Alignment and Action

However, very few people practice both.

The entrepreneurial community is all about action.
How can be the most productive?
How can I create more?
How can I make more revenue?
Which is all great.. but meaningless if you aren’t in alignment with your truth. It will leave you burnt out, unhappy and chasing a goal that isn’t true to you.

The conscious community if all about alignment.
How can I truly know myself?
How can I heal my wounds?
How can I balance my chakras?
Which is also great.. But won’t get you anywhere if you don’t take action.

I see too many kind-hearted, wonderful people with great ideas, who don’t end up doing much with their lives because they are afraid of taking action and it makes me sad because they have so much to offer. I used to be one of them.


What I realized is no matter how much you “manifest” having all the success in the world, it’s not going to happen if you don’t do the necessary steps.
Thought comes first, but action must come next for the Law of Attraction to work.
What I’m calling on is a new type of entrepreneur, the conscious entrepreneur, who is in alignment with their action.
They achieve their goals, not because they’re trying to make xyz dollars per month, but because it’s their truth.
They want to put content into the world to inspire people, not just gain followers.
They see money as energy; neither good nor bad; but something that will accentuate what you already are.
They collaborate, not compete. They see people doing similar things as them as their friend, not their enemy. In fact, they seek out those people and collaborate.
They meditate, take walks in nature, vision board, use crystals, repeat affirmations, talk to their spirit guides, practice yoga.
They also get things done, check tasks off their to-do list, multi-task, put on their messy bun and handle things like a boss.
They’re open-hearted and care about their clients/ customers and truly see their brand as an extension of them.
They also don’t take criticism personally and don’t let haters get in their way of being their highest selves.
This is the new type of conscious entrepreneur– are you one of them?
In this Highest Self Podcast Episode #63, I help you determine whether you are living more out of alignment or more out of action… and how to balance it out with the other so you can become a whole, embodied being.
It’s only 13 minutes long and may be the “aha” moment you need to get your business off the ground.
I’ve interviewed a series of incredible conscious entrepreneurs on Highest Self Podcast the past two weeks to give you a view on what that looks like.

Episode 68: Activating Your Shamanic Roots with Shaman Durek


Episode 67: Lessons From 1 Million Downloads with Myself, Sahara Rose


Episode 66: Conscious Motherhood, Purpose and Italian Plant-Based Cuisine with Srimati aka Julie Piatt


Episode 65: Becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner with John Immel of Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda (Includes $1000 off discount andBusiness-Coaching Webinar with me for those who sign up– learn more here!)


Episode 64: The Art of Mending What’s Broken with Author Candice Kumai
And a bonus 2 minute motivational talk to get you off the ground running towards your Dharma, life purpose, The Time is Now.
Here’s a pic of me from Monday night with a very inspiring conscious entrepreneur, Dr Oz, from his Health Corps Charity Gala! 


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