Raw Vegan Galaxy Donuts (Ketogenic, Paleo, Sugar-Free, Artificial Coloring-Free)

It all started off in my final presentations week at Matthew Kenney’s Raw Vegan Culinary School (mention my name for 20% off any classes!)  I wanted to create something so out-of-the-box that even a raw vegan culinary superstar like Matthew would be impressed (and those are big expectations to live up to!)


I searched and scoundered through thousands of recipes and knew I wanted to create something


  1. Colorful
  2. Spiritual
  3. Artistic


to really capture me in a dish. Obviously I really put a lot of thought in this.


To make things more difficult, everything had to be raw vegan and plant-based. That means no artificial food coloring, no baking, no sugar, flour or eggs. So basically everything that goes into a regular cake was out of the picture. However, leave it to me to figure out.


After a week of blending potential donut mixtures, messing around with superfood colors, trying everything I could to create a raw-vegan frosting that could actually create the galaxy effect, I finally got it together.


I found that:

  • Coconut flour was the perfect ingredient to bind together the donut-mixture, while also keeping it raw, ketogenic, and paleo (triple win!)
  • Cashews are super imperative to the creaminess of the frosting, as my attempt to just mix coconut oil and Lakanto monkfruit sweetener came out super grainy and didn’t have the texture to swirl
  • Too much coconut oil in the dough will make it sticky and taste more like truffles than donuts. The cashews naturally release oil when blended.
  • Maple syrup or other liquid-based sweeteners work best in raw vegan desserts
  • Never doubt the magnificent color of superfoods

raw vegan galaxy donuts

There are several ways you could make this recipe but I’ve found this to be the most balanced and pleasing to all types of tastebuds and dietary restrictions.



Sprinkle with Lakanto golden as glitter and pair with star-shaped dragon-fruit and homemade blackberry jam for an even for galactic effect!



raw vegan galaxy donuts


Starry nights and desserts,


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