How To Increase Your Intuition At This Time

Feeling more spiritually connected than ever before? Discover a way to increase your intuition, liberate yourself from the expectation of others, regain touch with your divine feminine essence and finally understand the truth in this blog

Are you having crazy dreams?

Receiving “downloads” of your higher purpose?

Then this Highest Self Podcast episode 277 is for you.

We are collectively doing the deepest shadow work of our lives, revealing aspects of ourselves we’ve swept under the rug because they’ve been “too much” to deal with.

We’ve been too busy to go inwards, which is why Source created this experience for us, a global vipassana, a planetary sabbatical, to sit with our Highest Selves.

This is why now these shadows are showing up in our dreams, thoughts and consciousness.

It’s not to torment us, but rather to bring forth parts of ourselves that we might not have had the courage to look at in our ordinary lives.

It is coming to surface to be transmuted so we can evolve, ascend and move beyond.

However, what I’ve noticed is that many of us are still avoiding it.


What we are doing instead 

We’re endlessly scrolling, filling our minds with other people’s timelines, ideas and perspectives.

Preventing ourselves from receiving our own.

We cannot receive the messages for our unique soul if all we’re doing is blocking our antennae from the universe.

While social media is great.. it’s a place where a lot of people are currently processing. That person’s fear, however it’s packaged, will rub off on you if you don’t have strong energetic boundaries.

In this episode 277, I share the BIGGEST thing you can do to increase your intuition in this time so you can receive the exact messages YOUR soul needs and take this opportunity in the cocoon to emerge as a butterfly.


Are you craving a deeper experience, to sit in ceremony with your sacred sisters, to liberate yourself from the expectation of others, regain touch with your divine feminine essence and finally understand the truth of who you are?

Then this Goddess Kali Ma Circle is for you, dear one.

Kali Ma is the Goddess of radical transformation

Right now we are asked to sit within the void
Sit within the womb
Hear the Earth’s sacred heartbeat thumping like the drum

If you are ready to step into the highest version of yourself
To remember your free hair and free spirit
To let your nail polish chip
And dance to the beat of our heart’s drum
Then you are being asked to work with Goddess Kali Ma


The Rose Gold Goddesses

In this 2 hour Goddess Circle, as part of Rose Gold Goddesses, we dive deep into the medicine and message of Goddess Kali Ma, the goddess of transformation and radical rebirth.

The circle begins with a deep womb meditation to connect us to the rose quartz grid that connects all Goddesses, with accompanying drumming by me.

I then offer you a full transmission on why now is the most potent time to look at your domestication; and let go of all that is not serving you, so you can step into the fullest expression of who you are.

I teach you about the significance of Goddess Kali Ma, her message and how to work with her archetype in your life.

We then share a shamanic shaking ritual to shake off all stagnant energy, release stored trauma and elevate our frequency.

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I guide you through a tapping (EFT) session to bring more freedom, bliss and radiance into your life.

We then dive into various journal prompts on the lessons learnt this quarantine; and how to apply them into your life for more personal expression, freedom, transformation and bliss.

We end with affirmations, poetry and a Q+A to discuss deeper the significance of this time in doing the deepest inner healing work of your life.

I guarantee you if you truly sit with this circle, you will unlock the codes that will take you to the next level of your existence as an embodied radiant Goddess.


If you’ve been wanting a join Rose Gold Goddesses and desire a taste, this is your time to join us!


With Gratitude,

sahara sign

Sahara Rose

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