Are You Feeling The Shift From This Weekend?

Are you feeling the shift?

This weekend we had the Summer Solstice, a Solar Eclipse and New Moon which brought in a wave of new energy

We’ve been fighting. And it’s been hard.

And now we’re learning that we must balance the fight with love and self-care.

Yesterday I went to the Day of Healing, an incredible spiritual demonstration to heal, nourish and recharge Black people and supporting activists/ allies to co-create the new paradigm of unity, justice, freedom, joy and truth. From speakers to spoken word poetry to West African drumming, we celebrated African and Black culture and the impact it has had on so many of our lives

We ended the day with a beautiful Yemaya ceremony, offering fruit + flower to the ocean filled with our players and blessings for a more just world. We sang Yemaya Assessu and watched mother Ocean take our offerings to the depths of the ocean, calling in for change from the roots.

It was such a beautiful healing, artistic and spiritual demonstration that truly inspired all of us of what activism can also look like.

Click here to a quick recap video!

Self-Care For Activists

Your vibration is the basis of your activism.

When we are burnt out, angry, frustrated and out of balance, we aren’t able to think clearly and act in accordance.⁠⠀
Activism is heavy work. Growing up as a hard-core activist, planning many protests and leading an Amnesty International Chapter, I learned early on that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t help the very people I’m so committed to supporting.⁠⠀
If this is new work to you, welcome! You’ll quickly see that the world’s problems don’t go away in a week, month or year.
Activate your inner activist archetype for the long-run by integrating it into your life, your dharma and your medicine⁠.

Expand Your Consciousness

The only way we can create true, lasting change is with awareness.

This month on Highest Self Podcast I’ve interviewed incredible Black thought leaders to share their unique perspectives on overcoming racism and creating unity.

I also recorded a solocast on How To Know If You’re Spiritual Bypassing


In this month’s Rose Gold Goddesses Circle, we dive deep into the energy of Sekhet, the Goddess of transformation and transmuting anger into change, healing and joy

Most of us were taught anger is a very very bad emotion and to NEVER experience it⁠

However, it’s part of LIFE.. and can be used a catalyst for rebirth

The thing is, most of us FEAR anger because we haven’t learned how to CHANNEL it⁠

We fear others anger when we haven’t met our own⁠

So this month, let’s transmute our rage into art and change and create the new paradigm⁠

In this 90 minute Goddess circle, I guide you through breathwork, a sacred anger channeling ritual, medicine drumming, journal prompts and a deep dive into our own relationship with anger, spiritual activism and collective transformation ✨⁠

Thank you for being committed to being your highest self and a leader into the new paradigm at this time. We’re in this together.

With love,
Sahara Rose

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