What To Do About Imposter Syndrome

A buzzing word I keep hearing about is “imposter syndrome.”


The feeling of feeling like a fraud for sharing your gifts.


The “who am I’s? What do I have important enough to share? I’m not educated/ experienced/ old/ young/ fit/ smart/ insert your story here ENOUGH”


Ever felt it?

Yeah, most of us have.


And that’s why I created this video for you.


Think about where you were two years ago.


Knowing what you know now, do you have any words of advice you could have shared with the version of you two years ago that would’ve helped her/him?


Most definitely.


We don’t give ourselves credit for how much we know.


And if you’re on this email list.. you know a lot.


Let’s throw away that there are only two types of people– experts and novices.


There are MANY spectrums in between.


Knowing what you know at this moment.. there are BILLIONS of people who could benefit from YOUR wisdom.


It’s time to bring back the way of the village where we all share what we know with one another.


Share whatever you can, whatever you know the world can benefit from.


Maybe it’s your wellness hacks.
Maybe it’s your creative vision.
Maybe it’s your conscious parenting advice.


The more we are able to make the path easier for someone else, the more the universe opens up the path for us.


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Comment on the post and let me know what medicine YOU have to share!
With gratitude,

Sahara Rose
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