Highest Self Podcast 446: How to Manifest Anything! Top 5 Manifestation Tools, Techniques & Practices with Mia Magik

Want to learn my favorite manifestation tips + techniques? Join my dear sister Mia Magik and I as we chat about our personal manifestations that led us to live out our dream lives (including how I manifested working with Deepak Chopra and she manifested her dream home), tuning into your intuition, how to determine if you are a specific vs. non specific manifestor from your Human Design chart, and soul much more! Whether you consider yourself to be a manifestation expert or are new to this subject, you’ll walk away from this episode with a new perspective to elevate your practice.

You can also follow along with us in the full series, Manifest Your Magic on YouTube to get the secrets, methods, and truths about what it means to step into your most abundant life!

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Episode 446: How to Manifest Anything! Top 5 Manifestation Tools, Techniques & Practices with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:19] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening, welcome! I love to dive deep into all things spiritual and make it really practical, embodied, ancient, sacred, so you can actually enjoy your life on a spiritual growth journey, it doesn’t have to be so serious.

[00:34] Sahara
And one of the topics that I’ve really been sharing a lot about, over the past five years now, on the Podcast, is about manifestation.

[00:42] Sahara
So, manifestation is something that I feel can be quite misunderstood in the spiritual space, I’m going to have some more Podcasts coming out specifically about that, but what I feel sometimes we think manifestation is, is staying high-vibrational and saying affirmations, and only thinking happy thoughts and that’s the way we’re going to get what we want. But truthfully, you can manifest anything through really understanding your intuition and the way that it shows up in the world.

[01:10] Sahara
So, in this conversation I had with my friend Mia Magik, we actually came together to share our top 5 tools, techniques and practices for manifestation.

[01:21] Sahara
So, this is actually part of our Manifest Your Magic series on YouTube. So, if you haven’t checked that out yet, be sure to check that out. We have so many different videos available for you and this is conversation as well, in video, and it’s like, her beautiful witchy home. So, I highly recommend receiving the full transmission through the video.
But we talk about some of the biggest things we manifested.

[01:42] Sahara
So, I share about how I manifested working with Deepak Chopra and him writing the Forward of my three books. She shared how she manifested her dream home, her partner. We talk about channeling your intuition, how to know if you are specific or non-specific manifestor, from your Human Design chart, and so much more.

[02:04] Sahara
So, whether you’re a manifestation pro or completely new to this, sometimes it just takes a different perspective to elevate your practice.

[02:12] Sahara
So, grab your favorite elixir and cuddle up with your journal to take some notes on this potent Episode. Let’s dive in!


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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

The missing key to spirituality is embodiment. Embodiment is the practice to be in the body. You see, we can learn so many things intellectually, in the mind, but it’s not until we drop into the body’s wisdom that we truly receive the answers. And our body stores so much information; it stores trauma; it stores wisdom; and when we’re able to dive into our bodies and our knowing, we’re able to tune into what’s really going on underneath the hood of the car, and to really experience us at our truest form.
So, if you feel out of touch with your body, or you feel really connected and you’re wanting to dive deeper in a new way, I’ve created my Goddess Embodiment Practice, which is a 10-minute practice you can do every single day to drop you into your divine feminine wisdom. We do hip circles and really fluid movements, it doesn’t require any choreography and you’re just going to feel so interconnected, so juicy, so creative, after, and I’m so excited to see what shows up for you on the other side. So, if you want to download this practice, it is absolutely FREE right now, you can head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com/embodiment. Again, that’s rosegoldgoddesses.com/embodiment and you’ll be able to download the practice there, and I have so many more divine feminine and spiritual tips for you! You can also find that link in the show notes and I can’t wait to dance with you inside!

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[03:51] Interview – Intro music

[04:18] Mia
What’s up everyone! I’m Mia Magik, welcome back to Your Most Magical Life and our Manifest Your Magic series! This is my dear sister who I’m sure you all know, Sahara Rose. And today we are chatting about How to Manifest Absolutely Anything.

[04:33] Sahara
So, both of us have various techniques that we’re super excited to share with you, and really, the purpose of this video is for you to see that every single manifestation is going to have its own unique techniques, its own unique little things to be looking out for. Some of them require more specificity, some of them require more openness, so we’re super excited to also share our personal experiences of incredible things we have manifested, so you can manifest your best life.
So, Mia do you want to get started with one of the most incredible things you manifested and how you did it?

[05:03] Mia
Yeah! So, this house and homes in general, have been a really great way, not only that I have manifested (the house themselves), but then using the house to manifest what I want – so, building altars and using colors, and I love all the greens and golds, and color-coding my bookshelves, and really utilizing Feng Shui, which is this ancient Chinese practice that the emperors and the empresses would use in order to create more wealth and be able to rule their kingdoms and queendoms as best they could.
And I’ve had so much success with Feng Shui, it was crazy! The first time that I really intentionally utilized it, I had a consultant come over, she read her compass and did her whole thing with my house, and she was like “Okay, put this in this corner and do this in this corner, and do this over here, put this kind of art, this color here, get a circular couch, la la la”, and literally that year, my intentions had been to find a partner and to make more money. And I 10x my income and met my partner one month after I moved into the home, and was even still just in the process of doing all the things that she had said.
So, Feng Shui and home décor and color magic is one of my greatest tips and practices and tools that I use to manifest anything in my life. And you can do it with even a small corner, if you don’t have a whole home, you just got a little room to work with, it’s your bedroom, you’ve got roommates, one, you should talk to your roommates and make something dope together, but you can also just use the corners of your room and amplify and enhance the energy of them, in whatever way represents the thing to you that you desire to manifest.

[06:46] Sahara
I love that so much, especially because we’re spending so much more time in our homes than ever before, and it really is the energy that you’re sitting in, right? We feel so different when we’re in a different coffee shop or outdoors, etc., so really making your home your sanctuary where you are recharging, where you are surrounded by things that inspire you and of course where energy can flow and move, and that’s really what Feng Shui is about, so I love that tip.
I definitely need to get my compass and get that shit on and popping!

[07:13] Mia
Yeah! I just made a video, on my channel, about Feng Shui specifically, so that’s there if you all want to check that out!

[07:18] Sahara
Amazing! Okay, so I want to share a really ground breaking tip that no one talks about in manifestation, and we’re going to be sharing it with you today because we on that good, good!

[07:31] Mia
Typical Sahara to give you that extra good secrets, yeah!

[07:34] Sahara
And that tip is that we don’t all manifest in the same way. And actually, according to our Human Design – if you’re not familiar with what Human Design is, it’s an astrological-based system that really tells you where your energy flows, what you’re good at, who you are. It has these different energy archetypes and in it there are these four areas around your charts. So, if you look up your Human Design chart online, jovianarchive.com, I wonder what you are. The bottom right arrow is going to tell you what type of manifestor you are.
So, there are two types of manifestors – specific and non-specific. So, the shift actually has happened in the past couple decades that people are more shifting into becoming non-specific manifestors, this is actually going to be the type of manifesting of the new paradigm.
Now, a specific manifestor is more like what you’ve heard online. I’m sure you’ve seen other YouTube videos, it’s like “Be extremely clear about what you want, make a vision board, that is the thing and if it’s not that, it’s a test from the Universe and do not fall for it because you need to be clear on your goal! Never settle!”
So, like, that is way we’ve – you know, Law of Attraction books, etc., they really talk about it like that.
Now, what it’s helpful for, especially if you’re a specific manifestor, is it lets you get really clear on what it is that you want. So, people who are specific manifestors, they may need that, that vision board, that very, very clear list because it allows them to get their juices flowing, it lets them get really excited about something because it’s not so intangible but it’s very tangible. However, even if you are a specific manifestation, I know in my experience, and I know with yours too, it is important to also still remain open, because let’s say I’m in my first year of business ever and I’m like “I’m manifesting $200.000 this year”, and it’s like “Okay, well, it’s your first year of business”, “I’m not settling for anything less”, that’s just not how it works. So, it does still require being open, being patient, being in that ping-pong game with the Universe, that you’re seeing what shows up. But if you are a specific manifestor, you want to be clear. Now, how do you know you’re a specific manifestor?
Your arrow, on the bottom right is going to be facing towards the left. So, if your arrow is facing towards the left, that means you are a specific manifestor. Now, if your arrow is facing towards the right, which is mine and Mia’s as well, we are non-specific manifestors, and more and more of us are actually being born right now.
So, if you’re a non-specific manifestor, you may want to do the vision board, and we’re going to share a technique Mia used of creating a movie for yourself. However, it’s very important to remain extra open, and more so focus on what do you desire to experience, what is the essence of this, what is it behind the house or behind the partner, how do you feel when you’re with them? And remain open to what shows up.
And in fact, the Universe may have bigger things in store for you than you actually may imagine!
So, let’s say I’m manifesting this really specific condo that looks like this, but the Universe is surprising me with like a house on a mountain, but I’m so set on this manifestation that I miss this bigger thing that’s in store for me.
So, if you are a non-specific, it may be a better practice for you to just say “Universe, show me the way, guide me to my highest calling. I am listening, I’m noticing the signs” (which we’ll be talking about) and then letting that be the thing that guides you towards your manifestation. Because the truth is, it’s like, how do we know, how do we actually know what’s best for us?
I know things I’ve manifested in the past, I’m so happy they did not work out for me, because they were not in my highest intention, but I can only see that now.
So, take a look at your Human Design chart, see if you are a non-specific or a specific manifestor.
Again, specific manifestors, their arrow is facing towards the left, non-specific towards the right and incorporate that into your manifesting practice.

[11:16] Mia
Yeah. I think it’s so important, the example that you used about “I want to make $200.000”, and if you don’t do that, if you make $100.000 and you’re like “Oh, but I didn’t do it”, you don’t appreciate, you’re not grateful for the $100.000 that you did make, that’s a much a clearer sign to the Universe than that you’re not settling, that’s like “Oh, I’m not grateful for the blessings that you’re bestowing on me, I’m not willing to keep trying” or to just really be in the energy of “Wow, I did something, I achieved something, I made this happen in the first year of my business, that’s amazing”, and to celebrate. That’s a really big piece, one that I didn’t think to talk about, but a lot of our friends and teacher who we’re going to have dinner with tonight, Layla Martin, she’s one of my dearest friends and teachers, and she always uses celebration. It’s like celebrating your win, celebrating the things that did go right, and that is such a great way to communicate with the Universe.
And in terms of what Sahara was saying, with the white picket fence and all of the things with exactly the kind of house and the condo that you want, I would never have lived in this home because it wasn’t specifically what I wanted, except when I walked in, all of these panels that you’re seeing around us, are old-growth redwood trees and I come from the redwoods, and it’s like having my ancestors and my greatest teachers, I’ve learned more from those trees than any human being on the planet, and they’re all around me. And it’s a little, it’s an old cabin, I was like “I don’t know if this is right”, but that sign was what made me know “Oh, this is the place for me, this is where I’m meant to be, this is where I will be taken care of and where the next phase of my manifestations and my personal evolution will be catapulted from, is this beautiful, solid foundation, and also that that red-rooted energy, it is, it’s the root chakra, it’s the essence of our home and our safety and stability”. And so, that was such a powerful sign for me, and if I hadn’t listened to it, I wouldn’t have all of the amazing things that I’ve utilized this house to manifest as well.

[13:17] Sahara
I love that so much! Just to be open, to be in conversation with the Universe and not to get stuck on any one thing.
So, another tip that I have, that I’ll share, is also to be open to angels and guides along your way, because there are angels walking around us, but often, angels will actually dress themselves up in a human costume that is not so desirable.
So, I’ll share a story that really – probably my biggest manifestation, which was walking up to Deepak Chopra at a conference, and later him writing the Forward of my first book and then two more books after that. And for me, Deepak Chopra was the pinnacle of everything that I wanted to be. When I would be fighting with my parents and they’re like “You’re out of your mind, you’re never going to be an author, what are you on?!”, I’m like “One day, I will be like Deepak Chopra, but feminine and for my generation”, he was the representation of what was possible for me.
So, one day, I was in New York and I went to this yoga and science conference where Deepak Chopra wasn’t even a speaker, and he ended up coming on stage and he was the sponsor of the event, which I had no idea, he quickly said hello to the crowd and he walked off. And I knew in that moment that that’s probably the only chance of my lifetime, to walk up to him, and I just wanted to say hello and just to give my gratitude for what an influence he was in my life. So, I literally walked through a crowd of a thousand people, on to the stage, and I walked up right to him and I shared with him what an influence he was on my life, and I shared with him my book “Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda” that I had just finished writing, and it was about to be published a week later. So, he gave me his email address and I sent him an email and I walked away just with so much gratitude for that experience, like we were talking about. If that was it, if that was my only experience with him for the rest of my life, I would still be so grateful.
And I was walking, like two days later, on the streets of New York and I was really busy and I was late and I was eating while walking, and I was half way across the street and I hear this man on the sidewalk saying “Can someone help me cross the street?”, and I’m already half way across the street, running late, eating, but something in my head said “Sahara, if you’re a good person, you go help that man across the street”. So, I turned around, I walked up to him, I’m like “Hey, I’ll help you cross the street, where do you need to go?”, this man was visibly very homeless and you know, he was someone that probably a lot of people would be afraid of looking at. He had a lot of warts on his face, he had a very strong odor to him, and he linked on my arm and he said “Oh, I’m actually going down to the subway, two blocks down, can you take me there?”, I’m like “Sure!”
So, we’re on this walk, going down, I’m like “So, tell me about your life”, and we start talking and talking and it turns out he was a refugee from Iraq (my family is from Iran) so we were speaking about that, he was telling me about his sons and his family, and it was a beautiful encounter.
So, I put him into the subway, and right before the door is about to close of the elevator, I’m like “Sir, by the way, where are you going?”, he’s like “I’m going to university, I’m a professor of physics”, and I was like “Oh, wow!”, in my head, I would’ve never guessed that. And I just walked away with this “Hmm, I love New York, you get to meet so many cool people like this”, such a Humans of New York experience. And just again, feeling that gratitude and that connection in my heart, and that moment I had an email from Deepak Chopra, literally the minute I let go of that man’s arm, saying “What’s your number? I want to call you”, I was like “Am I in trouble? What is happening? Why does he want to call me?” So, I emailed him back and we hopped on a call right away and he invited me to his next conference where we had a meeting and then he ended up offering to write a Forward of that book.
And I share this with you because that man, that homeless Iraqi refugee, he was not just a human, he was an angel. I actually believe that he was an angel that took human form to see would I revere someone who had nothing to give me, who was not on a pedestal, who was not a famous author like Deepak Chopra, but also a doctor of physics. Would I honor that person as much as I would someone who, to me, felt like the pinnacle of success? But really, those examples that we are looking for, they’re all around us. And the angels are all around us.
So, I share this with you because we are surrounded by angels every single day. And I’ve spoken to many friends whose angels have actually appeared to them in the form of homeless people. So, always remain open to who’s showing up, who’s asking you for help.
Sometimes we get so lost in the western world, of like “I want to manifest this, how do I get? How do I take? How do I climb?”, but we don’t look at “Who can I help? Who can I support?” So, be looking at who – “Maybe it’s my cousin who could really use help right now” or maybe it’s the local high school that could use a volunteer, or maybe it’s this person, again, who’s asking me for support and I’m so busy, maybe it’s just opening up your heart and listening to them at that moment. You never know when it’s an angel in human form or it’s just an experience for you to really embody that thing you are manifesting. You know, we expect people to help us, but how are we reaching out and supporting and lifting those up?
So, be open to angels and always be in support of those around you.

[18:30] Mia
She just got me a little teary, you’re so sweet, I love you so much! Such a good one, yeah! I love that story!
My partner has had a very similar angelic, homeless person experience, very obviously not a human being, and deep, long engagement on a late night in Cleveland, Ohio.
So, one of the amazing things that I highly recommend, that you don’t have to go to the advanced Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat for, but you could, it really works, oh my Goddess! But one of the practices that he encourages us to do, that we did throughout the retreat, that was so profoundly impactful for me, was utilizing this thing called a Mind Movie.
So, he does put a giant projector up and you watch it and fully hypnotize yourself with this kaleidoscope. So, that’s effective and it’s like, also like 4:00 AM, it’s like a whole thing, so your pineal gland is open, it’s a process. However, the Mind Movie itself was so impactful for me, it was absolutely mind-blowing!
So, what I did that was different – what they recommended was, oh, use a picture and one affirmation, something you want to call into your life, something you want to manifest. And use about eight pictures and that’s your mind movie, play it along with a song that you really enjoy, that represents these manifestations to you and call it a day. I was like “Please, if I’m going to be casting this spell on myself and using a giant hypnotic kaleidoscope on myself, I’m going to do this right”. So, what I did was, I went and made a full visual vision board for every single slide of my mind movie. So, I used lots of different Apps like Pinterest, Canva and all of my video editing software and did this whole thing where each slide – so, what would’ve been one individual picture was basically a collage or vision board itself about what I was calling into my life.
So, the big thing that I was doing was, I was heading into Europe to film (my amazing Sahara was so supportive), my amazing YouTube series Making Modern Magic, it was all about being on this adventure, going back to my ancestral homelands, like a magical travel doc series which is really deeply my greatest, highest dream and wish to do, be the magical female Anthony Bourdain, I mean, come on, I’d be so good at that.
So, that’s what I’m still manifesting y’all, just so you know, I’m going to amp it out with all of you right now. But what I did was, one partnership, and I did all these pictures of happy couples and couples on the tops of mountains, doing amazing things together, and how different things, but also what represented the kind of love I wanted to have. So, there were pieces of tantric art where, you know, their hearts were exploding, like the piece of art we’ve got up there, all kinds of different things, and I put all of this on my partnership board. And then I wrote a spell, it wasn’t just an affirmation, it was a four-line, so two lines that rhyme and then another two lines that rhyme with each other. So, it was a four-line spell and that was my affirmation, on every single slide. Each one was a full collage and represented the entirety of what it meant for me to have this thing. And then I used that song from Wrinkle in Time, called Magic, by Sia, it’s a mix thing, it’s about having magic in your everyday life, that magic is in every moment, and literally programmed this entire movie into myself over and over again and watched that movie, with that song. Honestly, I watched it so often, of course, during the retreat and afterwards. And I did happen to fly straight from Australia to Europe to film the thing, but when I was there, and as I was filming, and even afterwards, during the editing process and creating it all, I was like “Oh my Goddess, I literally manifested everything in my mind movie”, and I ended up meeting my partner later that year. Like “I got the house, I got my dream car, I got my partner, everything!” I had the exact car I had on the vision board, everything that I put on that vision board was coming true and is continuing to come true. And it’s so profoundly powerful that I highly recommend anyone doing that. You can do a super simple software websites, Canva, Pinterest, iMovie, on any computer, very, very simple and really effective. And then just choose a song that is positively programing you, is really intentional with its words and with how it makes you feel. And dance around to it, watch it, and as you’re watching it, the other piece is “What do all of those things make you feel? How do you want to experience them?” and those are some of my absolute best and most favorite ways to really attract anything into your life and make your dreams become your reality.

[23:30] Sahara
That sounds so much fun! I really want to make a movie like that, it’s like a fun movie night to make together with your friends and show each other your manifestation movies. How amazing is that?! Just to like, also, let yourself that vulnerability of sharing, and it’s just like grounding into “Yes, I do want that!”
So, these were such amazing tips! Share with us what you are manifesting in the comments below, we’re so excited to see, we’re so excited to support! Be sure to like this video and subscribe because we have so many more coming.
If you have any topics you’d like us to dive into, we are here to support you!

[24:02] Mia
And I’ll literally fly to Miami just to make more videos! We miss her! I think it’s a great idea, I like that! Also, share your manifestations with your friends because Sahara is one of the best at calling us all together and creating intentional space and ritual together. And so, that’s a really good idea, I’m like “Now we’re going to have a mind movie party like that!”

[24:21] Sahara
You are our friends, so share with us in the comments below and maybe we should just have an in-person get-together in the redwoods and share all of our mind movies, what do you think, are you down? Let us know!

[24:31] Mia
Bless you guys, thanks so much for watching! Share this video, like, comment and subscribe! I’m Mia, this is Sahara, thank you for manifesting your magic with us and welcome to Your Most Magical Life!

[24:41] End of Interview

[24:42] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode, and if you want to dive deeper into actually embodying what it is that you’re calling in, because, the truth is, the mind can only take us so far, but really, embodiment is the missing link to our spiritual and personal growth journey.

[24:59] Sahara
So, I have created my Free Goddess Embodiment Practice, that is now available for you. If you head over to the show notes or rosegoldgoddesses.com/embodiment you’ll be able to find it there. It is a dance inspired practice, but really doesn’t involve any kind of choreography, that just allows you to step into your body’s wisdom and feel what she’s holding onto and release your stored and stagnant energy, and then use that potent energy to call in and manifest your deepest desires.
So, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com/embodiment or click the link in the show notes to download that embodiment practice.

[25:37] Sahara
And be sure to also head over to my YouTube Channel (youtube.com/sahararose) to watch the rest of Manifest Your Magic series with Mia.

[25:46] Sahara
Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you in the next one! Namaste!


Episode 446: How to Manifest Anything! Top 5 Manifestation Tools, Techniques & Practices
with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose









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