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Raw Vegan Paleo Macadamia Cheese with Rosemary and Sugar-Free Maple Syrup


My house was the place to be for after school snacks in middle school. While the other kids’ houses had string cheese and crackers, my mom would buy Whole Foods brie paired with fig jam and organic crackers. Ahh, childhood. No wonder I have the refined palate I have today.


Cheese was my jam and not pre-sliced American slices but fine, creamy French cheese flavored with rosemary, honey and other delicious ingredients. However, when I started following a mostly vegan diet at age 15, I gave cheese up and it hasn’t really been much of a part of my diet since.


Until now. And this time, there are no cows involved.


I longed to recreate the fine, creamy texture of a delicious brie but without any dairy involved. So I turned to macadamia nuts, which offer the full-bodied creaminess sans milk. And ohh la la was it delicious.


I had dabbled in nut-cheese in the past but almost all use cashews, which are a nut I avoid because they are high in mold, acidic and feed Candida. I had seen macadamia nuts make an appearance in many raw vegan cheesecake recipes but had never given it a try so I ordered a big bag. As I soaked the nuts to create a cheesecake, I thought “Well why not try to make this into a cheese instead of a cheesecake?” Best decision ever.


This is the perfect dessert cheese, sweet and flavorful and best of all, no dehydrator is needed or sugar involved. I used Lakanto maple syrup which is made of monk-fruit and has no impact on  your blood sugar levels and does not feed Candida.

The instructions are actually quite simple. You’ll have to start the cheese, however, a day in advance which may seem like a hassle but don’t worry; your actual time preparing the cheese is not much—it just takes a while to sit there. Without further adieu, here is the recipe!

raw vegan macadamia nut cheese


If you want to order your own bottle ofLakanto maple syrup use my special code “SAHARA” for 10% off!



I invite you to have a cheese night with your friends and make this recipe! Cheese nights will never be the same.

Be sure to share with your brie-loving friends and on social media!


Bon apetit,


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