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25 Influential Women in Wellness to Watch in 2018

Originally published in Yogi Approved.


Maya Angelou, Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama. These are just a few of the many strong women in recent times to make big waves and monumental shifts in society.

Yet beyond the global spectrum of fame, there are countless women making a huge impact on other women and society as a whole – women who inspire, who create change, who stand firmly in their beliefs and who go against the societal norm to help our world continue to evolve.

Wellness is one area where powerful women are rising up and instigating a massive shift in the way we view self-care, health, and living a mindful, healthy and WOKE life. Wellness includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness, fitness, conscious eating, self-care, and intentional living.

The women on this list are entrepreneurs, influencers, role models, teachers, and advocates for healthy, positive living. They are women who have the courage, the capacity, and the gusto to trailblaze, redefine, and instigate positive change.

Here are 25 Badass, Influential Women in Wellness:

In no particular order, here are 25 women who are slaying the wellness game with big things in store for 2018.


  • 2.

    Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice

    Co-founders of SoulCycle, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met on “the best blind date ever” and immediately clicked on their shared vision: To create and alternative to fitness routines that felt like work. Together, they developed an inspiring workout that’s efficient as it is joyful.


  • 3.

    Jessamyn Stanley

    Jessamyn Stanley has garnered national recognition for her book, Every Body Yoga. Jessamyn has become the face of yoga for body positivity. Her book is a refreshingly raw and honest account of her life, her yoga practice, and an inspiring reminder that yoga is for every body. Watch our interview with Jessamyn here.


  • 4.

    Allie Van Fossen

    From leaving her corporate job to living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, Allie has had a big year! Allie is the founder of The Journey Junkie, a highly popular wellness blog and yoga-based YouTube channel. Most recently unveiling her Truth + Dare Podcast, Allie has built a loyal community of dedicated yogis and mindfulness seekers.


  • 5.

    Kate Van Horn

    Food + Community
    Kate Van Horn is “kale’in it” in the food and wellness game! Her site, kaleinit.com is a beautifully curated resource of healthy recipes and wellness living inspiration. Kate is also behind the GOOD Fest – a Wellness Festival where nutritionists, healthy living bloggers and experts gather to inform and inspire attendees to live a healthy, balanced life.


  • 6.


    Juliana is the face of Boho Beautiful, a popular yoga and travel YouTube channel with over half a million subscribers and growing. Her and her husband Mark travel the world creating beautiful videos ranging from yoga classes to travel diaries, healthy living tips, inspiration and more.



  • 8.

    Elizabeth Stein

    Elizabeth Stein created Purely Elizabeth after writing the words “Start a natural food company” on a blank piece of paper. A holistic nutritionist, each product created by Purely Elizabeth is full of good-for-you ingredients, and can be purchased online or at Whole Foods and Costco. Her popular grain-free granola is to die for!


  • 9.

    Jacki Carr & Mary Beth Larue

    Yoga + Life Coach
    Jacki Carr, goal coach and Mary Beth LaRue, yoga teacher, teamed up to create the magic that is Rock Your Bliss – life coaching like you’ve never seen before. “Making shift happen” is their motto, and they specialize in helping people find their “ohmygodIlovemylife” bliss through their podcasts, retreats, and 7-week online program.


  • 10.

    Koya Webb

    Yoga + Health Coach
    Get Loved Up founder Koya Webb is staying busy this year, that’s for sure! From teaching at Wanderlust to leading yoga teacher trainings in LA and Thailand, to being nominated for the Shorty Awards, this celebrity holistic health coach will continue to make big waves this year.


  • 11.

    Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb

    Health and fitness experts Diana and Felicia are the sisters who created Base Body Babes, an online fitness training platform for women. Their online training program include exercise video tutorials, workouts, and a nutrition plans. The fit sisters also have two boutique training facilities in Sydney, Australia.


  • 12.

    Adriene Mishler

    Famous yoga YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene has over 3 million subscribers. A former actress, Adriene started filming yoga videos in 2014. Considered the most influential person in yoga, Adriene is introducing the practice of mindful movement to millions. We expect big things, big partnerships, and overall BIGness from Adriene in 2018.


  • 13.

    Latham Thomas

    Motherhood + Life Coach
    Latham is a doula, maternal lifestyle maven, yoga instructor and wellness coach. She founded Mama Glow, a platform that educates and celebrates the birth process and embracing feminine energy and wellness through helpful articles, programs, and live classes. Author of Own Your Glow, Latham has been listed among Oprah’s SuperSoul 100.


  • 14.

    Elayna Carausu

    Travel + Adventure
    Elayna rose to fame through her popular YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde where her and boyfriend Riley have been documenting their adventures sailing around the globe since 2014. Singer, vegan, yogi, and vlogger, this seriously interesting and influential 24-year-old is all about inspiring people to live a simple, healthy, and adventurous lifestyle.


  • 15.

    Rachel Brathen

    Rachel Brathen, aka @YogaGirl, is one of the original Instagram yoga celebrities with over 2 million followers. Creator of #yogaeverydamnday, Rachel has been hugely influential in the global yoga community for years, and continues trailblazing with One0eight, her online yoga class platform.


  • 16.

    Tamara Levinson

    Yoga + Dance
    On Instagram, Tamara Levinson goes by @Cuchira. She represented the US in rhythmic gymnastics in the 1992 Olympic, and has been on three world tours with Madonna. An actress and teacher of various forms of movement, Tamara created the popular yoga/dance combination Yogance and is also a teacher on CodyApp.com.


  • 17.

    Tieghan Gerard

    Colorado native and big sister of Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard, Tieghan created her cooking blog in 2012. Since then, she has been featured on The Cooking Channel, Food Network and more, and was named Readers’ Choice Favorite Food Blog by Better Homes and Gardens . . . twice. Tieghan recently published her first cookbook, The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook.



  • 19.

    Kino Macgregor

    Search for Ashtanga Yoga, and Kino Macgregor will be at the top of that list. An internationally recognized Ashtangi, you can catch one of her workshops all around the world. Kino wears many hats – including being the co-founder of OmStars, a platform for online yoga classes, healthy eating, mediation and more from the world’s leading instructors.


  • 20.

    Katie Wells

    Motherhood + Health Coach
    Katie Wells, mama of six and founder of the popular Wellness Mama site, was named one of the 100 most influential people in wellness by greatist.com. She’s an award-winning blogger, podcaster and author of six books. Wellness Mama offers recipes, tutorials and other resources to live a healthy, natural life.


  • 21.

    Sahara Rose

    Health Coach
    27-year-old Ayurveda author and expert Sahara Rose curates her blog, Eat Feel Fresh, a wealth of information on living a healthy lifestyle based in Ayurveda. She hosts the Highest Self Podcastand also wrote the book Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda. Deepak Chopra has called her “A leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift.”


  • 22.

    Natalie Uhling

    Natalie Uhling uses fitness and movement to help others find true happiness. She’s the creator of NUFit®, a product line of personal fitness equipment for athletes. Her mission is to empower women with self-love to help them find their true inner strength. Natalie has been featured in publications like Women’s Health and was named “Top Fitness Influencer.”


  • 23.

    Ella Woodward

    Food + HealthCoach
    After being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Ella Woodward discovered that a plant-based diet helped tremendously with her symptoms. That’s when she founded Deliciously Ella – a healthy recipe blog that has since expanded into three physical locations across the UK. She has published several healthy eating books including bestseller Deliciously Ella Every Day.


  • 24.

    Nina Ryner

    Based out of London, Nina combined her background in visual arts and passion for yoga to create ChromaYoga, a multi-sensory immersion that combines light, sound, and scent into the yoga practice for a unique experience to help heal and relax mind and body. Nina’s revolutionary approach to sensory-based yoga is definitely something to watch in 2018.


  • 25.

    Amanda Chantal Bacon

    Amanda Chantal Bacon is the force behind the celebrity wellness brand Moon Juice that began with a single juice store. Her background as a world-traveling chef and food educator has all influenced her incredible success, which includes three physical locations, being catapulted to the public spotlight and publishing a Moon Juice Cookbook.
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