Raw Vegan Tostadas Topped With Guacamole, Jicama Salsa and Cashew Sour Cream Cabbage Slaw

Who doesn’t love tostadas? They’re crunchy, satisfying and hold a bunch of delicious toppings, from guacamole to salsa.

But one thing: they’re made of GMO-corn (meaning genetically modified.) GMO-corn is a leading cause of digestive issues, attributing to weight-gain, cravings, low immune system, inflammation, ADD/ADHD, depression and more. And worst of all, it’s in almost every processed food, store-bought tostadas included. Over 95% of corn is GMO, which is why I recommend avoiding it in general because you never know if it’s truly organic.


However, you can make your own tostadas without the bad stuff- the raw vegan way.


This was one of my favorite recipes I learned at Matthew Kenney Plant-Based Culinary Academy (watch my webinar about my experience here) because I am a Mexican food addict and am always seeking healthier options to make it more of a reality in my life. This did the trick, giving me a plant-based option for the tostada crunch that I’ve been missing and a lettuce leaf just can’t replace.


I learned in the program that tostadas can actually be made of any veggie from yellow squash to bell pepper. Instead of using regular gluten-filled or corn flour, Matthew Kenney recommends using almond flour to make your tostadas plant-based, while boosting up the nutritional quality and protein-profile. He then adds flaxseeds to bind it together (with the added benefit of hormonal balance) and spices for flavor (and medicinal benefits). There you have your authentic plant-based tostadas: with an extra side of wellness.

raw vegan tostadas

Note: A dehydrator is needed for this recipe, which you can order on Amazon for as little as $36. I highly recommend buying one, as it allows you to cook your food slowly at 115 degrees, preventing the living enzymes in the food being destroyed with heat. When we heat up food at high temperatures, we destroy the enzymes, as well as vitamin c and other nutrients, while dehydration allows us to retain those nutrients.


Alas, here is the modified version of the recipe! We actually made sunflower mole and pickled jicama to go along with this dish, which is a little complicated to make at home (but if you sign up for Level 1, you’ll learn it in the academy!)



Because sometimes you have to make yin-yang art with your cabbage.

Keep the rest of your tostadas in the fridge to enjoy with your extra guac and salsa as a quick, healthy meal, now that all the preparation has been done!


The great thing about raw foods is once you make them, there are so many ways you can enjoy them! You can use these ingredients to make nachos, hard-shelled tacos or really any other Mexican dish: corn and flour-free!


How’s that for a fiesta in your boca?


This recipe is really getting me excited for my two back to back Movement is Medicine Retreat in Costa Rica Feb 18-23 and March 2-6! I’ll be teaching daily holistic nutrition workshops so if you’re interested in coming (the first date is sold out but spots available for the March one), claim your spot here.



Raw Vegan Tostadas


Pura Vida (pure life, a Costa Rican saying),


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