The Four Types of Dharma (Purpose)

We all have a dharma (purpose) but we don’t all get to it in the same ways.

In my own journey and through interviewing thousands of people who have discovered their dharmas, I break down the four types of dharma as part of my upcoming book, Discover Your Dharma.

Some of us were born knowing our gift, whereas for others it was only through a breakdown we had a breakthrough.

Others found our purpose through finding the solution to one of our problems, and others through solving a problem for someone else.

Some of us have had major life-defining moments and others feel like we don’t have one at all.

In this week’s Highest Self Podcast solocast episode 332, I share the Four Types of dharma and how to find which are yours.

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Just know that you are already in alignment with your dharma.

All it takes for you to remember the truth of who you are.

When you release all that you are not, you step into the fullest expression of who you are.

Sending you the highest vibes for this holiday weekend and may it bring you further in alignment with your higher purpose <3

With Gratitude,


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