Kapha: Earth + Water

Kapha is moist, soothing and cold like the Spring. 💐⠀

Mentally, Kapha types are patient, kind and loyal. They are humorous good-listeners who everyone comes to when they need a rock. I call them Oprah or Grandmother energy. They love giving to others and are that friend you just want to hug. However, Kapha types tend to suppress their throat chakras and lock in caged emotions, feeling lonely and depressed. They are prone towards self-indulgent behaviors and binge-eating, convincing themselves it’s a better idea to stay home and start their workout routine on another day. They’re slow to initiate change and find comfort in their routine.🌿⠀

Physically, Kapha types tend to overeat and are prone towards water retention, sluggish metabolism and weight-gain. It can feel impossible for them to lose the weight and even if someone else ate fries NEXT to them, they’ll still feel like they’re the one gaining the weight. Kapha types have cold hands and feet due to poor circulation and often suffer from water retention and puffiness. However, unlike Vata they do not have dry and rough but rather moist and soft skin. In fact, Kaphas have the best skin of the Doshas and tend to age fantastically! (There’s a good side to everything!) 🌟⠀

Internally, Kapha types have a slow metabolism, often feeling sluggish after a meal. They are attracted to rich, creamy foods like dairy and desserts which have similar characteristics to Kapha energy, making them feel more heavy. 🥛⠀

Celebrity Examples: Deepak Chopra, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Robin Williams, Shaq, Oprah🦋⠀

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