Holistic Healing Interview with Functional Medicine Dr. Jess Peatross

This interview on holistic healing is with Dr. Jess, who is shedding truth about the causes of many health problems that pharma is hiding


If you aren’t already following @dr.jess.md on Instagram, you absolutely must. She is an MD turned holistic health advocate, that is shedding truth on the true causes of many health problems and everything big pharma doesn’t want us to know!
She is a long-time friend of mine who came on my retreat in India over 4.5 years ago (which is the first time we met in person!) We then hosted the East Meets West Holistic Healing Retreat in Joshua Tree together, with over 60 beautiful souls.
She is my go-to Doc for any health problem and I’m so excited to share her with the Eat Feel Fresh community. She is definitely a person from whom we can learn about holistic healing.
One a side note, I also just interviewed her for Highest Self Podcast, which she talks about How To Become Your Own Best Doctor. Click here to listen now.
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Here are answers to a few important questions I asked her based on holistic healing.


1. Jessica, welcome on behalf of the entire Freshie tribe! I know you have been so busy working on your new supplement line, which contains holistic herbal supplement including Microbiome Master, Hormone Master, Heavy Metal Master and Ozone Master Skincare. What are some of the most common health problems you see today?
Gosh that’s a difficult question because today everyone seems so sick! In the younger generation, I see a lot of autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s disease or lupus. I also see horribly imbalanced hormones, usually an estrogen dominance. This is a risk for breast cancer, endometriosis and migraines. It’s a challenge to pinpoint one issue because the body functions as a whole, so when one system is askew, it will eventually pull other systems out of whack. As most of our immune cells are in our gut, it is imperative to keep this healthy. That’s why Microbiome Master is so efficacious and it has led to a string of other products that work together to heal the whole body naturally and gently.


2. You’ve had to do a lot of shedding who you were not to become who you are. Can you share a little about your journey?
Of course! I’ve had a wild ride! I went through a pretty traumatic divorce in March 2013, but my abrupt awakening began in December 2012. I suddenly had a lot of anxiety, restless leg syndrome, panic attacks, Gi issues and anger that I previously hadn’t ever experienced. It was all new and quite scary. Now I know this was energy. I can’t quite explain what happened. After my awakening, my husband left me. I was completely different. I can’t explain the physical changes but after he left I thought my life was over. I was suicidal. Something or someone greater than me saved me. Something was helping me along my path. I moved away from my home of 13 years to the west coast. I began meditating, doing yoga, seeking out true knowledge. And my eyes were opened to the truth of the world and healthcare. What is true healing? I don’t think it’s the gray sterile walls and chemical concoctions that offer up in hospitals. It is mind, body and spirit. I now have a completely different philosophy. 


3. We both totally agree that the gut is the cause of all disease. What do you recommend for people to healtheir guts? Do you think everyone should take probiotics or focus on cleansing yeast/ bacteria first?
We are all basically walking bacteria and which strains we have in our guts determine our immunity and moods. If people have SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, I don’t think it’s good to take probiotics right away. It can become pretty uncomfortable as this is like dumping soldiers into a war zone. It is a great idea to cleanse first with herbs and healthy foods. My Microbiome Master has 11 different wildcrafted and organic herbs made to wipe away negative bacterial balances, H pylori, Candida, or other viruses/parasites. Dietary changes are also key and a mostly plant based diet can help change this. Of course my supplement is great, but I always encourage probiotics (unless there’s SIBO), L-glutamine, beta glucans, and colostrum. People have to change their diets however! No processed carbs, refined grains or sugar as this does feed the negative bacteria.


4. Hormonal balance is rampant these days, from PCOS to premature menopause to thyroidism to estrogen dominance to breast cancer and everything in between. What do you recommend for those seeking to rebalance their hormonal levels?
My Hormone Master! It has Chinese herbs proven to block the negative estrogen that comes from endocrine disruptors in our environment. It contains cypress rotundus, astralagus, white curcumin, maca and ashwagandha. I have seen it improve moods, cycles, acne and menopausal symptoms. I also recommend cutting out any toxic or mainstream household cleaners, cosmetics, boxed foods, grains, sugar, shampoo, soaps, and lotions. All of these can mess with our delicate hormonal balance. Adrenal fatigue is a big cause of imbalanced hormones because it can “steal” progesterone, sending the whole system out of whack. Proper sleep and self care is totally underrated!  
Some other hormonal healing herbs include Asian ginseng and chasteberry. 


5. You’ve talked about how Lyme Disease is twice as common as breast cancer and how it may even be spread through sexual transmission. Can you share more about this and the PK protocol?
The PK protocol is a series of IVs that are pretty efficacious for everything from Lyme, MS to autism. The first IV is a biofilm buster. Lyme disease for example, hides in a sticky biofilm that is able to sneak around the body’s defenses. It’s so sneaky that many of the mainstream lab tests also miss the bacteria when it’s hiding in the biofilm. So the first IV removes this biofilm. The second IV is phosphatidylcholine, which is the main ingredient in cell membranes. The nutrient deprived cells in our body, that have been surrounded by the biofilm, are then able to suck up all the nutrients and actually rev up the immune system!
I love the PK protocol. You may need around five IVs to recover and be prepared for any die off reactions!
6. What advice do you have for those living jobs they do not feel fulfilled in who hear a greater call but are afraid of following it?
I was terrified. I can totally relate. My best advice is that the misery of not following your calling must rise and then eventually eclipse the fear of being different or failing. Our greatest regrets in life are not what we did, but what we did NOT do. I would want everyone to reflect on this. Life is short. We all came here for a reason. If money didn’t exist, would you be doing what you are doing? If not, examine what avenues you can take to change this. You are important. The energy you support and give back matters immensely. Your calling awaits! Do not be afraid.


So this was it on holistic healing.

Head over to drjess.com and use coupon code “sahara” for 15% off your products using code SAHARA15 ! I take the Liver Master 2x a day– so good for adrenal fatigue!
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