutrients, the fiber- and we miss out on them by eating an entirely cooked diet.


Keep in mind Ayurveda was created in India 5000 years ago where it simply wasn’t safe to eat raw foods. If you’ve ever traveled to India, you already know that you can’t eat raw foods there. Ayurveda recommended to avoid raw foods because it’s what worked for that place and time. However, if you live somewhere where raw foods are safe to eat and you don’t have any digestive discomfort after consumption, then go for it!

This has been my go-to dinner for the past few nights because it is SO delicious, nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest and make. It is also Kapha-friendly (the mind-body type that gains weight easily) because it replaces oil with avocado as the dressing, plus has tons of bitter ingredients that promote detoxification and cleansing.


Kale is often difficult to digest because it has such fibrous cell walls but by massaging the kale in the avocado, it really breaks it down, making it much easier to absorb. The salad has both a creamy and crunchy consistency, giving you the benefits of digestive ease while the stimulation of a crunchy bite. It is high in air and ether energy, evoking lightness and clarity in the body and mind. Give it a try yourself!


detoxifying ayurvedic kale oil-free salad

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