Coconut Cream Chia Pudding Topped With Chai Cream and Fresh Berries

Have you ever gone out to eat and ordered chia pudding and wondered why it was so much creamier than the ones you’ve made at home? The answer is coconut.


Coconut gives chia pudding this rich, creamy texture that actually makes it taste like real pudding. Coconut is rich in healthy-fats, keeping you satiated for hours. It’s also anti-fungal, making it a great choice for those with Candida yeast-overgrowth, which causes digestive issues, sugar cravings, infections and other issues. (Check out my free webinar on Killing Your Candida here.)


Chia seeds are nature’s superfood. The Aztec people used to keep chia seeds in their pockets while building their empire because it fueled them with energy. Chia seeds have more protein than red meat, plus omega-3’s and antioxidants for radiant skin and anti-cancerous benefits. They also really fill you up, without any sugar or carbohydrates, also making them a great choice for those with digestive or Candida issues.


When chia seeds are soaked in any liquid, they turn gelatinous, hence the name chia pudding. I actually grew up eating chia seeds (though we didn’t call them that at the time) because they are common in Persian medicinal cuisine. Every time I was constipated, my mom would give me a drink called “Khak Shir” which essentially means “Dirt water,” comprised of water with chia seeds and herbs. I think “chia pudding” is a way more approachable name.


This recipe is

  • Sugar-free
  • Raw Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Ayurveda-Approved
  • Whole-30 Approved
  • Rich in healthy fats
  • High in protein


You can then top your chia pudding with a delicious sweet n’ spicy chai cream and fresh berries to complete your seemingly-indulgent but actually really healthy breakfast.


Coconut Cream Chia Pudding Topped With Chai Cream and Fresh Berries:

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