Ayurveda for Everyone: A One-on-One with Sahara Rose

Meet your go-to guru for all things Ayurveda.

“We’re falling in love with Sahara Rose and her seemingly endless insight of all things Ayurveda. You’ve probably heard of Ayurveda, or at least seen some of the associated rituals, like dry-brushing, oil pulling, and the like. But all of this information can be a little bit intimidating if you don’t have a guide to help break down the basics—which is why we sat down with Sahara.

Sahara is down-to-earth, articulate, and super knowledgeable about all things Ayurveda. As a holistic health coach, sports nutritionist, podcast host, wellness blogger, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner, Sahara Rose is able to approach Ayurveda from a variety of different angles, breaking it down in ways that nearly everyone can understand.”

Read more in this article by Wanderlust.

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