Which Goddess Archetype Are You?

Every dosha is associated with a goddess. Discover your goddess archetype & what it tells about you.

Goddess archetype


If you know me, there are two things I am passionate about –  Ayurveda and The Goddess.

I love learning about archetypes and how we connect to them. Ayurveda and the Goddesses are both archetypal systems.

Ayurveda has three Doshas: Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth). Hinduism offers hundreds of goddess archetypes representing different elements of the Shakti, women, such as creativity, power, motherhood, etc.

Through studying both, I’ve noticed similarities between the two philosophies, even though Ayurveda was created about 3000 years before the Vedas were written. Each of the Doshas relates to a particular Goddess and most importantly, with a different part of ourselves.

I’m going to compare the three Doshas to three different Goddesses so you can see which relates to you, so that you can find your goddess archetype. We are all three Doshas and all of the Goddesses but in varying amounts. During different times of our lives, our relationship with the Doshas and goddesses shift. However, we each have an underlying temperament that lasts our entire lives. See if any of these descriptions connect more to you than others and if any remind you of your friends or family.

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The Goddess Archetypes:


1. Vata= Saraswati

Saraswati is a goddess very near and dear to my heart- my clothing line Saraswati Couture is named after her. She also relates to my Dosha, Vata. Saraswati is the goddess of creativity, knowledge, arts, music, literacy and education. Similarly, Vatas are highly creative, artistic, intellectual and airy. They have strong imaginations and bring beauty into everything they do.

Saraswati - goddess archetype

If you are an artist, creative, philosopher, writer or idea-person, then this is your Goddess and Dosha.

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2. Pitta= Durga

Pitta is a powerful Dosha, in charge of energy, transformation, organization and determination. Similarly, Durga is the powerful warrior Goddess who protects those around her. Both Pitta and Durga take control and are naturally strong leaders.


If you are a sharp leader who loves to get things done, then Pitta is your Dosha and Durga is your goddess.


3. Kapha= Lakshmi

Kapha is the Earth Dosha: calm peaceful and grounded. Similarly, the Goddess Lakshmi is the sustainer of life and prosperity. Lakshmi is depicted as soft and curvy with a round face and big, warm eyes. Kaphas are also naturally curvy, with rounded features and soft bodies. Both are motherly beings who care for and comfort others.


If you are an Earthy mama with a peaceful vibe, then you are the Goddess of Lakshmi and the Kapha Dosha.

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Which Dosha/ Goddess do you connect to most?

What one is your Mom?

How about your best friend?

Share this article with them so discover your Ayurvedic Dosha and Goddess Archetype!

If you’d like a more exact answer, take my free Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type Quiz and find out which Dosha your mind and body relate to!

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