Highest Self Podcast 468: What To Do If Your Manifestation Isn’t Working with Mia Magik


In this episode, we dive into what it means when it feels like your manifestation just isn’t working, and it might be different than what you think!

You’ve planned it all out, right down to the exact day and time perhaps, and have completed every step perfectly. Yet, nothing seems to be happening, or worse, it isn’t happening the way you planned. This can make you feel like you aren’t really as in tune with your intuition as you thought.

Sometimes your manifestations don’t work out because you haven’t released a story around it or maybe you have a block around this even being possible for you.

Follow along Mia Magik and myself in our series, “Manifest Your Magic”, to get the secrets, methods, and truths about what it means to step into your most abundant life and live in your highest vibration!

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Episode #468: What To Do If Your Manifestation Isn’t Working with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Sahara

Rejection is redirection and it is protection. So, sometimes it’s not working out for you because the Universe knows some information that you do not yet know about.

[00:21] Sahara

Hey, hey! Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:27] Sahara 

If it’s your first time listening, welcome! My name is Sahara Rose and I am all about making spirituality fun, grounded, joyful, relatable, so you can actually implement it in your human reality! Who would’ve thought! 

[00:40] Sahara

So, today’s Episode is a very special funky little one because it is straight from my YouTube series Manifest Your Magic.

[00:47] Sahara

So, if you’re not subscribed to me on YouTube, there’s a whole other experience going on over there, so be sure to head over to youtube.com/sahararose, I’ll link that below as well.

[00:57] Sahara

But I created this witchy little series with my friend Mia Magic, who is a real-life witch, and we talk about manifesting all of these different things, and also, what does it mean if you’re not manifesting the thing that you’re calling in? Because let’s be real, sometimes you do the Full Moon ritual, with the Full Moon water, with the chakra aligned crystals, with the visual and the oracle deck, on the astrological date, and all the things, and you’re like “Wait, where is my abundance? Where is my soulmate? Where are the things I’m calling in?” And in this Episode, we share why those might not be showing up, and how, sometimes, it’s related to, actually, you not being in alignment with the things you’re calling in, and sometimes, it’s also divine timing and how to know and trust.

[01:44] Sahara

So, without further ado, let’s tune into this Episode straight from my Manifest Your Magic series.


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[04:32] Mia

What’s up everyone?! Welcome back to Manifest Your Magic and your most magical life! I’m Mia Magik.

[04:38] Sahara

And I’m Sahara Rose! 

[04:39] Mia

And today, we wanted to share with you some of the really important elements to remember if your manifestation is not working. I know that it can be really triggering and we can get really freaked out and really worried, and like “Oh my God, what’s happening, I’m doing something wrong!” and that is actually one of the most important things not to do as you’re waiting for a manifestation to come to fruition.

[05:02] Sahara

So, the first tip that we’d love to give you is, when you’re staying with that thing, that thing that you’ve manifested, maybe it’s a certain job or home or opportunity, and it hasn’t happened yet, what is the story that you’re making up about it? What are you making it believe say about you? 

So, we invite you right now to just take a moment and journal that. What really shows up for you right now? Maybe you’re creating stories of “I’m not worthy of it” or “Someone else is better than me” or “Good things don’t happen to me”. So, really pay attention to those stories because they’re showing up for you for a reason. This is your opportunity to look at those stories that have actually been playing behind the scenes the whole time, but this opportunity is bringing them front and center. And it’s only when we become very clear about them, are we able to release them. And also, note “How are these stories showing up in other areas of my life”, because if you’re playing a story of “Good things don’t happen to me”, “I’m not worthy of success”, “I’m not someone that finds love”, chances are, that story is repeating and repeating and manifesting situations to perpetuate that story, that very thing that you don’t want.

So, take a moment right now to journal on what you are making this mean for yourself. 

[06:18] Mia

And as you complete this prompt, and really are tuning in to the story you’re making up about this particular thing not coming or not happening yet, when you do that, you really want to notice that there’s a belief system under there. There is some kind of block that is creating that story that’s making you believe that you can’t have that thing or it’s not coming because you’re not worthy.

So, the story is going to really show you what the underlined belief is or at least lead you in the direction of it. And the, once you look at the story, diving deeper into it and seeing “Okay, where is this block?” Now, depending on what type of energy system or what your other belief systems are, you can maybe use the chakras, “Is this in my root chakra, my stability, the very red energy of my life, my safety and security?” Maybe it’s a block in your throat, around your expression and not feeling safe to say or speak your truth? Anything that you can find that you can figure out in yourself, you have an opportunity to then work with that block. Like Sahara said, see how it shows up in other areas of your life. Where are you blocking? Is it a block from receiving or maybe a block from showing up or being in your giving energy, the way that you share? There’s so many different ways that we can watch and witness our blocks, and then the best thing you can do to support that manifestation is just work on healing that block, is figuring out “Okay, how can I shift this, open this, change this, bring pleasure to it, support it?”, that’s when things I’ve noticed, for sure, in my own manifestations and in my life, is, if I have a block, what does it need? There’s some little broken part of me or some inner child wound that needs to be healed, that needs to be tended to. And so, if you can find what that block needs, you can ask it. I always say, doing channeled writings and writing to the block, “I call upon the block in my throat, please write to me, through me, anything I’m mean to receive in this moment”, that is one of my greatest practices. It really allows you to communicate with different parts of your body and your soul, your energy body, in order to know what that things needs from you to feel supported, to feel safe, in order to heal itself so that you can be free from that block and be even closer to your manifestation.

[08:42] Sahara

Such amazing tips! And another thing I really want you to pay attention to is, maybe this thing is not actually not for my highest good. I know it’s so hard to hear that because you’re like “No, I’m manifesting this thing and it needs to work! Why is it not working?” And yes, it may be a block, or sometimes, rejection is redirection. So, maybe you think, for example, I really wanted to buy this condo, right when I got married, it was in the Pacific Palisades, it was so beautiful, it was by the ocean and I was like, the day I went, I say dolphins there, and like, those are my power animals and if I saw dolphins, I’m like “This is meant to be, I am meant to buy this condo! It’s happening, full manifestation juice there”, and it got blocked! In fact, we thought we were going to buy it and last minute, someone who was, like, in second place, came back, cash offer, it was out of our hands! I was so confused, you know, this house belongs to us, I saw the dolphins, we just got married, we are we going to live, we already moved out of our place, we were in this limbo of not knowing what to do and it was so hard on me. However, about a year later, I ended up moving to Miami. You know, 2020 happened and my husband’s office shut down and we really sat with ourselves of “Where do we want to live? Where is our highest expression?” And now I’m in Miami, Florida, where there’s even more dolphins and an even better condo. But at that moment in time, I felt like everything was working against me, the Universe had its back on me, but really, it was protecting me in a way that I couldn’t have seen at that time. 

So, rejection is redirection, and it is protection. So, sometimes it’s not working out for you because the universe knows some information that you do not yet know about.

[10:17] Mia

And that’s so important to remember all the time! Same, same, very similar situation happened to me. One of the biggest, deepest desires of my whole life I thought was happening, we were, like, going to do this beautiful show about real witches and it was going to be so exciting and I was so juiced up and amplified and, like “Yes!”, and I was thinking about it every day, and I moved into this dream house, and I was just building my life around this manifestation, and then when it didn’t happen, I was devastated! I was literally heartbroken, I, like, could barely function! So, I decided to do one of the things that always is healing for me, and I know Sahara’s done this too, is take an adventure and to go out into the world and travel and receive new experiences. And one of the things I have always lived by, if travel was one of the only things we can buy, then it makes us richer. And so, I went to Bali, some people love Bali, I love a lot of things about Bali, but I was, like, standing at this waterfall and there was this, like, toothbrush with a string attached to a plastic bag, dripping down on me. I rented a house that had a waterfall in the back yard, but you couldn’t swim in it because of all the trash and the water was unclean, and I was like “This does not work for me! I need amazing nature!” And I randomly went, my friend was like “I’m going to get my head tattooed, do you want to come over and hang out while I get my head tattooed?”, I was like “No, but I feel like I’m supposed to say yes”, and so I did, and I went. He’s, like, getting his head tattooed and I met this Australian girl who was just there playing the sound bowl and she was like “How have you been liking Bali?”, and I was like “I haven’t, really, I’ve had a really hard time connecting to nature, and that’s why I came here, there’s so much trash and I literally just spend all my time, like, picking up plastic because it’s so heartbreaking”, she’s like “You would love Mullumbimby”, and I was like “What?”, I’d never heard that word before, it made no sense to me, it’s like this beautiful Aboriginal word about tiny town near Byron Bay in Australia. And she just said that and I was like, something in me was like “Yes!” And I ended up loving Mullumbimby and I ended up going there and a dear sister of mine, who I knew was Australian, but I had no ideas was back in Australia or was from Byron Bay, I ended up telling her “Hey, I’m going to Aussie, I want to visit this place called Mullumbimby”, she was like “I’m five minutes from Mullumbimby, I know that place very well, you’ve got to come visit us, you can come stay with me”. I had no idea, I knew that her family had money, I had no idea no idea that they had a seven-home compound, and basically like own Australia, and they ended up giving me my own beautiful witchy cabin to live in, on this land, waterfalls and nature. I had the most magical experience. And also, her mom was a witch, her mom had been in a coven for 30 years and done all these rituals and all this magic with her sister and her sisters, and that woman changed my life. She completely transformed my relationship to my craft, to my belief systems, to the Goddess and the way that I communicate with her, my devotion and dedication to being a vessel for her. And so, if that manifestation had happened, I would never have gone there. And I deepened into my craft and yeah, they were going to do this show about me being a witch, but I truly became a witch during that time, I became a wise woman, I learned from a wise woman, I utilized the heartbreak from that experience to enhance and cultivate my own personal wisdom and my into-witchen. And that time was some of the most special of my entire life, I will never forget it, and it truly shifted the trajectory of my reality. 

So, like Sahara said, rejection can be redirection and protection. I would not have been ready for that manifestation the way that I can be ready for it now, having had that experience. 

[14:05] Sahara

I love that story so much because it really shows that sometimes there is a lesson that we still need to learn before a manifestation to happen. We can sometimes see what’s meant for us 10 years from now, but we don’t see all the steps and all of the obstacles that we get to face, that really shape us, to get there. So, you knew and you still are going to have that show in divine timing. You’re trusting that the lessons and every single year you’re deepening into your wisdom and your witchcraft and who you are, that the shows is actually going to be better and better and better. And maybe if you had gotten that show at that time, before that experience, and the experience you’ve had since, it could’ve flopped, because you weren’t fully embodying it to that degree. 

So, sometimes we do, we feel like “Oh, I need to get that thing right now”, but it’s actually, how do we get to deepen and grow and learn to really allow that thing to stick when it happens. 

And the exact same thing happened to me. I wrote my first book on Ayurveda and I pitched it to 30 different publishers and they all rejected me. And I spent two years writing this book, I, like, got disowned by my family, I risked everything to write this book and I got rejected by every single published I shared it with. So, I’m like “Goddess, I followed all the steps, what is going on? Show me the path!” and what ended up happening was, I was later hired to write the official “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda”, which is like the official textbook, which caused me to go so much deeper into Ayurveda than I ever had before, and I now I realized that I need to write that book first, it was like my PhD into Ayurveda, to really be able to learn it, not without any of my own ego or story or anything attached to it, but to purely learn the channel of it and be the vessel of it, so then I could write my own book and my own interpretation of it.

So, be open to the lessons that are showing up, and instead of trying to run away from them, lean into them, because they’re here to teach you.

[15:59] Mia

Yeah. That’s such an important thing to remember, too, that I have to really drill home with y’all, is that, if it’s not coming, the story, the block, those are the first steps, but that means that there’s some part of you that gets to, not that there’s something wrong with you, but gets to grow, expand, learn something deeper, embody something more, become that version of yourself that is truly in alignment. It’s just like the friendship videos we made, it’s about becoming that, becoming the energy of that within yourself. 

And so, I needed to learn that ritual is not just the one hour that you sit in circle together, it’s the day that you’re building, that you’re crafting, that you’re communicating with the Goddess, and seeing, and hearing, and feeling “What do I need to do? What is the most important thing for me to bring into this ritual space? What do I want to create for people? What are the colors that I want to build my altar with?” It’s the communication that the Universe is giving to me and sharing with me all the time, and that everything is divination, everything is communication. And knowing that, I have based my entire life on that fact now, and everything has changed. The way that I dress, the way that I move the way that I communicate back to the Universe in return, all the Feng Shui, all the things in my house, all the tips I use for manifestation have shifted because of that experience. 

And so, the biggest thing that all of these pieces go together in order to let know that where you are now is perfect. And you have an opportunity to become even closer to the version of yourself that has that manifestation before it even comes into your life.

And all you have to do is trust, trust in the timing, trust in the process and trust in yourself, that’s the true origin of the word confidence, is to trust, trust in yourself that you can make this happen, that you can become that version of yourself. And when you do, your manifestation will come straight to you. 

[18:04] Sahara

So juicy! So good! So, share with us in the comments below, what is the lesson that you’re learning right now from the manifestation not happening. Maybe there is a divine teaching, or realization, or awareness, or area of growth you get to step into. We’re so excited to see and support you through it.

Thank you so much for being here today! Be sure to like and subscribe to stay tuned for future videos and we are here to support you! And let us know any topics that you want us to dive into and we’re super excited to create incredible content for you!

[18:32] Mia

Yes! Thank you all so much for joining! We hope you are feeling so supported and manifesting all the magic in your life! I’m Mia Magik, this is Sahara Rose and welcome to your most Magical life!

[18:42] End of Series


[18:43] Sahara

So, why isn’t your manifestation happening? I’m super curious to know, be sure to head over to YouTube, to Instagram, comment, let’s talk about it, let’s see what’s showing up.

[18:53] Sahara

I know for me, often, I can see things that are like my 10-year vision and it’s just not right now. So, sometimes it’s you being a true visionary but it’s like “Okay, here we are in this present-day reality of what my next step is”. 

So, I’m very curious and excited to hear what it is for you. And also, be sure to subscribe over on YouTube, I’m creating a lot more content on there, just showing a lot of the things that I talk about on this Podcast, showing my life, I just recorded this amazing video on creativity. So, YouTube is where the party is moving! But it’s still going to be happening here, it’s going to be in both places because we’re partying all over here on The Highest Self Podcast!

So, be sure to tune in there! I’m also on TikTok and Instagram, and just sharing the codes all over the place! 

[19:34] Sahara

So, if you loved this Episode, I would love to give you a gift for leaving a review. So, you can leave a review over on the iTunes Store, and as a free gift, I will send you my Womb Meditation, which allows you to tune into your womb’s wisdom and receiver her answers. So, just take a screenshot of your review, send it over to me at [email protected] and I will send you back the meditation. And you can find all of that in the show notes! 

Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next one!  

Episode #468: What To Do If Your Manifestation Isn’t Working with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

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