Being “conscious”on social media

I felt resistant to even writing this because social media is the #1 cause of my worries. It’s also the #1 way I share my dharma, soul’s purpose, with the planet. So needless to say, like most of us my relationship with the pink camera app is.. complicated. (RIP FB Relationship Status days.)

I think the trick comes from not taking it seriously and taking it seriously. When you’re working with pre-planned grids, templated captions, a “social media plan of action” and other shit you bought when you swiped up on some ad, social media feels draining, lifeless, like the very opposite of the promises that salespage sold you on (“Never worry about social media again!” Sike.)

However, when you have no idea what you’re going to post and frantically scroll through your cameras to see if you somehow missed a pic from that photo shoot two years ago that you could manage to throw up with an inspirational “You create your own reality” quote, it also feels stressful, like an unending stomach you can never feed enough.

So this is why the balance is from both not taking it seriously while taking it seriously. My Reels/ TikToks give me life. They’re fun to create and even more fun to rewatch (I mean, if you say you don’t rewatch your videos ten thousand times, you lyin’.) However, I’m not gonnadownplay it either — often, those 15 second dances take me an hour plus to learn, with more rehearsal than the filming of Bring it On. I’m taking it seriously, and also twerking on the internet, so it’s really not that serious. Hence, the beautiful balance.

I also love using it as a medium to share the thoughts, revelations and expressions that channel through me. It feels good knowing that they’ll take a life beyond my third eye and hey, they’re good reminders for me too. I’ve definitely refound my own quotes like “Damn girl! That shit’s nice!” and it feels good knowing they can also be contemplated by others too. I’ve shared many of my quotes from my books Discover Your Dharma, Eat Feel Fresh, Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, A Yogic Path Deck+ A Yogic Path Journal, which has allowed people to resonate with them and continue reading in my books.

As an author, having social media is essential to get your words out there. While it provides a LOT more work for the author (like another full-time job, unpaid), it also allows me to speak directly to my audience without curating PR campaigns or trying to win over mainstream media. Back in the day, if you didn’t get on Oprah, your book wouldn’t be famous. Today, there are thousands of Oprahs in every niche. There’s no big break today like there used to be, but it also creates a more even playing field where everyone genuinely has the chance to grow. While being on Oprah would be nice, I’m also not sure if the world would’ve been ready for me, so I’m grateful the only gatekeeper to sharing my dharma is myself.

There are definitely times I want to delete social media and never be back. Then I go on Netflix and remember how much more lame the TV industry is, and it makes me appreciate the fact that I can choose the content I want to see, directly from the person. It feels more current, relatable and true to what I feel at this time.

Social media has been the ultimate personal growth. Before, if someone hated you they’d have to get your fan mail address, pen a letter and send it to an address you probably would never read because your publicist would block it from you. Now that message ends up in your DM folder, seen by your naked eyes and open hurt. And sometimes, it can fucking hurt.

I’ve truly seen how dire the mental health crisis is by some of these messages. People triggered by your existence, blinded by your light, and entitled enough to decide you need to change your entire message because it doesn’t fit their narrative of how the world is. People are lonely looking for someone, anyone, to vent their problems too. People who think social justice is “calling out” healers rather than perpetrators. People who think activism is “canceling” others as if their neck of the woods is totally perfect (Hey social justice lightworker, please forgive me of my sins for existing.)

And then I see the message from the single mother who launched her business because of my book.
From the teenager who isn’t sure if I’ll ever read this, but wants me to know that I helped her see she too is worthy of following her truth.
The burnout woman who found my membership Rose Gold Goddesses through my Reel and has finally connected with her feminine wisdom again.
The girl with Autoimmune conditions who healed herself with my Ayurveda books.
From the gay boy who reading my story about freeing myself from my parent’s expectations, was able to find self-love and purpose.
The comments from thousands of people inspired, empowered and uplifted by my work, bravery and humor.
And it isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s actually fuckingincredible. A blessing. A gift. An honor.
I’m able to touch hundreds of thousands of peoples lives on a daily basis, from my living room. What a time to be alive.

So what do I think of social media? It’s a blessing and a burden, but the blessing sure lightens up the load.


Much love,

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