Welcome To The Portal

Welcome to the portal🔮

What soul lesson have you learned over the past 6 months that you are transmuting now?

This weekend is the Capricorn Full Moon/ Eclipse (third and final Eclipse of this season)

This eclipse offers the portal to release something in your life that was long overdue — a belief, a pattern, a relationship, a fear, a job, etc— to make space for what is to come in the new paradigm

Over the past 6 months, our deepest shadows from childhood have come to surface to be cleared and transmuted

As this lesson shows up for us in it’s full clarity right now, we face the choice to either learn from it or repeat it

If we learn from it and transmute it into alchemy, we jump timelines into the new paradigm, opening up the field of what is possible for us

If we ignore it, we continue to repeat the cycle and do not move forward

I know for me it’s wanting to “save” and help everyone— at the expense of burning myself out

What is it for you? What are you clearing and ready to step into?

I’m ready to trust that my highest form of activism is through elevating the vibration of the planet and that requires ME to stay in alignment. I am open to receiving a new lush home as my soul expands. I am dedicating the summer to replenishing myself through Kapha energy — grounding, joy, ease, serenity.

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