Healers, Lightworkers, Sun-Beings, Goddesses, Priestesses—This Is For YOU

To all the healers, lightworkers, goddesses, priestesses and sun-beings (embodiments of the sun)

Thank you for showing up so bravely and boldly over the past couple weeks.

I’ve seen so many of us show up every day on lives, offering free resources, volunteering your time, taking care of family members and showing up in such radical ways to support others during this shift.


I want to tell you THANK YOU.


And take care of yourself.


What hit me after pretty much spending 24/7 this month constantly creating content on IG lives, Highest Self Podcast and Rose Gold Goddesses,
editing my book to support those who lost their jobs,
thinking “How else can I serve? How else can I help? What else do they need?”,
trying to support and keep my family healthy and safe,
constantly keeping a pulse of what’s the latest in the news,
going down rabbit holes of one too many conspiracy theories
scrolling through all sorts of IG stories
and continually coming back to the fundamental question “What I can do about it is this? What’s next?” is this..


We have to make it sustainable


We are in this awakening for the long-run.


It’s not a matter of a couple weeks.


2020 is the year of higher vision.


And that requires old paradigms, systems and belief structures to break. This won’t be overnight.


This is the year that will mark most of the world’s spiritual awakening.


We are really just at the beginning of it. (Not the virus but the global awakening that’s happening alongside it)


And we chose to be here as part of the shift forward.


Last night I had a dream where I was naked dancing and drumming in the jungle, longing for such freedom without all the obligations, Zoom calls, emails, Instagram stories, news updates, etc.


We are all feeling a lot, taking on the weight of the world, especially as Empaths.


Much of the time when we are sad, we are actually tapping into other people’s timelines instead of being present in our own. (Guilty of this too after crying watching a video of a Doctor not being able to hug his son.)


Yes there is a great deal of pain, suffering and sadness in the world.


And NO, it is not all of YOURS to feel.


You simply can’t.


It will cripple you, dim your light and you won’t be able to shine as the sun-being you were meant to be.


It’s more important for us sun-beings than ever before to replenish our internal sun so we can continue to shine, for the long-run.


Remaining in fear isn’t helping anyone, and most certainly not yourself and the ones you care about most.


Take a moment to think about what YOU really need right now.


A shaking session? (I made this video to guide you through)
A sweaty yoga session?
A cry?
Ecstatic dance? (You can dance with me here)
A romantic comedy?
A meditation?
A paint session?
A social media break?
A good podcast episode to listen to?
(You might love to one I just recorded on overcoming the FEAR of Corona Virus or How to Communicate with Your Womb’s Wisdom if you’re sick of talking about the C word)
A bath?
A journal deep dive?
A cup of tea?
A call with a friend?
Time alone?
A walk?
A community to talk to with high vibe conversations, uplifting content and support in using this time to become YOUR Highest Self? (Then I invite you to join my community, Rose Gold Goddesses, which is ALL that and more!)


You can only give to the world when you give to yourself.


Sun-beings, I see you.


Your sun is so bright, it’s uplifting all those around you.


Now let’s radiate some of that sunshine within.


You deserve all the sun you so generously pour out into others, queen.


I love you,

Sahara Rose

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