What is Spiritual Bypassing?

Spiritual bypassing is using spiritual terms to bypass real-life challenges. Discover examples of spiritual bypass & what you should beware of


“It’s not my responsibility if people are suffering– the universe is going to take care of it anyway.” ⁠

“I’m an empath so I can’t learn about the injustices of the world.”⁠

“I don’t see color.. we’re all one.”⁠⠀
The list goes on.⁠

spiritual bypassing


The thing is, when you learn about spirituality, you learn about these absolute truths such as oneness and empathy and the universe supporting us, which are true but not the FULL picture.. ⁠⠀
The RELATIVE truth is that we are here, on Earth, in these human bodies so we can learn lessons, live our dharmas, embody joy and be of service⁠.⠀
Yes the universe is here to support us.. but we ARE the universe so it’s our dharma to CREATE change ??.. not wait around for some mysterious being to do it⁠.⠀

Yes we are all empaths (every human is and the more you open your heart the more you’ll feel) but not being able to decipher between your emotions and someone else’s means a lack of boundaries and grounding⁠.⠀
Yes we are all souls living in these human bodies that do not have a color.. and we also chose to incarnate in these Earth suits in our ethnicity and if you do not see a person’s color, means you do not see the full THEM⁠??⠀
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How have you experienced spiritual bypass before personally? ✨not judging others, but noticing it within yourself✨ Share with me in the comments!⁠

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