Holding The Light Frequency In This Pivotal Moment

Feeling triggered?
Having things show up that maybe haven’t in.. forever?

This is your work, boo!

In this week’s super powerful Highest Self Podcast, I speak with spiritual author Matt Kahn on noticing what is showing up for us at this time and most importantly.. why.

We are being faced with our deepest triggers so we can heal them.

And when we can heal them for ourselves, we heal them for the collective and thus raise the frequency of the planet.

It may be a certain person constantly sending you negative news..

..Or feeling completely lonely and isolated.

..Or feeling anxious about the future?

It’s there for you to transmute.

Let’s dive in in this episode 280 Holding The Light Frequency At This Pivotal Moment with Matt Kahn.

Also if you haven’t listened to my solocast 279 on the 3D, 4D and 5D perspectives on Coronavirus.. be sure to listen too.

It’s been one of my most shared episodes to date because how much it’s resonating with SO many of us going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole!

Are you craving a deeper experience, to sit in ceremony with your sacred sisters, to liberate yourself from the expectation of others, regain touch with your divine feminine essence and finally understand the truth of who you are?

Then my Goddess Kali Ma Circle is for you, dear one.

Kali Ma is the Goddess of radical transformation

Right now we are asked to sit within the void
Sit within the womb
Hear the Earth’s sacred heartbeat thumping like the drum

If you are ready to step into the highest version of yourself
To remember your free hair and free spirit
To let your nail polish chip
And dance to the beat of our heart’s drum
Then you are being asked to work with Goddess Kali Ma

In this 2 hour Goddess Circle, as part of Rose Gold Goddesses, we dive deep into the medicine and message of Goddess Kali Ma, the goddess of transformation and radical rebirth.

The circle begins with a deep womb meditation to connect us to the rose quartz grid that connects all Goddesses, with accompanying drumming by me

I then offer you a full transmission on why now is the most potent time to look at your domestication and let go of all that is not serving you, so you can step into the fullest expression of who you are.

I teach you about the significance of Goddess Kali Ma, her message and how to work with her archetype in your life.

We then share a shamanic shaking ritual to shake off all stagnant energy, release stored trauma and elevate our frequency.

I guide you through a tapping (EFT) session to bring more freedom, bliss and radiance into your life.

We then dive into various journal prompts on the lessons learnt this quarantine and how to apply them into your life for more personal expression, freedom, transformation and bliss.

We end with affirmations, poetry and a Q+A to discuss deeper the significance of this time in doing the deepest inner healing work of your life.

I guarantee you if you truly sit with this circle, you will unlock the codes that will take you to the next level of your existence as an embodied radiant Goddess.

If you’ve been wanting a join Rose Gold Goddesses and desire a taste, this is your time to join us!

With Gratitude,

Sahara Rose

PS: Your girl is on TikTok! I made this video on “Me before and after my spiritual awakening” and it’s been really resonating! Let me know if you’ve also become a free dancer now that you aren’t so worried about what other people think! 🙂

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