What’s Your Relationship With Time?

I’m caught between a deep knowing we don’t have much time left and that time doesn’t exist at all
The impermanence of the seasons and the permanence of nature
The wrinkles on my grandmothers face and the youth that lives inside of her
The dripping petals of a rose and the cyclical blossoming of the bud
The sprouting growth of a child and the eternal child within
The days on the calendar and the moments etched in time
The movement of the wind and the grounding of the earth
The minutes on the clock and the eternity of stillness
Trusting that I have the power to change the world and that everything is perfect as it is


Have you ever felt like this?
Feeling like the minutes are long and the days are short?
Caught between being present and planning the next move?
I feel you.
This is the dance of life.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this during my three weeks here in Bali.
How if you were told you only had 60 seconds with your beloved, it would feel like a split second.
But standing on the edge of a cliff for 60 seconds feels like a lifetime.
It’s the same time, the same 60 Mississippi’s.. the only difference is perception.


Time comes into factor when we realize we are presented with a limited amount, but have no idea what that amount is.


We read books on why we need to just “be”, then others that motivate us to do.
We try to enjoy the moment but also have dreams on hold that will only be achieved if we take action in this moment.
So how do we maximize this doing-ness and being-ness?
How can we enjoy the present without giving up our radical pursuit of a better future?
Does it have to be one or the other?

The answer that I’ve come to again and again is no.


It’s impossible.
We are not meant to choose sides.

Life is the in-between.


It’s doing everything in our power and surrendering to our mortality.


It’s tackling each day and giving ourselves a rest.


It’s knowing that we are enough but still striving to become a better version of us.


It’s honoring the seasons of life, of love, of friendships, of careers.
Letting go of the ones that no longer serve us and maintaining those that do to transition into the next season, sometimes with a difficult conversation on the road there


Life is a series of transitions, in a moment of eternal stillness.
It’s chaos and harmony at the same time.


When we can wrap our human heads around this duality—of everything making sense and nothing making sense at all.
We let go of the need for perfectionism.. while still holding onto the desire for excellence, without shame or guilt or judgement.


We pursue our path fearlessly, not out of desperation or to prove something, but because that is how we transcend this form.
And become something beyond.
Which is why we were all brought here.
To remember that we are more than this body, this mind, but a soul given a unique purpose,


To tumble into our highest evolvements.


So this week, I want you to notice your own dance.


Where you struggle with being present and planning for the future.
Maintaining control and letting go.
And allowing both as valuable shades of life.


And I leave you with this final poem:


Source moves me
She moves through me
I am like the puppet
And she holds the strings
I dance through my path
Somewhere between blind-folded and wide-eyed
Not knowing the final destination
Just following her lead

Follow her lead, sun-being, follow her lead.

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