This Is What People AREN’T Talking About

Ok we’ve heard a lot about Corona Virus.


We know the stats.. We know the data.. And we know we’re still in quarantine.


So.. why do we keep obsessing, giving away our power and feeling GUILTY about feeling good?

Imagine if in human history we postponed joy, music, dance and love until every problem in the world was fixed.


There would be no such thing as celebration 🎉


The truth is — most of the world still has it way worse than we do. Throughout history.


And they still dance, sing, celebrate and enjoy life more than most of us.


There are Doctors having dance parties in hospitals in Iran and tribes drumming the fears away in Ghana or neighbors cheering each other on in quarantine in Italy.


Imagine if the jazz players gave up in the Great Depression?
Or the Vedic rishis decided not to share about yoga until all battles were resolved?
Or tribes in Zimbabwe decided not to dance + drum until there was no more war?


We’d still be waiting.


The truth is.. there is always going to be *something* to be sad about


Whether it’s your own or someone else’s issues


You’ll never run out of things to make you cry if you keep looking for them


However, the same goes with joy


There is ALWAYS something to celebrate


Whether it’s your own or someone else’s win


You’ll never run out of things to make you smile if you keep looking for them


So I’d like to ask you..


Which have you been searching for?


Right now a lot of us are binging on fear porn.


You know what I’m talking about.


Those videos and articles that you can’t stop watching even though you feel 100x worse after.


The ones that get you to keep clicking, scrolling and sharing with EVERYONE you know


Yeah.. those.


Those are knocking you off your vibe boo


Preventing you from co-creating your highest vision, your dharma.


Media sources (mainstream or not) get paid when you click and share.


And nothing gets more shared than fear.


It’s the most contagious virus out there.


However, I invite you to become mindful of what you’re allowing to enter your precious mental temple


And choose only what bridges you to your highest self.


In this week’s Highest Self Podcast solocast #279, I share about the three different dimensional views on the CV so you can understand what frequency they’re coming from
The 3D is the world we live in, based on fear, survival of the fittest and duality⁠⠀
The 4D is based on questioning our norms, authority and beliefs⁠⠀
The 5D is based on limitless potential, love and joy. ⁠

This episode will help you understand the different dimensions people’s opinions are coming from so you can understand them from a higher perspective🌞


It is one of my most shared episodes to date and has shifted a LOT of people’s views on this whole situation!
Click here to listen on iTunes
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What dimension are you feeling like you’re in right now? Let me know on this IG post!


We are entering Taurus season which is also Kapha season! I see SO many similarities between this Western astrological type and Ayurvedic Dosha.


Both are rooted, grounded and stable Earth energies
Both Taurus’s and Kaphas love the finer things in life, enjoying, relaxing, spending time in the home, cooking, eating, loving, connecting to nature.


The list really goes on how similar they are!


This is why it’s important to bring all that Earth into balance with stimulation, shaking and movement.


We have been in the home a LOT for the past 2 months (maybe more than ever before!) and this is why it’s SUPER important we have Kapha-balancing practices in our lives, otherwise we will end up feeling heavy, lethargic, sluggish and tired.


We are ALL feeling it (as we are all 3 Doshas but in varying amounts) but those of us who are more Kaphas will feel it more. If you’d like to discover YOUR Ayurvedic Dosha, click here to take my free quiz!


How are you balancing your Kapha this Taurus season? Share on this IG post!


Doors are back open for Rose Gold Goddesses, my sacred sisterhood collective all about honoring the Goddess within.⁠

This community is your spiritual almanac to help guide you through finding your purpose in this difficult time.⁠

There’s something for everyone here from the enlightened entrepreneur to the spiritual gangstas with weekly workshops, guest experts, webinars and more.


Each month we work with a different Goddess energy through a live webinar and I also write a 60+ page e-book for you with meditations, journal prompts, tapping, tools and practices to connect you with this Goddesses medicine.


This month we are working with Goddess Kali Ma, the Goddess of radical transformation and rebirth.

We also have your favorite Highest Self Podcast guests come in to facilitate exclusive workshops with the Rose Gold Goddesses so you can dive in and get your questions answered from an expert you might have otherwise not have direct access to.


This week we have none other than the incredible Daniela Gil doing a private Akashic Recording reading workshop to teach you to access your own intuition and tap into your Akashic records.


Value: $500. INCLUDED in your membership!

Rose Gold Goddesses is the exact community and inspiration we need in unprecedented times like this where anxiety, fear and sadness are through the roof. If we don’t surround ourselves by high vibe community, we will drown in a pool of fear.⁠

The greatest thing you can do for the world is raise your vibration.⁠

When you feel good, you make better choices and show up as a more aligned person.⁠

And simply, you can’t do it alone.⁠

We’re here to raise you by the hand and put your crown back on, queen.⁠

I invite you to join us now in Rose Gold Goddesses while doors are open now.

With gratitude,





PS: Interested in just the Goddess Kali Ma circle? For a limited time, I am making just that circle available for purchase on it’s own, as it was one of our most powerful to date and SO crucial at this time. Trust me and the many others who’ve experienced it when I say your life will not be the same after! Click here to dive in.




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