I haven’t been my highest self.. And now I am. Announcing the Highest Self Podcast

I’ve been playing small.
I’ve been hiding behind beautiful recipes and picture-perfect content.
But something inside of me has awakened.
And I’ve shed layers and looked in the mirror and asked myself who the highest version of me is.What does she look like?
How does she spend her time?
What are her thoughts?
How does she show up in the world?
I’ve done some reevaluating and some major shifts have happened.And I couldn’t be happier.1) I began the Highest Self Podcast, which involved showing up in a major way, putting myself out there and doing what I truly want to do- inspire people through my words.2) I manifested working with my lifelong idol Deepak Chopra and him even writing the foreword and cover-quote to my book, The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda (available for pre-order here— check out the new cover!)

3) I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting my own channel on his multimedia platform Jiyo— he even posted this awesome video of us together on his Instagram @DeepakChopra here

4) As of tomorrow, I am no longer going by @EatFeelFresh on Instagram but rather @IAmSaharaRose

So yes, you could say a lot has been going on but that’s what happens when you step up into your highest evolvement.

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

I was spending my time making these recipes that I wasn’t sure if anyone was even making or really benefitting from.


I get it. Life is busy. Most people barely have time to shower let alone make a rainbow-colored piece of toast. Yes, it’s fun to look at but was this really how I wanted to spend my time and show up in the world? Was I really helping people by showing them beautiful food that they would probably never recreate? To be honest, not really.

I crave depth. I want to talk about the meaning of life, synchronicities, archetypes, spirituality, life purposes, journeys, past lives and everything in between.
I want to create dialogue about the things that matter, not sweep them under the rug.

I had been toying around with the idea of starting a podcast for some time but I thought:
1) It’s time consuming
2) I don’t know how to start one

I came down with a cough… And I never get sick. All I could think about was what it would be like to have a podcast. My body was signaling me that it’s time for me to use my voice to speak and share with the masses.

So I took my microphone and began to talk. And talk and talk and talk.

And have now recorded 11 episodes of the Highest Self Podcast, two of which are out on iTunes and Soundcoud today.

Listen To The Podcast on iTunes here
Listen To The Podcast on SoundCloud here
This is the most real, vulnerable and authentic work I’ve put out there. It’s me, speaking from my heart, unfiltered, unedited, to you. I felt so limited by Instagram which only shows you the final finished project. I want to talk about the messy journey it takes to get there.

The response and support that I’ve gotten from this podcast is beyond beautiful. It has sparked great inquiry and planted seeds of hope into so many of your lives. I’ve received hundreds of emails and messages saying it was the exact message they needed to start writing that book, begin that project or put themselves out there more. If my experience can help make your life fuller in any way, then I’ve done my purpose.

As much as I love nutrition, I believe it’s a stepping stone for being your highest self. You have to be healthy to serve the world. But the purpose of life isn’t just to eat clean. It’s just a tool to help us reach our purpose. Purpose comes in many shapes and forms, but ultimately, it’s to uplift one another.

The true meaning of self-actualization is selflessness.

We were born wanting to give back. It’s society that makes us forget but we are waking up again.

I realized I wasn’t showing up in my highest self by teaching people how to lose weight or get fit. The world doesn’t need more people with six-packs. The world needs more people living up to their highest selves.


The first episode is about WHO this highest self is and what the podcast is all about.
The second episode is about how I became my highest self and wrote the Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda. Each week I will add two more, from solo-casts about past lives and archetypes to interviews about overcoming addiction, kundalini awakenings and finding your purpose with some of the most inspiring young authors and influencers out there.

Listen To The First Two Episodes of the Podcast Here
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen how crazy/ serendipitous/ beautiful this week has been, from randomly meeting Deepak Chopra at the Yoga and Science Conference to him writing the cover quote and most gracious foreword to my book to me now WORKING WITH HIM on spreading consciousness to the millennials and hosting a SHOW on his new social network, Jiyo.. It’s insane but also feels so right, like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.

I want this to be a true testament to you that magic happens when you RISE UP and live to your highest truth and that matches the needs of the world.The more aligned I become with my highest self, the more I want to be authentic. This is why I share with you the tears and hard-work that goes behind great triumphs like this.


I want you to see that LUCK actually doesn’t exist. Luck is just the intersection of when opportunity meets preparation. 


We must do the WORK on ourselves—self-knowledge, self-reflection, self-practice—so when opportunities present themselves we are PREPARED to rise up to them.


I truly believe if I had met Deepak Chopra a few years ago, it wouldn’t have played out the way it had but because I’ve 100% committed myself to being the highest version of myself in every way possible, the universe had my back.

I explain the whole story about how I met Deepak Chopra and began collaborating with him (past-lives and angels are involved!) in a future podcast episode so make sure you are subscribed so you can stay updated!

As I rise into my highest self, I’ve also decided to change my Instagram name from @EatFeelFresh to @IAmSaharaRose. 

I no longer want to hide behind a username or brand but be true to who I am- Sahara Rose. I created the name Eat Feel Fresh six years ago when I was in a very different place and was just making what I thought was a past-time—a raw vegan blog. I am a very different person from who I was then with years of maturity and evolvement under my belt and I want to show up in my fullest expression.

This is all part of the evolution of health that Ayurveda talks about. When your body is physically balanced, you can transcend your body and connect deeper with your spiritual self, which is exactly what has been happening to me over the past few years and finally I’ve been owning up to. I actually wrote The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda to be half a health-book, half a spiritual book so it’s my soul really rising up to my OWN calling.

As my consciousness level rises, I am realizing that my purpose is so much greater than food and I am committed to showing up in my highest expression to inspire you to do the same.

So I want to know..

Is there something in your life you are not fully showing up for as your complete, authentic self? 


This is my CALL to you to rise up and show yourself. You are powerful beyond belief and it’s time to be heard. We are all in this journey together.

I am so excited to share with you the realest, most vulnerable work I’ve ever put out there and I hope it inspires you to blossom into your highest self.

Listen and Review The Highest Self Podcast Today!

I love you,

I see you,

I believe in you,

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