The Most Worthwhile Thing You’ll Do All Week

I slept in the jungle last night
I let her sing me a lullaby
I allowed her soft leaves to caress my skin
And awakened with her curious chirping, asking me if I’m ready to play
I slept in the jungle last night
And realized how much I missed my Mothers arms
Gaia feeding me sweet spoonfuls of sunlight
Welcoming me back home

I’m writing to you from my hut in Bali as I listen to a tropical thunderstorm go by. I’m alone, in the company of my soul, a long-lost friend I’ve been a bit too busy to return their phone call.

I’m writing, or should I say channeling, my next book, one on Ayurvedic Entrepreneurship, a topic that merges my two worlds and is pushing through me like a baby desperate to be birthed into the physical plane.
And I’m remembering, the days I used to spend the entire day writing, interweaving webs of words in my mind, with no harsh boundaries on when to stop.
You see, life is full now and I’m not complaining.
But when our minds are so full with phone calls, meetings, to-do lists and responsibilities, we lose the space to just think,


When it comes down to it, we all want the same thing. A comfortable bed to lie on, soft lips to kiss, a warm drink in the morning and a purpose that sets our hearts aflame.

But we make it complicated.

Instead we chase accolades and achievements that look good on the resume that no one ends up reading, but leave us as empty as that takeout container on a Tuesday night because you were too exhausted to cook. #letsbereal

So this week, I want you to carve out a mere 30 minutes on your time-blocked Google calendar to just sit.

Watch the sun rise.
Listen to the rain.
Walk on bare Earth.
Notice the plants.
Gaze at the stars.
Write in that journal.
Speak words of poetry.
Notice your breath.

I promise, this will give you more value than any therapy session, business tip or webinar.

Just listen and remember the forest of medicine that lives inside you.

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Listen on iTunes (if you have a Mac/ iPhone) or Soundcloud (if you don’t.) Both are totally free.

Sending you Balinese showers of love and sacred offerings,

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