Vata: Air + Space

Vata is cold, dry and ever-moving, like the Fall wind. ?⠀

Mentally, Vata types are creative freethinkers who require constant change, easily becoming bored with the mundane. Ideas circulate through their minds like the Autumn leaves and sometimes it’s difficult to organize the tornado in their heads. They’re big over-thinkers and when out of balance are prone towards anxiety, eating disorders and insomnia. ⠀
Vata types have vivid dreams, with thoughts flowing through their minds between the hours 2-6am, when Vata time is highest. ?⠀

Physically, Vatas are cold and dry like the Fall leaves. They have dry skin and hair and often feel cold. Their appetite varies like the wind, sometimes strong and other times meek. They love movement and exercise, but can easily overwork themselves, becoming fatigued and weak. ? ⠀

Internally, Vata types are prone towards accumulation of air (bloating and gas) and dryness in the colon (constipation.) ?⠀

Celebrity Examples: Steve Jobs, Nathalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Kiera Knightley, Will Smith ✨⠀

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