Highest Self Podcast 056: The Secret to Doing What You Love That People Don’t Talk About

“Do what you love,” they say. But they don’t tell you the other part– that a lot of the time you spend doing what you love, you’re doing stuff you don’t love doing– and that’s normal! This heart-to-heart episode is all about how we ALL have to do things that aren’t always fun and joyful to make our dreams come true. Being a conscious entrepreneur is #werk as we create this new paradigm and it’s important we know that there WILL be road-blocks so we don’t quit when they appear. I’m all about keeping it real with you guys and I think it’s important we don’t always glamorize the lives of entrepreneurs/ authors/ speakers/ influencers because EVERY job will have things that you don’t always want to do. As creators, we must step-up to the plate and take each day by the horns because that’s how we get stronger and help more people.

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Episode 056 – The Secret to Doing What You Love That people Don’t Talk About with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose, and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. So I was just thinking about a saying that I always say we all always say, and it’s “do what you love,” right? And I totally stand behind that we must do what we love. But, while we’re doing what we love, we don’t always love what we are doing, and that’s okay.

What I see is a lot of people, they start pursuing the path of what they really want to do. They start that blog, they become an artist, they become a yoga teacher. Whatever it is that their soul is really telling them that they need to be doing. And they begin that path, and then they realize oh damn, this is hard, you know. The blog posts aren’t really flowing the way I thought, and I can’t find a studio where I can teach. And you know, no one’s buying any of my paintings, and I have to do all this administrative work, and emails. And I didn’t think that it was going to come with any of this stuff. I thought I would just be doing the part that I love all the time.

See, the thing is, there will be no such thing as joy if there wasn’t such thing as hardship. It is impossible to do what you love all the time because that wouldn’t even be love, right? There would be no juxtaposition. If it was always smooth sailing, it would no longer be smooth anymore, right? So you know, when you go to the beach, and you’re so excited for the beach day, and you’re sitting out. And after like three hours you’re bored. You’re like, “Oh, I’m going to go inside, see what’s going on if they have anymore guacamole in there. Oh, maybe do you want to go play some ping pong? Or oh, I got to get back on my computer.” Like it gets boring. We don’t actually want to stay in that heightened state of enjoyment all the time because it starts to lose its intrinsic value.

And that’s how nature was designed, nothing can always be too yin or too yang or too black or too white. We always have to find this like middle ground in between. So we start doing what we love, and we think we’re going to always be in shavasana, we’re always going to be in writing flow, clients are going to come to us since day one like, “Yo, I finished, I got my health coaching degree. Where all the clients at?”

And then we realize, oh wow, I have to do 20, 50, 100 health history consultations before I find that ideal client. Not saying it necessarily has to be that way, but it may. Oh wow, I’ve been painting for years and years and years, and still, no one’s really buying my work. Oh wow, I just want to have my own clothing line, I didn’t realize I’d have to do all this manufacturing stuff and going back and forth with the people in China and this and that. Oh, I just wanted a big social media following. I didn’t realize I had to post like three times a day and comment back on people. I didn’t realize this was going to be like a job.

So we give up and we say, “You know what? I tried that whole blogging thing, I tried being an artist, I tried being a yoga teacher. It just wasn’t for me.” When it was for you, it totally was for you. You just had a skewed vision of what it would look like. You were just seeing the highest of the highest not knowing that to get there, you had to build a lot of framework to reach that top of the skyscraper. And even when you’re at top, it’s constant, constant building and adjustment. You know, even when you’re in kriya, it takes work, it takes setting up framework to get you in that kriya.

I’m not sitting at home and just writing and the words are flowing all day. But half of the day I’m answering emails, I’m just trying to keep my head above water on keeping everything that I’ve built growing, and stable, and grounded. So once I’ve had those bases covered, then I can go into the more creative kriya flow stuff. Which is why I always say I record this episodes at note, though this one’s at 3:00 PM.  Because I had a day of answering all the emails and doing all the things, and I was like wow, I wish people would see that this is actually what following your path looks like. It’s not always being in front of a stage and giving a killer speech and walking of and everyone’s applauding you. It’s how much work you had to do in preparation to get there.

You know, the singer doesn’t go on stage and kill and then walk off and is like, “Okay, and we’re done,” and then just like chills, and then the next time just goes on. No, they’re rehearsing every day in between. Like Beyoncé, every day of her concerts, her tours, she’s been doing this for at least 20 years, and she’s still rehearsing every single day. Because there’s always things that need to change—the sounds need to be better, this outfit’s off, that, that, that. These are all things you have to think about. And if you’re only chasing that Beyoncé high, you’re going to miss it.

So doing what you love does not mean you have to be loving every minute of it. And anyone who tells you that is feeding you bullshit. Because life was not meant to be lived in this pierced state of heightened ecstatic joy. That was never the plan. I mean it doesn’t mean that we have to be suffering, but we need to realize that happiness does not mean total full body pleasure all the time. That total full body pleasure would not exist if it wasn’t for the mundane, the boring, the continuous, the monotonous. You know, you can’t drive the car without going to the DMV. You can’t have the results from the workout without working your ass off at the gym. We’re chasing that high after when we’re not willing to do the work to get there.

So doing what you love will require work. Of course, when you’re in your flow, when you’re in your kriya, doors open to you, things start moving fast, but hey, you gotta make sure you keep those wheels moving, otherwise the opportunities are going to open and you’re not going to be prepared. You know, luck is where opportunity meets preparation. If you haven’t done the preparation when the opportunity shows itself, oh hey, I’m Lady Gaga, I’m looking for an opening act. Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but I haven’t sung in a few years now, but yeah, I’d love to. She’s going to be like, “Wait, you haven’t sung for a few years? No.”

Why did the whole Deepak Chopra thing happen to me? The opportunity was there, I had already written two books before. You know, I had already spent six years daily studying and writing about Ayurveda. So when the opportunity presented itself I was ready for it. So you always have to be preparing. Don’t look at the end goal and then compare yourself to other people’s end goals when you’re not seeing the work that it takes to get there.

Any job in the world. You know, my boyfriend works in the music industry. And before I thought, oh wow, music industry, that must just be fun partying all day. He works harder than literally anyone I’ve ever met. In fact, all of the music industry people work harder than anyone I’ve ever met. They go to these festivals, and they are like running around making sure everything’s okay—sound, lights, lasers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They are working so hard to give the audience that one hour experience of heightened joy. When there are thousands of people in the back keeping the ball moving that we don’t see. We think, oh yeah, you’re a music producer, you’re a DJ, it must just be all fun and games. Not at all. There’s nothing in the world like that, nothing.

Even sitting at home all day wouldn’t be fun. You’d want to go outside, we want to do things, it’s just a part of life. Life without struggle and without obstacles is not meant to be lived. It’s just boring, we would literally just be like okay, I’m done, this is just a waste of my time. Thank god for those struggles and obstacles because that little climb we have to reach every single day of like ooh, it’s another mountain, another mountain that’s what keeps us going. And then when we get to that top, we’re like oh wow, I just climbed up that. If you started at the top, it wouldn’t even matter.

So I just want you to know whatever path you’re on, if you’re seeing it’s hard, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of kriya. As long as you are still happy about the direction you’re going in, in life. As long as you still are able to access that flow, doesn’t mean you’re flowing 24 hours a day, seven days a week all the time. Doesn’t mean you’re flowing at the line of Whole Foods, or at the DMV. No, you don’t have to be perfect. Anyone that tells you that life is meant to be lived like that is lying. They aren’t living life like that. We’re all human, and we live in a dual world where shit happens all the time. The whole point is how can we get ourselves back together, and how can we continue to move towards our greatest path.

So if you’re on that path towards your dharma, your life purpose, even if it’s hard, even if no one’s reading, even if no one’s buying, even if no one’s listening, even if no one cares, no one notices. Every single person has had to start there. And the only difference between the people that are listened to and those that are not listened to is the ones who are listened to kept going when no one was listening. The people who are not listened to means they’re like huh, no one’s listening to me, and they stop there. There’s no such thing as failure, it’s just giving up.

So if you throw in the hat and you say, “Ugh, I don’t know, it’s too hard for me.” Then I guess you weren’t ready for it. And that’s a shame because the world would really love to have you stepping up. The world really needs to have you stepping up. So you’re going to have to respond to those emails, you’re going to have to make those awkward phone calls, and weird sales pitches, and things that feel uh, uncomfortable, I’d rather stick in my rabbit hole, and stick with my corporate job that’s killing me alive, but at least I know what to expect. There’s going to be fear, there’s going to be uncertainty, and overcoming that is what creates the clarity.

So, jump past that obstacle and know the obstacles are also going to keep arising. You never get to the point where it’s all oof, I’m cool from now on, I’ve got it. Even when you’re at the top, even when you’re at Beyoncé on tour status, you’re still going to be rehearsing every single day.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, hope you guys found it impactful. And as a free gift for reviewing this podcast, I want to share with you the first book I ever wrote about Ayurveda, it’s called “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” And this was before I had a book deal, before I’ve ever met an author in real life, before I even knew what a literary agent was. I just thought people wrote books, and then like people were like, “Oh yeah, I’d love to buy that. We’ll just put it right here in Barnes & Noble, whoo.”

No, that’s not really how it actually is played out, but I still wrote the book. Wrote the book, spent all my money and got edited, I graphic designed it all myself. The process took me two years, okay, and still, I just felt like I needed to do this thought no one was listening, no one was caring, and definitely, no one was reading.

And now this book is just sitting on my computer, and I’d like for you guys to read it for free. And all you have to do is leave a review for this podcast on iTunes. You can just look up, Google it, “Highest Self” podcast iTunes. Leave a review, screenshot it to me, and send it over to me on my email, sahara, S-A-H-A-R-A, @eatfeelfresh.com. Send it over to me, and I will email you back in 24 hours the first half of my unreleased first book ever about Ayurveda, “Eat Right for Your Mind Body Type.”

Just so you can see that how far one can come just by sticking with it. And the mundane is a part of life, and it’s really just how you look at it. You know, you can look at life and be like, “Yeah, this is awesome,” and it will be. But don’t expect, you know, glitter to be coming down from the sky all the time because if it was, then we would all be annoyed and want to sweep up the glitter, you know. So live your life, have fun with it, and don’t expect it to be perfect. Namaste.

Episode 056 – The Secret to Doing What You Love That people Don’t Talk About with Sahara Rose


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