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Don’t Be So Bossy

Don’t be too smart, boys won’t like you..

Well what were you wearing?

Why are you getting so emotional?

Why are you so cold?

Your ambition is intimidating

You’re just a house wife..

You don’t want kids?

Which of these have you heard?

It’s time we name those voices society has put in our heads so we realize they aren’t ours to hold.

And this is why I created this powerful video.


How many of these have you heard?

I know I’ve heard every single one, either directed at me or another women.

When we don’t become aware of the way we speak to ourselves and other women.. The way society has conditioned us to think.. The things we’ve been told are “right” or “wrong” conditioning

This becomes the voice in our daughters’ heads.

The very voice that limits what she’s capable of

The very voice that has limited you and I.

It ends with us.

We will not tolerate patriarchal conditioning, back-hand comments or assumptions about our bodies or choices.

We are here to embody the divine feminine — her fierceness, her emotionality and everything in between.

And this is why I created Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the Goddess within. We have our own app, weekly workshops and Goddess circles dedicated to embracing your FULL expression. Click here for the dets + to join.

Who is ready to end the shame, judgement and conditioning?
Which of these phrases have you heard most?
How have they affected you?

Comment below on my IG video!

For many of us, these voices have become the very ones repeated in our minds, limiting our growth.

The only way to heal them is go within.

I’ve teamed up with some incredible healers to offer you the 8 Day Virtual Chakra Activation Retreat.

Over 8 days, we will be healing + balancing each chakra

Chakra: root. Element: earth. Essence: security.
Myself, Sahara Rose – Goddess Activation Dance

Chakra: sacral – Element: water. Essence: pleasure.
Alexis Ren – Core Strengthening

Chakra: Solar plexus. Element: fire. Essence: power.
Chelsea Namase – Acro Yoga

Chakra: heart- Element: air. Essence: love.
Nadia Damaso – Cooking with Love

Chakra: throat – Element: space. Essence: voice.
Allie Michelle – Transformative Breath

Chakra: third Eye – Essence: knowing.
Mahina Alexander – Union of Ego & Soul

Chakra: crown Essence: divine connection.
Heather Hoffman – Opening Divine Channels

Integration of Samsara: life cycle – Elements: all. Essence: oneness.
Jade Alectra – Death Meditation

This retreat is taking place LIVE online next week only so if it’s speaking to your soul, come join us now!

You’re beautiful.

Inside and out.

Never forget that,

Sahara Rose

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