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Highest Self Podcast 203: Wedding Lessons and Eclipse Season- Part 2 with Sahara Rose

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In this episode, we dive deep into the lessons I learned from my Jurassic Wedding, how being married on the Gemini New Moon affects my marriage and what getting married at the start of eclipse season means (and what this season means for all of us in general!)

Thank you to my BridesMermaid Cassandra Bodzak for interviewing me and holding space during this episode!

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Episode 203 Wedding Lessons and Eclipse Season – Part 2 with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It is Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. And this is part two of my wedding recap episode because we kept going in conversation. There were so many juicy details to discuss– from the lessons learned, to the meditation practices, spiritual practices, sister circles, prayer circles. All of the beautiful, spiritual, and meditative components around the wedding. And of course, the eclipse season that begins this summer, and how that affected the energetics of the wedding and the fact that it also happened on the Gemini new moon, which I did not plan. And what that means for our marriage going forward starting with that Gemini new moon. So we discuss it all in part two of this wedding conversation.

So if you’ve not listened to part one, don’t worry about it. I do recommend listening to it first so you’ll be able to have an understanding of what the wedding was all about, the setting, everything, and then listen to this episode next where we dive deeper into the lessons, and the energetics, and all of the spiritual components around the wedding. I would also love to share with you my wedding album. This is a really personal album to me, it is the most, you know, private and special moment of my life, and I wanted to make it available for the people who genuinely wanted to be there and see. So that’s why I’m making it available for those who sign up on my email list.

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SAHARA: You did the moon meditation with the Gemini moon. Can you share what you saw?

CASSANDRA: Yeah, so it was a Gemini new moon on the eve of the wedding, and so of course, obviously…

SAHARA: So the wedding was on the new moon?


SAHARA: It was right around there, I think, yeah.

CASSANDRA: Sunday, Sunday was the moon.

SAHARA: Sunday was the wedding.



CASSANDRA: Yeah, so it was, because remember that night, that night at the after party.

SAHARA: We were looking at the stars.

CASSANDRA: We went and looked up at the stars, and yeah, and so the Gemini new moon, I just think especially when you end up getting, you know, having any momentous occasion around another, you know, astrological occasion. First of all, new moon’s a great place to start anything, right, to start relationships. They always say like that’s a great thing to start your relationship or start a new chapter in your relationship. So of course that was perfectly planned out by the cosmos. And Gemini I thought was actually a really beautiful one for the wedding because that moon, for me and what I really saw for you guys and for your marriage, was really the honoring of the multifacets of both of you. Because you guys are both such like rich, deep, multifaceted individuals with so many different aspects of you. It’s like some deeply serious, some super playful, and like all these different elements. And how that you coming together and really honoring all of that and taking that with you as something that is paramount in your marriage. That, hey you know, if you’re feeling like, you know, a super hippie this week, and doing whatever, then like cool, I’m down for that, I’ll love that version of you. And if the next time you want to like, you know, whatever wear high heels and a pencil skirt, and like you know, do something else then like cool, that’s cool too. And so I think especially heading into a marriage with that love of like, “Hey, I’m here for all the evolutions and all the metamorphoses of who you are,” I felt like was the energy for your wedding. And then it was, you know, we all went around and I gave all the girls the little crystals.

SAHARA: Oh, I have them, it’s so beautiful.

CASSANDRA: I was thinking about I wanted to do like contribute some sort of ritual to it, and I was thinking like, “Well, I love how when we’re all together there’s just like this support, and this love, and this energy,” And it was like how can I bottle this up for Sahara? You know, so that she feels this because our girlfriend circle is, you know most of you even probably know us, and we’re all busy and traveling, and we have all these things going on in our lives, and when we get together it’s like epically magical But to have that with you all the time, you know, even on the days where you’re working late, or the days where you’re traveling by yourself somewhere to be able to feel that energy, so give everyone a little rose quartz, and clear quartz, and different crystals, and stuff like that. And they held it with them throughout our whole little sister circle so that they could infuse their energy, and their intention, and the love of that moment. And then at the end when we were doing the beautiful flower ritual and all that, I had the girls put the crystal in this like little sack thing that Sahara can take with her wherever she goes.

SAHARA: So beautiful, and I slept with the crystal under my pillow that night, and it’s truly infused with all of your love, and all of your blessings. And I realized, honestly, it’s so rare to have nine girls that truly have your back.


SAHARA: Like so fre… I never had this at any point in my life in the past ever.

CASSANDRA: That was another cool thing you mentioned to me. That how kind of like the auspiciousness of the timing of the wedding that this kind of…

SAHARA: Yeah! Even if he had proposed to me like the year earlier, I wouldn’t have had this. Like you know I knew all of you guys, but it wasn’t that bond formed yet. I think I was just so busy with my career that my career took center stage, and then friendships were just sort of like meh, coming later. And then once I got in this place in my career that I could like relax a little bit, it was less of the like hustle and striving and more into, oh, tribe, and connections in other areas of my life. I had time to like, you know, go one our walks, and do these things that actually tend to grow a relationship, so.

CASSANDRA: I bet we could do a whole podcast on that.

SAHARA: Yeah. So much to stay.

CASSANDRA: So much to say.

SAHARA: Well, you’re my neighbor, so we’re just gonna…

CASSANDRA: Another episode, don’t worry, guys.

SAHARA: We’re just gonna have you on as a monthly guest, for real. And we have to talk about “Practical Magic,” where we still need to do that, which is her entire course, but we’ll go back to that. But, you know having these nine girls that like there was no– I mean at least between me and the girls– there was no issue there. There was no one that I felt like was trying to take the spotlight, or trying to make it all about them. Like I really genuinely felt supported by each girl. I felt like each girl was doing whatever she could in her energetic capacity to serve. Whether it is you with your ritual, or Alyson with her shamanic practices, or Rosie curling my hair and helping me get ready both days before. Or Leona like giving me advice on how to look good and not be bloated that day, and you know, or just like being loving. Like no one was trying to like, I don’t know, take the attention, or this, or that, and that actually happens in a lot of bridal parties.


SAHARA: So I was really grateful that that just flowed, and I didn’t have to worry about that. And it’s a lot, like to have all of the attention on you. I felt like for like a month there was just like all of this attention on me because between the bachelorette party, which was like you know, all of us coming together to celebrate me, and it’s a lot of like Sahara, Sahara. And it’s like almost like oh my God, like stop talking about me, like leave me alone.

CASSANDRA: I know, I felt like there were a few points we’re like, “Okay, guys, let’s talk about you.”

SAHARA: Yeah, like I was just like this is so– and it’s hard, it’s really hard to receive and take in that much of people like honoring you. And I could feel myself like one of our friends Maria is getting married, and like every time she would come I’d be like, “You’re next.” Like or I’m trying to give her advice for her wedding, like I’m trying to like it’s not about me, I’m trying to like put the mirror and like…

CASSANDRA: I’m passing the baton.

SAHARA: Passing like oh no, like even on the way over there I was like, “So what’s the transportation at your wedding gonna be?” Like it’s almost like you can’t hold that level of attention because you feel like it’s selfish of you, or you’re not deserving of it, or people are gonna find your annoying if you keep doing it. So I was catching myself like constantly trying to defuse it, but I also allowing myself to receive it. Because you know, it feels good when you’re supporting someone for them to receive it. It doesn’t feel good when you’re supporting someone and they’re trying to block it away. So like we have in our heads that it makes us more humble to block it away. But then it’s like if I give you a gift, and you’re like, “No, no, no, no, I don’t want it, I don’t want it.” That doesn’t feel good to me, I gave you a gift.


SAHARA: So to like actually just like receive people’s love, and also trust that they’re doing it because they have your highest intention in mind. Like I can’t wait for your guys’s wedding. I can’t wait to be that support.

CASSANDRA: Yeah, me neither.

SAHARA: Like I see how fun it is to support someone else.

CASSANDRA: Well I think that also just like really speaks to the friendships that you have, too. And I think that was really beautiful because like you said, like I’ve been in other bridal parties, and been involved in other weddings. And our dynamic, I do believe, was very special that we had in our bridal party. And I think that that part of us was one: because it was a bunch of very deeply spiritual, connected women who were really… I think when you get to, I don’t know if it’s a certain level of consciousness or just your own evolution. Where when you really care about someone and you love someone you have this inherent intuition of knowing this is… I am here in service of her right now. This is not about me. My stuff has no place here, right? And especially also just like… And again, it’s funny, because you have that dynamic with us too where like we couldn’t stop Sahara from asking us questions about our own stuff. We’re like, “No, no, we’re not talking about this right now,” right?


CASSANDRA: But it’s also just knowing that like give and take in friendship that I think is so important, right? Where like sometimes you’re just purely there for someone else, and that feels so good. And I think all of us felt so… like literally even when Sahara wasn’t around, a few of us shared, we all were kind of like staying in the same hotel in the same area. And like without her, like literally we would get up and we would like say prayers for Sahara and Steven, right? And we’re like we would like shout out stuff and be like, “Oh my God, Sahara’s wedding’s gonna be so amazing.” And like we’d do all this energetic stuff when she wasn’t even around. Because that was just like…

S: Someone sent me the video of you guys getting ready playing my song.

C: Yes! Yes!

S: I’m like what?

C: Oh my God, yeah, we were playing your song, and we were just like… I mean, and I think it just goes to show it’s just so, you know, and even just our conversations, right? We were all just, you know, if you believe in kind of like momentum, and law of attraction, Abraham Hicks, and all of that stuff, right? We were just speaking out lout about so many of the beautiful things we were observing, and actually like giving it that energy, and giving it more space, and calling out and be like, “Oh my God, did you see how amazing like it was when they connected over that? Did you see like how beautiful this was? Did you see this example?” And just like celebrating and celebrating, and I think that is just, you know, speaks so much about you and Steven. Cause I felt like his friends, in their own way, were doing the same thing for him in their unique way of expressing it, which was also really beautiful to see.

S: Yeah.

C: That both of you have attracted that into your lives and I feel like that is because you are the people that do that for other people.

S: Yeah, and I think it’s like for you, like when you’re going through it, you’re like, “Oh my God, like what did I do to deserve this,” you know. And it’s like, yeah, it’s a lot to hold, but when I like now after, I’m just itching for the next one of you to get married because I can’t wait to be of service, I can’t wait to lead ceremony for someone else’s bachelorette party, and do all of that.

C: I feel like we can’t even wait. We have to just like, we have to…

S: We just need to do these for fun, just like…

C: Yeah, we just have to do sister circles on a regular basis.

S: Yeah.

C: Yeah, and then any bonus if someone gets married.

S: Exactly. But I do think like if you’re out there and you’re like, “Oh my God, how can I have this kind of friendship, and just like be that kind of friend?” You know, be that person who’s already cheering people on. Not so you can get it back, like I didn’t make these friends because I was planning my bridal party. Like okay, these are the people I want there, so I’m gonna be nice to them. Like no, genuinely be there for people, listen to them, be in support when they need it. And then when you’re ready to celebrate you’ll have people who are cheering you on who are celebrating you because it feels like a triumph for them too. Like I feel like I’ve known you for like four years.

C: Yeah.

S: And you know, for my friends who’ve watched me grow and see this grow, it’s like, “Oh my God, like yes, this feels like a wedding for me too.”

C: Yeah.

S: And so to create those kind of friends and there’s, again, there’s no effort there, it’s just you genuinely wanting to know how can I help you in anything that you need, and they genuinely would want to help you back in that way.

C: Yeah. And it goes, I think it goes both ways, and I think you know, we all have different comfort levels with either way. I think one of the things, you know, I remember even in our early friendship, like one of the things for me that was like really conscious, which is you know, just cause of how I am as a human, right? Was I think, you know, like one of the first times when I actually like came to you with a problem, right? And I was like, “All right, can I come to her with this? Like is it okay?”

S: I remember it, I remember where I was, I was in my room and I sat at the desk, and it was like a boy issue, and we like talked about it. And I remember you actually saying, you were like, “One of the things that deepens a friendship is to come to someone with an issue, so here I am coming to you with an issue.” And I was like, “Thank you,” like I loved it, you know. It was like lay it on me, girl, lay it on me.

C: And yeah, and then when I saw how like how that was received, I was like, “Okay, it’s safe.

S: Yes.

C: You know?

S: Yeah.

C: And I feel like that’s like that give and take, it’s like allowing ourselves. And I even felt that with other girls in our bridal party, right? Was that when we got to the point where we were just willing to come to each other with things, and were both willing to be vulnerable, and then when someone was vulnerable with us stepping up to the plate and being like… And it’s so funny because it’s true in those situations, I feel the same way.

S: Yeah.

C: You know, when someone comes to me with something, I’m like, “Yes, yes, let’s talk about it!”

S: And then it’s also like knowing the right time. It wasn’t like the first time we met you were like, “Let me tell you all my problems.”

C: Yeah.

S: Cause that could have, it’s like creating that friendship, creating that bond, and like just feeling it out and knowing, “Okay, when is the right time for me to introduce them to this side of me? And now this other side of me, and this other side of me.” And as friendship grows, they begin to just see more and more sides of you.

C: Yeah.

S: And so I think that, and that also comes with you sharing them. Like you know, I have some friends who are a little bit more guarded, and some friends who are little bit more extroverted, and just seeing like it doesn’t mean that there’s less of a friendship there, but you have to know that some people take a longer time to get out of their shell, and some people it’s like an instant thing. So it also just made me aware of just like the bridal party, and like how unique my friendship is with each person.

C: Oh yeah.

S: And like how like there’s the girl I can go to for this, and the girl I’ll go to for that. And things that you’re not even intunely aware of, I think when you like see all your friends there, it becomes very obvious to you.

C: Yeah.

S: Like I was like, “Cassandra, scissors,” like I just knew like you would be someone who would just go find the…

C: Take care of business.

S: Right. And it’s like, “Rosie, like I need help with my hair,” or like, “Alyson, like the energy,” or like you know, everyone had their things that they do.

C: Like Leona, can I eat this in the morning, no?

S: Right, exactly. So I think that that was just such a beautiful thing to have, and yeah, and the sister circle, another beautiful thing, that deck that you brought in.

C: Oh yeah!

S: What is that deck?

C: So this is, it’s the divine feminine deck, Megan Waterson’s deck, and it’s so beautiful because of all these epic women. And it’s not like it’s both… it’s all real women that lived in history and some goddesses in there as well. But like each one of them represents a really powerful woman, and I love that the deck tells you a little bit about her history. So I thought it was so… I also kind of connected and thought it was beautiful even at the bachelorette party how we’re all like in a way you could look at us from the outside and say, “Oh, they’re so similar,” because a lot of us are in the wellness field, and we have similar careers and stuff. But to actually know us individually…

S: Our medicines are so different.

C: We are so different, and our personalities are so different, and we mesh so beautifully even though that that it was like just symbolic to me of how each and every one of us has like our own medicine and our own divine feminine, our own way of expressing that divine feminine. So the deck was great, we all picked a card, and then I had everyone read it out lout their card, because again, that Gemini new moon of like all of these beautiful, powerful women live within all of us. And you know, maybe, you know I remember Maria got Mary Magdalene that day, right? And I got—who did I got? I got… maybe I got Pope Joan, I got a good one.

S: The one I got was insane.

C: It looked like you.

S: Literally, I was like, I was very nervous pulling this card because I was like, okay…

C: She took a lot of time.

S: This is the goddess/woman who is going to be dictating the energy of my entire marriage. I was like, “Guys, whoever I pull right now, she is the person I’m gonna be praying to.”

C: Not Kali, not Kali.

S: Yeah, not Kali, please, not Durga, please, but she’s the person I’m going to be praying to, she’s the one who’s going to be watching over our entire marriage, she’s the one that’s going to be setting the tone like, “Guys, I am asking you right now with this image, please show me the human depiction of the next chapter of my entire life.” So I definitely took my time, I really meditated, I was like, “Oh my God, please, be a good one.” And it was her name was sharadha.

C: Yeah.

S: Which was Sahara, Sharadha. She’s this Indian woman in this like red and white sari, and she literally looked like me when I’m old. And her whole card was about unconditional love, and how she met her beloved, and they were both spiritual teachers on their own, and they came together, and began sharing their spiritual practices together, and the unconditional love that they had between each other fuelled them to give unconditional love to everyone else.

C: Mm, full circle.

S: And it was just so spot on because the love that Steven gives me I’m radiating out through this podcast, through my books, et cetera, and he’s radiating it out through his music and his career creating art. So we are constantly tapping into this river, this waterfall of source that we’re able to then spill out with without any hesitation. So this was the perfect deity/woman, I need to look into like her more, but Sharrdha, check her out, and this deck was so beautiful and something that will always stay with me forever.

And then we did the flowers where I lied down and you guys poured the flower petals over me, and put your hands on different parts of my body that you wanted to heal, and also shared words of love and of wisdom, any words that came through. And it was just so beautiful, again, to just be showered with words, with energy, with flowers, with all of it. And you know, no other time in your life are you really celebrated like that.

C: Right.

S: Like your birthdays people don’t really do that. You know, maybe they should, but…

C: I think it changed, I might change that this year.

S: Yeah, it should change, but it feels so good to be celebrated, and it feels so good to celebrate.

C: And it feels, yeah, it feels so good to give that gift, too, to someone, right?

S: It does.

C: I remember I definitely had a moment, probably honestly when we did the—not to bring it back to the bachelorette party—but like when we did the prayer circle at the bachelorette party and just went around and just we all kind of brought something to the altar, so to speak, in our life that was going on, and we all…

S: Oh that prayer circle was so good.

C: We prayed for each other, and we send energy to each other. And it was just also this moment that I feel like we even took to a whole new level at that wedding of like we have all these beautiful gifts that all of us share so freely with the public, you know, or with our clients in different ways we do it in the world. And how beautiful for us to really allocate the time and the intention to bestow it upon this woman that’s close to us that we really love, and how often we forget to do that.

S: Yeah.

C: Right? We get so caught in the… you know, it definitely has been something that I’ve been thinking about ever since about how, you know, it’s so easy for us to grab a coffee with someone, or you know, do like a quick thing here and there. And sometimes, like how healing would it be if you called up your girlfriends on a Friday night, or whenever it is, and be like, “Hey, you guys want to come over and do like a prayer circle?”

S: Yeah.

C: You want to come over and like give each other healing? And to have all those friends that—all of us have such gifts, and we all got so much joy from being able to give that to you.

S: Oh my gosh, yes. And it just showed me that like you don’t realize like how much stuff your friends are going through, you know? Because so much of like life is like you’re just catching up, like, “Oh, since the last time I saw you what happened?” And it’s like, okay, and then finally by the end of the hour, two hours, you just caught up on what happened, and oftentimes you don’t go into like the deeper of how you’re really feeling, and just to hear like what all of us are like just going through in that we’re all struggling with things still.

And you guys are wondering like, “What the hell is a prayer circle?” Well what we did was we sat in a circle, and then one girl would sit in the center of the circle, and just share for a minute what she would like our prayers to be around. So mine, for example, was more ease in my life because I’m someone who can overthink things, be really hard on myself, just make things way more difficult than they need to be, and I really want to surrender into more ease.

So I said that intention, and then everyone for a minute prays, and they can visualize me having an easy life, they can send healing easy vibes, whatever it is, and send them whatever that call for prayer is. Another way to deepen it, like I did with some girls in Bali, you could do that probably with a smaller circle is then each girl goes around and shares what she saw. So I think we actually some of that.

C: We did a little bit of an informal version of that.

S: Yeah, but let’s say someone’s like, “I was sending like ocean waves to you and I was seeing dolphins come up,” or another person’s like, “I was just picturing you waking up in your day and having no stress and not being on your phone.” You know, because each of us sends energy in such a unique way, and then to hear it, and to see that person holding your highest vision, and it coming out of someone else’s mouth is so deeply therapeutic. So we had prayers for fertility, for love, for helping family members battle with addiction, for…

C: For healing and health issues.

S: For health issues, for career opportunities, for moves, for all sorts of things, and all of us holding that vibration for that person just being… it was electric. It was electric to just pray for our sisters and be prayed for, and to know that we have the power to change someone else’s paradigm, and all we need to do is just set that collective intention. Like hello, this is what we should be doing every Friday.

C: Right? Exactly. I’m like we need to make this a regular thing and lift each other up in that way.

S: It’s happening, yeah.

C: Yeah, we’re going to have to do that.

S: Yeah, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I mean this is why societies have had prayer circles, women circles since the beginning of time because it works.

C: Yeah.

S: It really works when there’s such a shared collective intention towards one thing, it’s such a higher possibility for that to actually happen versus what most of us is do is I don’t want to bog people down with my issues, or worry them, or this or that, and then bottling it up to yourself where it just gets heavy and stuck. If you can declare it and help other people uplift it, guess what, it’s going to be transmuted.

C: Right, and what a more positive way to do that, right? I think what a productive way. I think often we have that knowing of like, “Oh, I don’t want to say this thing because it’s negative,” right, especially in our world. And it’s like, okay, well it’s really all in how you present it. Because I can be, you know, I can call up Sahara and be like, “You know, I’m just waking up feeling so uninspired, and so you know, depressed right now. Would you mind just praying for me and just sending me some energy today,” and how empowering is that?

S: Damn yeah, that makes me feel powerful, that makes me feel like, “Wow, thank you so much for calling upon me to pray for you. That means that you honor my capabilities and it’s a gift, it truly is.”

C: Yeah, and also it’s not like, hey, I’m not saying this or whatever to like bog you down with like what my melodrama. I’m saying I’m ready to be lifted, I’m done with this. Like this is happening and I’m over it, so.

S: And I think it’s also like coming forth in that circle, again it’s the right time, it’s the right space. Whereas if you’re just like everyone’s having fun and suddenly like one person’s like, “I’m really depressed about that,” like that could feel like a little bit of a Debbie Downer moment. We would still be able to handle it and lift it up, but all of us coming together in that vulnerability of this is what I need support with, and all of us raising each other up is something that I believe every friendship circle should have.

C: Yeah, totally.

S: That should be the foundation of friendship moving forward.

C: I agree, completely.

S: Friends that pray together stay together.

C: Amen. Amen.

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C: All right, so bringing it back to the wedding, as we wrap-up is there any closing learnings that you had from the wedding, any you know, kind of messages or things that came through to you that you want to share with your audience?

S: Mm. I think the most important lesson that I learned is, yeah, that the show must go on, that you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather, as Outkast says. And I’m so grateful that I did all of the planning, I’m so grateful for all of the details. I mean again, from the outside perspective, people are like it went perfectly, it seemed so well-organized and this. It’s only from your perspective that you know all of the things. So you know, I wish I didn’t even spend a moment stressing about it, but you can’t go back in the past, and you can go back and change how you felt because you felt how you did according to what was happening at that time. So if I could go back I would have just totally from the get-go—except for that driver because I do think me stepping up with the lioness energy got us there.

C: Oh, absolutely.

S: So choose your battles, for sure.

C: Choose your battles wisely.

S: Choose your battles. If it’s something that you can change, get in there, if it’s something you can’t change, don’t stress about it. Like there’s that quote that’s like, “God, please grant me coffee for the things that I can change, and wine for the things that I cannot.” And I don’t drink either, but it’s true, you know. So just choose your battles wisely, and focus on the love, try to be with your partner as much as possible, try to create ritual and ceremony, try to not make it just focus on that day, but the entire weekend. Bring in your family, the people that have known you from day one. I think it’s also easy to be like, “I only want to be with my friends and screw my family,” and you know, bring in those people who have been cheering for you since that day because they’re the ones who really do want to see you shine.

If you can have the wedding in a place that inspires you I think that makes a load of a difference. I think for people just being on that boat ride and seeing this nature, the same nature that inspires me, brought them to that same level of consciousness and that same level of like understanding why that we’re here. I don’t think I really didn’t want like a standard banquet hotel because that environment is just not representative of who I am. So thought it may be more work, try to have an outdoor wedding if you’re an outdoors person, try to bring in culture and ceremony even though it’s going to be more effort.

Try to do these things because I don’t regret an ounce, an hour, that I spent into the wedding and they’re memories I will live with for the rest of my life, they’re memories that I will share with my kids and my grandkids, they’re photos that I will have forever. And even though that day was super windy, my veil almost fell off, it was super windy, and it was hard to get the pictures because the wind was like so profuse that my hair was going crazy, and you just have to just go with it, you juts have to smile, you just have to be like I’m in it and it’s gonna go as it needs to go. And if you can plan a getaway with your beloved right after to just reconnect, and then decide like, “Oh my God, like now we just started this, there’s no more me and you, it’s we, and what do we want as a collective, what is our paradigm, what are our traditions going to be, what is important for us moving forward?”

I think having that because the year before was just so focused on the wedding I feel like every conversation would get back to the wedding of “Did you do the seating arrangements? Did you pay that invoice? Did you do this? Did you do that?” And it’s like you know your kid grew up and went to college, and you’re back with your partner again. Like that’s like literally what the wedding felt like, it’s like, “So, what do we want?” I feel relieved in a way to be done with the wedding because it went perfect, it was the perfect wedding, it was the best day of my life, and now I can have that memory and focus on other areas of my life. And honestly, if I was able to plan my Burning Man wedding in Hawaii, like writing a book is easy for me.

C: It puts everything in perspective.

S: So again, it’s not for everyone, not everyone needs a wedding. Like it is a lot of money, it is a lot of time, it is a lot of energy, especially when you do an outside wedding, you don’t know how the weather’s gonna go, there’s all of these elements that are not in your control. So you have to be—it’s like raising a kid, right? It’s not gonna be easy, it’s also gonna be the hardest thing, but the most beautiful thing. So you know, we had friends Tara and Andrew who, before they eloped and they never wanted to have a wedding after experiencing our wedding, they are now planning their wedding.

C: Yes.

S: And Rosie and Tory, who’ve been together for 16 years, they never wanted to have a wedding, after experiencing our wedding, they’re now planning their wedding.

C: Converting people to weddings. It was the kind of wedding that would convert you to a wedding if you were on the fence.

S: So like because I think it just opened up the possibility that it can be totally yours, it doesn’t have to be this conventional thing with all of these traditions. Another thing that I did differently was I didn’t do the bouquet toss. Because I felt like that’s so weird, like women fighting each other to like win the bouquet, like that’s so like barbaric, and it shouldn’t be that you’re fighting, it should just be that you’re receiving. So I found this Assyrian tradition that all of the single women stand in a circle around her and she closes her eyes, and she spins in a circle and intuitively stops, and whoever she stops in front of receives the bouquet.

C: I love that.

S: So that’s what we did and, you know, little things like that that you can change and make it your own. So if you’re on the fence about having a wedding or not, just think, “Do I want to spend the time and the energy into it?” It doesn’t have to be super expensive, it’s definitely gonna be more expensive than you think. The moment that you tell someone it’s wedding—whether it’s a caterer or this, that—they’re gonna just like amp up the charges. Like that is something that’s true so you just have to be like, “Okay, I’m willing to surrender—monetarily, energetically, financially—I’m willing to surrender because I’m creating a vibration in time that all people around me are witnessing, and all of the people…” Hand-pick those people, hand-pick them to be people that if you ever have issues in your relationship you could go to each and every one of those people and they will want to help things work out for you guys.

C: Yeah.

S: Like it shouldn’t just be, “Oh, I’m just inviting all these people cause my dad grew up with him, and I’ve met him once.” Like it should be people who are fully there in support. So we had 130 people at our wedding, it felt really small to me, still. Because every single person, even that weekend, I got to connect with, it’s someone I know, I extensively know. And someone who made the time to come all the way to Hawaii too, so don’t feel pressured by your family that you have to invite all these people. Or at least if you have a destination wedding, you can invite them, maybe they won’t come.

But really because a wedding is an intention-setting ceremony, right? Like we haven’t actually been married yet. All we’re doing is celebrating the intention that we have to spend the rest of our lives together, and what a beautiful thing to celebrate. We don’t celebrate intentions. You know, we have a birthday, the year already happened, we have a graduation, the college already happened. But right now we’re celebrating the intention. So everyone should be there holding that intention for you, and moving forward, let’s say you guys are fighting, let’s say you guys are in a dark place in your relationship to be like, “I remember the love that I saw between you guys on that wedding day and I know that that love is still inside of you, and I’m here to support you to get back to that place of love.”

So I’m looking forward to having this community of people who I can now reach out to and tap into who will always be there in support of love and I want to continue definitely having just more gatherings. I realize just how important gathering is, like how I can be like, “I don’t want to go out and see people,” or just like doing a lot of one-on-one things. But just like the energy of gathering—whether it’s people you don’t know or you do know—but just the collective coming together in celebration is something that tribes have done for thousands of years. And just the past 50 or so years in our super individualistic society we’ve stopped doing that. So when I move into my new place, and I have more space, I definitely want to just have like more conscious gatherings of people just mingling, and talking, and connecting, and it not having to have a purpose.

C: Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love that. Yay!

S: And now I’m married!

C: And now you’re married! You’re a wife!

S: Married life! Yes. And now Chubby has married parents, he’s very excited. I’m very sad Chubby did not get to be part of our wedding because in Hawaii they have all these laws against animals coming in. He would have had to been quarantined and all this stuff, so.

C: He was there, he was there in spirit through the photobooth.

S: Yes, I got these massive pictures of his head cut out with like the head on a stick.

C: So he made it into a lot of photos.

S: He was everywhere in energy and in facial form, and I also got Chubby stickers made. But yeah, I just want to say thank you to Cassandra so deeply for being part of this entire wedding initiation—I feel like it’s been months. I feel like you just had your wedding, I feel like we all just like birthed just this wedding baby into the world.

C: It was our wedding.

S: Yes. So thank you so much for being a bridesmermaid, thank you for your meditations, your energy, for coming here, and being on my podcast, interviewing me, and I can’t wait to have you more, and I just love our like conversations. If you guys liked this episode, you want Cassandra back, because I’ve actually been thinking about having like a type of episode that’s just conversations.

C: Yeah!

S: That we just talk about things and jam because I feel like a lot of times in an interview it’s just like tell me your life story, and tell me where it took you, and now where are you. And it’s just like, you know, they tell the same story over and over again, and I feel like with conversations you can like talk about new and emerging things, so.

C: And it’s also like they kind of get a little insider view on the conversations we already naturally have.

S: Exactly, yeah. Because we would have had this conversation if the mic was not here.

C: This was happening regardless.

S: So we might as well record it, so let me know in the iTunes review if you want to have more just like conversational type podcasts, and different topics you may want us to talk about. Because you know, in this conscious world there’s so many things from polyamory, to intention-setting, to this, to that that like are topics that we are like personally talking about. And I feel like a lot of you guys want to hear other people’s perspectives on that and share, so let us know if you want more conversational podcasts. Definitely gonna have Cassandra on the podcast as well sharing her “Practical Magic”, which is her incredible course. Can you tell us a little bit about “Practical Magic” before we do the entire interview?

C: All right, so like the Sparknotes Practice Magic is essentially it is like a wonder woman training course. It’s my life manual, it takes you through body, mind, and soul. It’s literally like an intensive toolbox that helps you really get clear on your purpose and your vision and what you want for your life, and then gives you the “practical magical” tools to make that happen so that you’re a container for that expansion. And just you know, the whole concept of “Practical Magic” for me is matching your energetic alignment with your intuitive actions and how the secret sauce that I really found that upleveled the game and changed my life was doing them both and doing them both together.

So that’s a little Sparknotes on “Practical Magic,” and if you guys are curious, I have a free workshop out right now that’s “Practical Magic 101” that kind of goes into that concept and shows you how you can use that simple formula to really transform any problem area of your life. So you can check that out.

S: Where can we check it out?

C: You can check that out on my Instagram bio, @CassandraBodzak, and I’m sure you’ll see my name on the podcast, and so that’s just my Instagram handle, it’ll be the link in the bio. And it’s completely free, and I talk also about—I’m sure are into with Sahara—I talk also about like the energetic conditions of this summer and how this is an auspicious portal for us astrologically.

S: Because we’re entering eclipse season right now.

C: We enter eclipse season.

S: Can we talk a little bit about that?

C: Yeah. Now you guys really get an idea of what our conversations are like at home. Yeah, so we just finished this full moon in sag, and we’re walking into eclipse season on July 2nd, I believe, is the start of eclipse season with that new moon. And we also have the summer solstice in between, so it’s literally like this crazy portal where we have this… Eclipse season in general is always a season of massive upleveling. And we were talking about something else, and I would say the good and bad thing about eclipse season…

S: The truth comes out, yeah.

C: The truth comes out, and like things get like literally like, you know, sucker-punched out of your life if they’re not meant for you. And similarly, you can have something, you can have like a rocket launch moment during eclipse season. So I always encourage people to really get so clear moving into eclipse season on what their vision of this next level is. Because the thing is we know inside our soul already knows, like and there is if you do the workshop, there is a meditation in there that I help us ground, and center, and like see that vision that’s ready to come forth of this next evolution, and then actually see the energetic portal in front of us, that we have a choice to walk through or not because that’s what’s happening right now.

You’re going to have… you have a choice, and it’s like, yeah, with eclipse season there’s a little bit of like the kick in the bum that happens, it wants you to move through. And the only thing that’s going to stop you is one: you giving into old behaviors that you know are not working for you, that are out of alignment, that are sabotaging you. And two: you have beliefs in stories that you can’t get to this next level, that you can’t have it.

So yeah, that’s a little Sparknotes about what’s going on right now, but it’s an important time. And I think what I always love to say with astrology, even though you know, I can read so much in someone’s chart, which is great, that you know what’s on the table for you, right? It’s the thing that you’re thinking about, it’s the thing that you’re, you know, banging your head against the wall from. It’s the probably the argument you’re having with someone, maybe, or perhaps it’s just this burning desire you have, this compulsion to like create something or put something forth, or whatnot.

So honor right now, honor the urges, honor the signs that are coming up, honor the messages. Because if you just show up for that, like you know, you’ll literally walk into what I like to call the adult energetic start of the school year in September, even though we don’t go back to school, right? You’ll walk into September like a new person, and that’s the feeling that is possible if you’ve ever had when you were in like elementary school or middle school, when you like you know, went away to summer camp and you just felt like you’re a new human the next year.

S: Oh yeah, every September it was like a new evolution. So does eclipse season happen every summer?

C: Yeah.

S: Oh, every summer is an eclipse season, got it.

C: Yeah, so yeah, there’s always an eclipse season, and it always has a different energy. This sag new moon was pretty special with the alignments that are coming in because it’s pretty much it was around the galactic center. So essentially the layman’s term version of that we need to know is that it will never happen again in our lifetime.

S: I feel like in astrology they’re always like, “This is the once in a lifetime…”

C: Right, there’s so many things like that.

S: “Blood orange cotton candy silver moon.” Like it’s always so delicious.

C: Yeah, right? This is the strawberry shortcake moon, right? And you’re like, “I just want food.”

S: This will never happen again for 7,000 years and there’s something else, but it’s true, we’re always living in a moment in time.

C: Right?

S: Yeah.

C: And I think it’s so funny, and I also think sometimes like I always just try to give my version of talking about that as I try to give the general like weather on it.

S: It’s the ketogenic moon.

C: Yeah.

S: So good. But yeah, it’s like you don’t… but I love what you said, it’s like you already know because I feel like sometimes it’s like, “Oh my God, what’s happening in astrology? Like am I living my life in alignment?” It’s like you already know, like we know what are the things that we need to face. I feel like everyone that I’m friends with right now is going through a massive rebirth at this point.

C: Absolutely. This is a rebirth.

S: Everyone is like waking up to like the new higher versions of themselves, and it can be pain and suffering, or it… cause sometimes it needs to be, or it can be bliss and flow just depending on how much work you’ve done, and that’s why it’s so important to have your meditative practices, your spiritual practice happening all the time because there can be things that happen like eclipse season that just like take away the veils, and you’re like, “Holy shit, I’ve been living a lie and I’ve been in total denial even though I’ve known that this is true the entire time.” Or you can just meditate and have an intuitive practice on a daily basis so then when eclipse seasons happens, you’re like, “Yes, hell yeah, I already knew all of this happening, and now it’s just working in my favour.” So it’s only going to be bad and suffering if you’re not listening to your intuition all year long.

C: Exactly. And you know what? And I would even say if you have something going on that, you know, you’re interpreting as bad or suffering, to know that one of the quotes I love to live by is, “Get clear on what you desire, what your vision or what your dream is, and trust that everything that’s happening to you is in service of it.”

S: Yes.

C: Right? So if a relationship is ending right now, if a work project doesn’t work out, I would really, really you know, in fact after listening to this podcast, what you can do is set the intention, you know, do a ritual or a prayer, or just say it. You can even just say out loud, you know, “Angels, guides, loved ones,” whoever you want to do, Grandpa, like whoever you want to give it up to, “can you protect me, can you hold this space for the highest evolution, for the highest truth to come through?” And then genuinely trust, like trust that you’re in that safe container, and that whatever might happen—and trust me, I’ve been there where like there was like a project that I had my heart set on that just like crumbled before me, and I was like, “This got to be wrong,” right?

S: Right.

C: But it’s like in those moments that’s where the faith come in, that’s where our practice comes in. Where we’re like, “Oh no, that is divine intervention.”

S: So I want to ask, so this came out for me during the honeymoon. So I am a mermaid, clearly, and I love the ocean. And every time I go into the ocean I always say like, “Guides, please protect me, protect me from any sharks, jellyfish, anything that can harm me, I am safe and protected in the ocean.” And I was snorkelling every single day, and the last day that I went, I dove in and I felt all of these burning sensation all over my body, and I was just swimming through an ocean of all of these like thousands of jellyfish, and it was super, super painful.

So like I finally was able to get back into the boat, and he was like, “Oh, sometimes that happens, I’m going to take you to another place where there’s no jellyfish.” So I saw the other people jumped in, they were fine, I got in, and this was way worse. Like then and I looked in the water there were massive jellyfish—purple ones, pink ones, like huge jellyfish. And my body is on fire, I mean I have thousands of marks on my entire body, I’m like if I just got naked for you, you’d be like, “Holy crap.” I look like I have chicken pox.

And I’m just being, you know, and the thing with jellyfish is like I can’t get away from them. Like me swimming, they’re coming towards me. Me being still, they’re coming towards me. I’m just like going through all this pain. Then I get back in the boat, and he’s like, “Okay, I’m going to take you to a third destination.”  So I was like, “Okay, is this the type of situation that, you know, the universe is warning me, maybe there’s a…” Cause there are a lot of sharks there, maybe it’s trying to warn me to get out of the ocean and the third time there’s going to be a shark. So should I not go in the ocean? Or is this the situation that maybe that third time’s going to be the best time.

And it’s like how do you know? Like how do you know if the universe is protecting you from something that’s not for you or if it’s something you have to just go over, and once you’re able to go over that, the best thing is waiting for you? And I don’t have the answer to this, but I was just waiting in that boat for like ten minutes, and I was seeing everyone else was snorkelling. And the guy’s like, “Are you sure you don’t want to go in?” And I was like, “I’ll just do it.” And it ended up being the best snorkelling yet, and I saw the most beautiful reef, this massive mushroom that was like the size of like a four-story house, and like all the colors and stuff. But it also could have been I got attacked by a shark, so like I would love to know like how do you know when it’s the universe protecting you because it’s not for you, or when it’s an obstacle that you need to get over to get into that highest alignment?

C: Yeah. So I think this is really where the fine-tuning of having a practice comes in, and of really knowing yourself. And I think that’s why you were able to ultimately go in the water and have that best experience, right? Because if there—I firmly believe—that if there was a shark there, at that point, by that point, you would have no doubt felt in your gut that it was not safe to go in, right? There was something you’re like, “I don’t know, I’m just not supposed to go in,” right?

And I think sometimes it can be really hard to discern that, right? It comes, that’s why we show up so much, that’s why you know, we should be using our intuitive muscles in every step of our… You know, one of the practices I give my wonder women ladies is, you know, really going throughout everyday with their intuition. Right, checking in with every coffee date, checking in with like, “Do I want to eat this?” You know, checking in with, “Do I want to go to yoga circle?”

So we’re literally doing these push-ups with our intuitive muscles because, at the end of the day, when those kind of like hairy situations arise, right, that’s when we have to check-in and say, “Hm, is this someone trying…” And you know what, I always—my go-to in that kind of situation for protection is that I will literally say, “Guides, if there is something that’s meant for me to not be in this water, or if there is something stopping me from doing this thing, I need a bigger thing,” right? Like I need like literally some…

S: They’ll send like a massive jellyfish just like demolishes me, yeah.

C: But you know what I mean, like or someone would literally be like, “You can’t go in,” you know? Or something like that. Like I had actually a situation in Bali—this is kind of a random story, but just came up—situation in Bali where I was going to see this healer. And I felt a little weird going in, and I was like, “I don’t know if I need to see this healer,” like I’m very careful who I put my energy into.

And it turned out I actually got my period that day, and if you guys know, in Bali healers won’t see you if you’re on your period—male healers. And so that day—and I was naïve, I didn’t know, I didn’t know that that meant I couldn’t see him or whatever. But I was completely honest and he started doing his thing on me, I said that. And it was interesting because the first thing that happened when he started, like I was in his presence, was I heard from my guides, “You don’t have to believe anything this man says to you.” Very clearly, you know. And then I said that, and he literally shooed me out, right? And I hysterically cried, and I did have a moment where I was like, “How could this be? How could I travel to Bali and not get to go to the…” you know?

S: Right.

C: And I think it is in those moments where you’re kind of like, “What?” Right, that we really like sink back in, and have to trust, right? One: that if we’re really meant to not do something, right? We’ll be stopped, you know. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this, but like I’ve had a few instances of that where there was like literal divine intervention. Someone’s like, “Sorry, we’re turning the boat around,” or like, “Sorry, we’re doing this.” I’m like, “Oh, wow, okay, clearly someone’s getting me out of there right now.” Even just in Kauai when I was there was a specific like person I was going to go see that literally was blocked, just like completely blocked.

And in those instances, the way I always say is like don’t try to push a closed door, right? If you feel like you pushed the closed door I feel like once, twice maybe is like normal kind of, you know, doing your due diligence to like call someone or like try to do something, right? But then you get to that certain level where you’re like, “Huh, I feel like I’m pushing.”

S: Yeah.

C: I notice that I’m pushing. I know that I’m trying to like make something happen that doesn’t want to happen. Right, if you’d have gone to that third one and maybe there were smaller jellyfish that were less gross, and you were like, “Should I just do it cause I really want,” that would have been pushing.

S: Right.

C: Right? So I would say in that instance that goes back to your practice, you having that discernment, you also having that trust. Right, that if there was something in that water you really weren’t supposed to get in, that divine forces would have either one: communicated with you through your gut, and have you been like… I mean I know you, so I know if you even, you know, like think about the thing that happened in Mexico, right?

S: I was physically stopped from having that wedding in Mexico.

C: Literally, literally, right?

S: Yeah.

C: And so I think, you know, our guides and you know, our energetic protection is so strong that that will happen, that we can trust. Like we can keep on taking steps forward until we like feel offense, so to speak.

S: Right. Totally. Yeah, and I love that, and it all comes down to discernment. And a question I always ask myself is: does this feel expansive or contractive?

C: Yes.

S: And me like sitting on that boat and almost like playing out it felt like me giving up. And there are other people in the water, and they seem to be okay, though they may or may not be getting stung, I don’t know. But then jumping into that ocean and seeing everything felt like total expansion for me. Whereas, you know, something like the wedding in Mexico, me having it there actually wasn’t expansion, that was also contraction, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

And I do think that sometimes there’s medicine in venom, and it’s something that I’ve actually been really looking into with the jellyfish stings that now they’re detracting the venom from jellyfish stings because it’s anti-cancerous, it’s really good for your heart. And I think that sometimes we need certain medicine from certain animals, plants, et cetera, and the universe will give it to us, and it can be painful.

C: Literally, when you sent that text to us about like what was going on in the picture, my first—I think I said like, “Ocean kisses,” right?

S: Mm-hmm.

C: That was the first image that came into my head when you said that, like I know how annoying that can be, I’ve been stung by jellyfish, too. But literally, I was not even like concerned or like, you know, perturbed, but I was like, “Ugh,” Like it literally just felt like the ocean was like giving you this like blessing.

S: Yeah.

C: Like that was the energy I got from it.

S: Yeah, and I think it’s like and I almost feel like Aquaman, it’s like I got to take a piece of the ocean with me, and have these marks that I get to have for the next couple weeks.

C: It’s integrating in you.

S: But I think that there was some sort of medicine that the venom had me, and it can be through periods of uncomfortability, of pain, of whatever. Another time when I was going through something really difficult in my life, I stepped on a bee that day. And the bee gave me its medicine, and bee venom is incredible for healing so many diseases—lyme disease, et cetera. So I do think that, again, sometimes the things that feel bad are actually the exact medicine that you need, whether it’s physical, or more emotional.

C: Absolutely. Absolutely.

S: Yeah. Oh my God, well I could talk to you forever about this.

C: This podcast episode will be ten hours long.

S: Yeah, so let us know what you want us to talk about next time, we’re here, she’s my neighbor. So thank you again, Cassandra, for coming on, and again, where can listeners connect with you?

C: Oh my God, well thank you so much for having me, it’s a delight to be in your life and to be your bridesmermaid, and to be your friend, and to just chat with you. The people can find me on Instagram, probably is where I’m most frequently, @CassandraBodzak, on my website cassandrabodzak.com. You know, same thing, Facebook: Cassandra Bodzak, all the things under my name. Definitely, if anyone’s interested, check out that “Practical Magic” workshop. I think it’ll be fun and a nice way to enter this summer season.

S: Mm. Well thank you so much, and for all of you guys out there who spent the time listening to this beautiful conversation, I wish all of you could be part of my wedding, be sure to head over to the show notes to go download, get my wedding photos sent directly to your email. We have photos from all three occasions that we did that weekend, videos coming your way. There’s just way too much stuff for me to put on social media, and I’ve also been taking some time off social media, which has been extremely healing.

We could do a whole other podcast on that, so I want this to go directly to the people who energetically want the pictures in their life because I think it’s important who you share your most personal moments with, and that’s why I’m sharing it with the people who subscribe on email because these are people who genuinely they want to see, and they’re not just, “Oh, I’m following this random thing.” So it’s taught me so much of just like energy, and sharing intimate moments in your life, and sharing it with the right people. And if you’re listening to this episode, especially this far in, you’re the right kind of people.

C: You’re the right person.

S: So I’m really excited to share this beautiful moment in my life with you and to have you all as part of the community, as part of the tribe, watching me grow and go through all of these beautiful experiences. One day talking about my kids, one day they’ll go off to college, I’ll still be podcasting. I’ll be like, “Ocean and Sky have left me.” So thank you all for being here so much.

Oh my God, that was therapy for me to even share. You know, so many things that were in my head that I was processing, that finally I got to put into words, and share with someone, and I’m really, really glad that I had Cassandra on the podcast to kind of be that bouncing board with me. Because sometimes in conversation with someone else you can get deeper into your own truth, and that is definitely what happened today.

So thank you to Cassandra Bodzak, be sure to check out her Instagram, she’s an amazing sister of mine, one of my bridesmermaids, and full of incredible things, and let us know if you want us to do more just conversational episodes like this because it’s so much fun for me to just tap in with my girlfriends and allow you to listen to the conversations that we’re having that aren’t just interviews but more just getting deep into a juicy subject.

And again, if you want to check out the wedding album, head over to the show notes, head over to my Instagram, and you will be able to see the entire wedding album there. Again, Instagram @iamsahararose, and I am so looking forward to sharing this momentous moment in time with you. And I want to have a party with all of you guys, so I am working on some launch parties that will be happening this fall in L.A., New York, Miami, and who knows, maybe more cities as well in honor of my upcoming deck, “A Yogic Path,” and my new membership—am I saying this out loud? Okay, I’ll say it, my new membership community, The Rose Gold Goddess.

So I’m going to be doing another episode all about what that entails, but that’s a little sneak peek for you that there’s going to be some live parties happening, some live action, some live dancing, twerking, who knows. But really, this wedding, despite it being a lot of effort and work was also the most fun in my life, and it was just such a reminder to me of how much I love to gather in person with friends. And I want to make that available for people in my community who may not have that with their own friends. They may not have a spiritual or conscious community to tap into, and they’re looking for their soul sisters.

And this is why I want to have the Rose Gold Goddess sacred sisterhood, which essentially allows us to connect with our sisters all around the world, as well as in our neighborhoods, to meet with these girls in person as well, and have epic launch parties where we can share our oracle decks, and elixirs, and dance, and you know, do conga lines. If you saw my Instagram I shared the conga line that I did, I had everyone follow me along, we were doing like the Jane Fonda, and like little grocery cart move, and all this stuff, and just have good old sober fun, you know?

So I’m really excited for the Rose Gold Goddess launch, be sure that you are subscribed. I’ll be emailing everyone about that, so another reason to subscribe on my email list when you subscribe to get my wedding album, you also get updated on the Rose Gold Goddess sacred sisterhood. So thank you so much for being a part of this journey, for listening, for your attentive ears. I’m so blessed and so grateful to have you guys on this entire human experience with me, so many of you have been there from the moment I first started blogging when I was 19 years old, almost ten years ago, and have been with me along the journey from moving to India, giving up, you know, my life, being disowned by my family, moving to L.A., vending at festivals, meeting Steven, and now getting married. And what’s to come next, I don’t know, but I’m just grateful, so beyond grateful to have your support through it all, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

If you loved this episode, I would love if you could leave me a review in the iTunes store. And as a free gift, I will share with you the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” Simple email a screenshot of your review over at [email protected]– again, Sahara, S-A-H-A-R-A, @eatfeelfresh.com, and I will send you over the first half of my unreleased book, “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” Thank you and Namaste.

Episode 203 Wedding Lessons and Eclipse Season – Part 2 with Sahara Rose

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