The many paths to dharma (purpose)

Dharma is like the summit of a mountain.

When you look up at it, it appears colossal and the journey impossible.

You’ve never climbed a mountain before and you don’t even know what the path looks like.

You’re afraid you might take the wrong one and end up lost on your journey, even more lost than you are now.

But the longer you remain where you are, the more uncomfortable this stagnancy feels.

So you begin hiking, foot-by-foot.

You realize there is no one path but rather countless paths to bring you to your dharma.

Some are windy and long, while others steep and intense,

And they all happen to cross and connect to others along the way.

There are times you want to give up, to get off this mountain and back to familiar grounds

But the desire within you to climb comes alive the moments you’re out of breath

And step-by-step you find your lungs expanding, your body strengthening, your heart opening

And before you know it, you’re at the peak of this summit and realize it’s a mountain range

With many other summits and peaks that go past your eye’s view

And that this journey of discovering your dharma is not a one-time-process but rather a commitment to always honor the truth of your soul.

The manifestations and iterations of your dharma change as you deepen your journey

But as long as you’re listening to your truth, you’re always on the right path.

I’ve been feeling more in alignment with my dharma than ever before with Discover Your Dharma being out for over two months now and reaching tens of thousands of you.

The hundreds of 5 star reviews I’m seeing are an incredible testament to the power we can unleash within ourselves when we’re just asked the right questions.

We don’t live in a society that raises us to even ask ourselves the question “Why am I here?” and hundreds of you have shared with me that the processes in Discover Your Dharma have allowed you to dive deeper within your purpose than you ever have in your life. I’m honored to be able to support with the ripple effect awakening to your dharma has.

If you haven’t yet gotten the book, you can get your copy here and submit your receipt to receive bonuses including my Dharma Embodiment Practice, Discover Your Dharma Meditation and Dharma Tapping practice.

As you step into your dharma, you’re going to trigger people who haven’t stepped into theirs. ⁠⁠⁠
Your light is going to shine too brightly for people who haven’t met their own. ⁠
Don’t let that stop you from being the light that you are.⁠

I created the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey to support you step-by-step in gaining clarity, confidence and courage on your dharma.

Each day you’ll be given an actionable practice to help you gain clarity on your purpose and know exactly what it is to focus your energy on.

The results so far have been nothing short of AMAZING. Come join us and see your life transform over the next 21 days!

New on Highest Self Podcast

This week I share about my own journey of beginning my dharma as a Holistic Health Coach at Institute for Integrative Nutrition back in 2012! This was really one of those first steps on the mountain of my dharma and I would not be here today if I had not started at IIN. It gave me the courage to become a coach and create a business sharing my wisdom, which led me along my dharmic journey as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Dharma author.

If you are passionate about wellness, nutrition + self-care and looking to potentially make it your career, this episode is for you.. and maybe even benefitting from this super special offer!

I’m SOUL excited to share this month I’ve teamed up with IIN to offer an INCREDIBLE discount and juicy bonuses! You’ll receive:

  • Up to $2250 off tuition!
  • Bonus 1: First 50 people who say there were referred by Sahara Rose will get the “Launch Your Dream Book Course” (Value of $800) FREE!
  • Bonus 2: Ticket for an upcoming IIN Live Conference
  • Bonus 3: Recording of Business Coaching Webinar with CEO of IIN Lynda Cloud and Head of Brand Jim Curtis

Click here to receive the curriculum + sample class and schedule a call with the admissions team! Mention you were referred by Sahara Rose for your discount + bonuses!

May your wings expand and colors blossom sun-being,


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