Highest Self Podcast 102: My Engagement Story

If you didn’t see on IG, a few weeks ago I got surprised proposed to in Bali (and said yes!)

This episode is all about how it happened and what I’ve learned since about relationships, social media, and privacy!

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Episode 102 – My Engagement Story

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement. So this episode is all about my engagement story, which I’m so excited to share with you guys. A lot of you guys already saw it on Instagram.

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The other amazing news is my new book, “Eat Feel Fresh,” is going to be out October 2nd, bookstores nationwide, and is now available for pre-sale. So you can order it over on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Wal-Mart, wherever you get your books, and I’m going to be offering some pre-order bonuses, including signed book plates, tarot cards, all of this webinars, bonus podcast episodes, bonus recipes. So many things I have in store for you, so make sure you pre-order the book ASAP, save your receipt in the e-mail so when the pre-order website is out you’ll be among the first to receive the bonuses, which will be mailed to your door.

Now without further ado, let’s get to my engagement story. I have been so excited to record this podcast episode. And it is the episode I’ve been waiting my whole life to record my engagement story. So a lot of you guys have seen on my Instagram that I got engaged about ten days ago now. It was on June 23rd, 2018, two days before my fiancé and I’s three-year anniversary.

So I’ll do another podcast episode, I’ve really been dying for him to be on the podcast to share how we met because it is a really amazing story. So we have to all just like beg him to be on “Highest Self” podcast because he’s a very, very private person, and he doesn’t want to be on. But I will share the engagement story with you so you can hear it through my voice even if you’ve read it on my Instagram. And if you want to check out three very in the moment pictures just head over to my Instagram—iamsahararose—and you can see just my reaction and just how totally shocked and happy I was that this happened.

So as I told you guys, I decided to go on a solo trip to Bali, and I knew that things were gonna get really crazy in the fall because my next book is coming out, “Eat Feel Fresh,” which is a plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook that’s really contemporary, it’s my approach called Alkaline Ayurveda, and I really take ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with, you know, today’s needs and how our soil has changed, our dairy products have changed. So Ayurveda really needs to be looked at in a different way.

So that’s book coming out in October, Deepak Chopra also wrote the foreword of that, and it’s like very much about my own take and my own opinion, whereas like “Idiot’s Guide” was much more about like me reporting on Ayurveda. So it’s gonna be a crazy fall, and I knew that June was like the only chance that I could finagle a way to slip away to head back to Bali where I haven’t been in four years. Four years ago I went on a one-way ticket that I thought was going to last four two weeks ended up changing my life. I ended up staying there for four months and made me rethink every single aspect of my life. So on Episode 41 I discuss how leaving everything and moving to Bali changed my life. So be sure to listen to that if you want to learn more about that chapter.

So Bali is a very special place for me. And when I was gonna go back I asked my then-boyfriend, Steven, if he would come with me and he said he’s really busy, he has a lot of work, he owns a management company for music producers, and DJs, and singers, and things like that. So you know, the music industry is always things going on, especially in a management role. So he said he wasn’t able to come because of work, and you know I kept on trying to show him the pictures, and how amazing it’s going to be, and the view, and the massages, and this and that. But he was like, “No, really, I can’t come I have work.” And like he was also really sad that it was going to be our three-year anniversary and we weren’t going to be together, and he was a little bit guilt-tripping me on, “Aw, you’re not gonna be here for our anniversary? I can’t believe you booked this trip during our anniversary.”

So I even felt bad about going, but I had to go, so I went. And I started writing my next book, my fourth book, which is on Ayurvedic entrepreneurship infusing Ayurveda with, you know, creating a business and seeing vata, pitta, kapha as the business creation process, which is gonna be out hopefully next summer. And I was doing tons and tons of writing, like waking up 4:00 in the morning just writing for the rest of the day. And it was like towards the end of my trip I had already been there for ten days, I was supposed to be there for two weeks total.

And my friend, Tara Mackey, texts me, and Instagram messages me, and e-mails me—she really contacted me through every which way. She’s like, “Free photo shoot! Like my friend and niece lives in Bali, she’s like a soul sister to me, you guys would get along so great, she’s a photographer, she would love to do a free photo shoot of you up on this Ayung cliff. Ayung is a river, and it’s like the cliff overlooking and like the rice fields. So, you know, I’m all about that Instagram content, I was like, “Okay, free photo shoot, I can’t say no to that.” So I say, “Okay, I’ll meet up with your friend,” and it was like my second to last day in Bali.

So that day I recorded two podcast episodes—one of which was with Malaiaka, my shamanic teacher, which is a three-hour long episode. I’m gonna have to like really edit or just break it up. And then we ended up talking for like two hours after, and it was like about to get dark, the sun was setting, it was pouring rain. So I feel really bad, I’m about to text this girl who wants to do the free photo shoot and like basically have to cancel on her. But something within me was like, “Just go do it anyways.” So I told the girl, “Like I’m so sorry I’m so late, I know it’s raining, do you think that the photo shoot could still happen?” She’s like, “No, like it’s actually perfect lighting right now. It’s gonna look really great, like moody shots.”

I’m like, “Okay,” so go off in the rain to do this photo shoot. And the day before she had told me she was like envisioning something white. I was like, “I love wearing all white.” So from the side of the street I picked up this white little lacy like robe thing. And I’m running over there, pouring rain, no make-up on, and I see her and suddenly it stops raining, and it was about to get dark. So we start with the photo shoot, we’re taking photos, and she tells me to do some photos on my knees. I’m like, “Oh, okay, this is gonna be a little interesting. How am I gonna look cute here on my knees?”

So I’m on my knees trying to, you know, look kind of Bohemian down there. And suddenly I feel someone squeeze me on my back and say, “Shmoobi.” And Shmoobi is Steven and I’s nickname for each other. So my first instinct was, “Okay, someone else must have that nickname and think I’m that person.” Then I turn around, and I see him there in like his black t-shirt, ripped jeans, like white Nike sneakers, like looking so L.A. in the middle of the rice fields in Bali. So I just kind of stare at him, and he’s like laughing, and he starts saying the proposal things. “You mean everything to me. I love you unconditionally. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” You know, going into the “Will you marry me?”

And I’m just looking around like, “Wait, am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating right now? Is this really happening? Cause first of all, how is he in Bali and is this moment like really happening?” And I was just talking to Malaiaka about like ayahuasca for like three hours, and how she doesn’t do ayahuasca ceremonies cause she really believes in getting to the root of your issue without you needing any plant medicine. So we were talking about like depth and how we actually have access to all of these realities, and like time maps, and like all of these really like cerebral things.So I’m thinking, “Okay, am I right now just envisioning this? Did like the spirit of ayahuasca like get in my water or something?” And then again, he’s like, “Shmoobi, will you marry me?” And I’m like, “Oh my god, no, this is really happening.” So of course I say, “Of course,” and it was literally the craziest moment of my life.

And he pulls out my ideal engagement ring, which I had obviously sent him from like the moment we started dating. Like in case you’re ever wondering, which is a raw green tourmaline on a rustic gold band because I don’t really believe in the diamond industry. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Blood Diamond” There’s a lot of just conflict and violence that has gone in the diamond industry. So I think it’s better that we move away from it. And you know, now we don’t really know if diamonds, even if they’ve gone through the Kimberley Process are 100% conflict-free. I wrote an article about this on my blog. If you go on iamasahararose.com all about why I chose to choose a conscious ring. And on top of that, 70% of diamonds are from Africa where we still aren’t sure if they’re conflict-free or not.

So I really did not want to support the diamond industry. And also I just think it’s more beautiful to have a ring that really represents you and who you are, and why do all rings have to look the same? And why does “I love you” have to look like one particular thing? And when you really go into the diamond stuff, maybe I’ll do another episode about that, but diamonds actually have no worth. They actually are very, very you know, frequent. They’re as occurring as steel or any other kind of stone. But this company called De Beers basically made them scarce. And because they made them scarce they were able to increase their prices, which is why diamonds are so expensive. And like the average American spends about one-year’s salary on a diamond ring.

So that was something I really did not want, and I just wanted something that was 100% me. So pulled out the raw green tourmaline, really ecstatic about that. I’ll also show a picture on my Instagram too. And like that we were engaged. So it was the most incredible moment of my life because this is someone who, you know, I spend really every day with. We don’t live together, but you know, he’s at my place all the time. But I actually don’t want to live with him until we get married. That’s something that I’ve always wanted to wait until I’m married to move in with someone. It’s something I’ve always just kind of looked forward to, to experience that new chapter of life together. Maybe it’s just like my old school, traditional ways, but I love that fairy tale of like you’re married, and then you get to like really start a life together.

So I’m very much looking forward to that and all that planning a wedding is going to bring. I’ve been looking at different locations, and learning more about just the wedding industry, what a massive industry this is. And I really want my wedding to really represent who I am and really have this like Bohemian, free-spirited, no shoes, beachy vibes with also the Middle Eastern culture. My fiancé is Jordanian and Lebanese, and I’m Persian, so I want to bring in the lanterns, and the Persian carpets, and we’re gonna have a Persian aghd ceremony, which is an ancient Zoroastrian tradition where we recite Rumi and Hafiz poetry, and you lick honey off of each other’s fingers, and it’s this very beautiful and feminine ceremony that’s been done for thousands of years.

And I want to have on the next day instead of a brunch, I want to have acai bowls for everyone, with like different toppings and like you know, low glycemic options. And I just want the wedding to be me. I don’t want something that feels like I’m playing a role, or feels stressful, and I really want my wedding to be the best day of my life. I don’t want it to be something that I’m doing for show, and just like you know, saying hi to other people, and changing my outfit 50 times.

I just want to have fun and yeah, so this is a new chapter of my life. I already feel a major energetic shift from being engaged. It started actually right before leaving to Bali it started when I began my kashic records practitioner training that brought forth a lot of realizations of just, you know, June was an energetic month for all of us to really push and do and fulfill and get up to that next level. And you can feel it in my podcast episodes, a lot of pitta coming forth.

And then at the end of June I was really receiving the messages of like easing down, like tapping into more ease and flow, and I recorded the podcast episode on how can we spiritually grow through ease. And I’m feeling that energy, especially in July, and I feel moving forth to August. And then it pumps up again, you know, the universe has its own energetic waves, just like you know, our school systems have. We take summers off and I think it’s important to take time off to, you know, sit back into your beingness, your true essence, and just planning this wedding for me is like, you know, I don’t like to call it feminine because I think men can be excited by planning a wedding, too.

But definitely my more yin qualities, my more Shakti qualities, my more vata and kapha qualities are coming forth. The decorating, and the flowers, and the guest list, and the music, and all of those things. But also really in the kapha of like trying to take it one day at a time and just spend time with my fiancé and build this budding relationship, and walk into this new chapter in our life with total awareness.

And there are a lot of things that we’re going to start doing together. We’re beginning a transcendental meditation training this week, we are both really committed to practicing mindfulness and to eat totally mindfully, not in front of TV, not while working. And we both really want to just deepen our spirituality and deepen our awareness. And also do things that are more in the Shakti like he’s going to start salsa dancing with me, and you know, just really working on our relationship is a huge priority for me, and it always has been.

And I think for all of us I think we feel sort of like guilty to have to put in work into a relationship. It’s almost like we’re told that relationships should take like no effort, and you can just be focused on your own thing, and the relationship will be there. But a relationship, just like anything else, if you don’t tend to this garden it will deteriorate. So really being engaged just takes another level of commitment of really taking quality time for one another, really listening to one another, really setting up practices. We have a gratitude practice, I journal a lot, he’s gonna start journaling, and he actually got really bad food poisoning in Bali, which awakened his desire to really eat a more healthy and plant-based diet, get more involved taking his YouVeda supplements and things like that., so lots of major shifts.

I also lost my phone, this happened to me for like a few months last time I was in Bali, but this time it wasn’t as long. But I did have my phone with me when I got back, which was beautiful because I’m able to really tap into being more in the here and the now and the present. And with our phones, we’re in such a responsive modes, we’re always you know, we get Whatsapp messages, text messages, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, DMs, whatever. So we’re always, always, always responding.

And something that has come forth to me in the Akashic records is that we need to be focusing on creating, not responding. Because when we’re always operating from this like responsive, like it’s like you’re playing a ping pong game, and you’re just trying to observe what your opponents’ next step is going to be, well that’s triggering our fight or flight. But to get to that higher brain, that higher source consciousness where ideas flow through and there’s infinite streams of potentiality, and creativity, and intuition, you have to step out of that ping pong game.

So also, you know, I’m very much making efforts to be on my phone less. I ordered an alarm clock, one of the alarm clocks that has the lights that slowly light up to match the sunlight and play nature sounds. And I want to start waking up to that and charging my phone in the living room so it’s not even in my bedroom. Because something that I have been very much guilty of, which only recently I stopped is to wake up first thing in the morning and check my phone. And you know, in Bali I would wake up and see such beautiful fog, and nature, and forests. And I’m like, “Oh my god, like why would I go on Instagram when there’s this?” But now when I’m back here in L.A. I don’t really have that view in front of me.

But there’s so much, so much to tap into, and those subtle streams of consciousness when you first wake up that you’ll just miss out on if you go straight to your newsfeeds. So really making a conscious effort to just post on social media, “Do my daily post,” like post on Stories, but you know, even I notice I post on Stories way too much. I realize that, and I think a lot of us do this, so you can admit if you’re guilty. It’s like everything we do we need to share it on our story. It’s almost like it didn’t happen if it’s not on our story. And just losing my phone and not having it showed just how many times I’m like, “Oh, I had a thought, let me put this on my Story. Oh, I made this like cool smoothie, need to put this on my Story. Oh, Chubby did this cute thing. Need to share that. Oh, I’m working, I need to show everyone everything that I’m doing all the time.”

And it’s really not necessary for you as the poster, but also you as the viewer because both people are just wasting their times doing that. Now, the Story I love Instagram Story because it does give you that inside look, that behind the scenes look, and I think everyone should be using it if you have some sort of business that you’re operating on social media. If you don’t have a business, then you really don’t need to worry about it. But if you have a business, you’re a coach, anything like that, I think Stories are essential, but it doesn’t need to be 50 stories a day. And it easily can be when you start storying everything.

So I’m going to be storying a lot more strategically now, and you know, just sharing the things that are relevant to the content that I’m building, and not being attached to my phone, and taking the videos, and not posting them automatically. Then going home and deciding which ones are the ones that I’m going to post, and just really being more mindful about my relationship and my dependency on technology. You know, just still I don’t have my phone today either, it’s with Steven’s assistant. And I don’t feel like I need it anymore.

And this obviously took breakages, and breakages, and breakages, but with our phones we create all of these conflicts for ourselves that don’t actually exist, they’re in thin air. So let’s say you’re like, “Oh my god, I’m so overwhelmed, like I have so many e-mails, there are so many who are texting me, I have so many messages to respond to, so many comments to respond to, things like that.”

Well, when your phone is gone that issue is also gone. So really that issue just existed in the air, it was pure vata with no pitta and kapha. So if it doesn’t have bottom-line like of course you’re going to have to respond to your essential work-related e-mails, et cetera. But there are a lot of things that we are responding to, and engaging to and Googling, and searching, and people’s profiles we’re looking at that we really don’t need to be.

And you know, at first when we first got engaged obviously first thing I want to do is pull out my phone and share it on my Story. And I did, we took like two stories, which ended up being like my most viewed stories ever. And I immediately said, “I’m gonna create conscious wedding planning material, and I’m gonna start podcasting all about conscious wedding planning, this, that.” And then once I even just post only about the engagement, just the amount of questions, and comments, which are beautiful and amazing that I got. Just automatically showed me, wow, I haven’t even created contents about that, and now I’m already taken out of the experience and into the responsive.

So now even just being more careful about like how I share this information, taking the time to digest, to assimilate, to get grounded before I share about it. Because for me and many of you who have a lot of vata we get super excited about things, and the moment something happens to us we want to call someone about it, share about it, post about it on social media. And it’s really hard for us to take that breath, to take that step, to let it sink in, to give it a thought, and then you can post from that sacred pause.

So the sacred pause is something that I’ve been really working on, and playing with, and cultivating, and you know, and keeping the marriage and the relationship sacred. And I’m not someone who posts all details about my personal life on social media. I share stories and I share lessons, but I don’t share like everything that’s happening to me because I don’t think that that’s essential.

And I’ve had this conversation with a few other guests that I’ve interviewed that will be on the podcast soon, but it’s almost like we’ve gotten to this point in social media where it’s like a competition of who can share the most vulnerable detail about their life and who can share the most, you know, whatever like worst moment or the heartbreaking thing that happened. And it’s beautiful that we’re using social media to open up, but I think that we need to really still be mindful about everything that we’re putting out there and be careful to not lose the experience in the quest of sharing it.

Because I am someone who I catch myself doing this all the time, and I’ve spoke about this with Shaman Omar, who’s going to be a guest on this podcast too, of what I’m going through and experience. I’m automatically thinking about how I’m going to share it. And it happened when we got engaged, too. The moment happened and I’m like, “Oh my god, how am I going to share this with my podcast family?” And I mean I love that because I love you guys and I love podcasting, but again, it’s taking us out of our own experience of just enjoying the moment and not automatically worrying about how I’m going to delegate this, you know, dictate this to someone else.

And it’s not just me, I know a lot of you guys do it. This other podcast that I listen to, “The Lively Show,” she speaks about the law of attraction, and amazing podcast. And she actually just stopped her podcast after, you know, very, very long run, ten million downloads. And she stopped recording her podcast for the same reason of realizing that everything that she experiences she will automatically go into the mind space of, “Okay, now how am I going to explain this?”

It is happening to me, and I don’t want that to happen. So really, this is an invitation for all of us when we’re going through an experience just to let ourselves fully feel it, fully sit in that moment, fully let the love of your life propose to you without feeling like, “Oh my god, how am I going to explain this? Is this caught on camera?” You know, “This is such an Instagrammable moment, can we do this again?” You know, because I was taken to that place.

You know, thank god he actually hired a photographer because I would want to do it. And I’m so glad that I truly was so surprised and had no idea because the pictures are literally me slapping my face like “what the hell is going on.” And I’m so glad that I went to the photo shoot with no makeup, no hair done or anything. And I think that these are the truest moments in our lives, not the ones that we plan for, not the ones that we, you know, put all this work. You know, those are also very, very important moments. But the ones that like define your life and are out of words and experience are the ones that I believe the universe planned for you.

And you know, in a relationship it’s all about the in-between moments. We focus so much on the engagement story, the wedding, the honeymoon, the first baby, the first house. We focus on these big mile steps, which are great mile steps, and worthy of celebration, but it’s the moments in between. It’s the countless and countless days that him and I spent together both working on this exact table, our asses off till 3:00 in the morning every single night working on our dreams when neither of us were remotely at the places that we are today because of that labor that we put in. It’s the times that we fought, the times that we’ve sacrificed, the times that we’ve miscommunicated and had to figure out ways to communicate better. It’s time that we visit each other’s families, times that we cooked dinner, that we’ve been raising Chubby.

It’s those moments really that create a relationship. And these pivotal moments, like the engagement, the wedding, et cetera are really just celebrations of those little moments. So in this engagement I’m really making an intention to step into the not losing the relationship for the wedding. You know, focusing really on building a marriage together and building a marriage together does not come in just planning a wedding, but it comes in taking action steps that are going to bring you forth on the spiritual journey hand in hand, but both simultaneously growing as individuals.

And when we Facetimed my dad after telling him, Steven is very cute, he actually called my dad the day before he left. He actually bought his ticket that same day and just head to the airport because he was waiting for the ring to be ready and he didn’t know when it would be ready, so he just bought his ring, ran to the airport, also got a one-way flight to Bali and called my dad on the way. He said, “I’m going to be asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage, is that okay with you?” And again, you know, in Middle Eastern culture you’re supposed to ask the father first.

And my dad’s so cute, he’s like, “Well, I’m okay with it, but it’s her that’s getting married. You have to ask her opinion.” You know, my dad is a Feminist, so very cute. He was like, “Yes, of course.” And when we called him, he said something that was really poignant, and he said that, “You know, the secret to a healthy marriage is that when one plus one come together they become three. And the key to honoring your relationship is to honor yourselves as individuals and continue to grow in your own journeys. So you can come forth as full beings.”

And I just think that’s so true because, you know, it’s so easy for us to lose ourselves in that other person. Because when you’re in love it’s like this true feeling of, you know, Steven and I are going to write a book together called “Soul Flame,” and it’s like this cross between a soul mate and a twin flame. And I can talk more about what these words mean and people’s different meanings of them, but for us it’s the soul flame. And it’s like seeing another soul, which is a different soul from you, but still wanting that merge. That like, uh, like I just want to like get in your body. You know when you love someone you just want to like hug them so tight that it’s like literally like your bodies could merge and become one being.

That’s that feeling, but it’s also honoring that, you know, the twin flame is the belief that you are one soul that has been separated into two bodies. And some want to find their twin flame because that’s like their identical person in the other gender. But that was never what I wanted, I don’t want to date me, I don’t want to marry me. I want someone who can be a mirror of me, but also bring forth parts of me that I don’t have.

You know, my fiancé is not someone who, you know, is like reciting mantras and all this stuff all the time. Like he’ll do it with me, it’s something he’s learning about from me, but he’s not my clone, we’re not the same person, he’s not like a podcaster, Ayurveda guy. He’s in the music industry, and he likes watching films, and you know, he likes reading books about different types of topics, and he’s very into business and that sort of stuff. So I think it’s a beautiful partnership to have someone who that you can learn from. Like he’s very much in his pitta, I’m much more in my vata. And we can learn from each other and grow from each other but still have that feeling, that soul connection of truly wanting to merge, so we call that the soul flame.

So I’ll definitely be sharing more about that, hopefully Steven will come on the podcast soon, so I just wanted to share the engagement story with you guys because you guys have really been with me along this journey. I mean just over a year ago was when I recorded the podcast about meeting Deepak, and it’s insane. Now it’s my second book with him writing the foreword. And I just feel like I love sharing with you guys and also going back to those moments and listening to them, and just like seeing how I’ve changed, and how my voice has changed, and how you know, where we are on our journeys is constantly changing.

And I invite you all to start podcasts because it really is an amazing like audio diary. Even if you don’t share it with anyone it’s actually a great way to journal just to record yourself and maybe have a file of you just like speaking out what’s going on in your life. And you’ll notice that on different points in your life you felt such different ways, and it was all so very real at that time. So really truth is something that is always moving and reflecting and taking different shapes and forms. And we cannot be attached to one truth because then we put a duality on it—this is truth and this is not truth—when truth is a spectrum that is, you know, a continually moving point in time that will always look different from every angle.

And different days you have different moods and different times you’re ruled by different doshas, and this is all a facet of life as well. So honoring the cycles and the seasons of life, and of change, and of growth, and of love, and stepping into the summer, stepping into the playfulness ad the surrender, and doing things that just light up your heart and really getting deeper into our heart space. We’ve all worked really, really hard. You know, the ladies and gentlemen on my “Doshas and Dharma” program, I’ve seen you guys just kill it and really work so hard.

And you know, we all need to celebrate wherever we are in our lives. And whatever it is that we just engaged to, whether it’s our meditation practice, whether it’s our yoga, whether it’s eating more healthy, whether it’s taking a walk every day, whether it’s a new friend. You know, we’re engaging to different practices every single day and engagements are constantly ebbing and flowing in our lives. And the ones that we choose to honor and choose to stick to are the ones that will remain forever.

So I’m looking forward to sharing this next chapter of my life with you guys from a grounded and centered place, and looking forward to hearing all of your beautiful engagements stories as well. You can head over to the “Mind Body Balancers” Facebook group, it’s the “Highest Self Podcast” Facebook group. And that’s where we share what’s going on, we just post everything, it’s such an amazing, supportive community.

And I will be doing an event in L.A. on August—let me tell you guys—August 4th in L.A., it’s a “Doshas and Dharma” event, and it’s with “I Am Everyday Woman.” So I’ll be sharing all about how your doshas relate to your dharma, it’s gonna be a really fun, interactive workshop, and I’ll be posting about that on my Instagram. You can find the link on my Instagram bio, you can also find it over on my website, iamsahararose.com, over on the blog page.

And it’s gonna be a really amazing chance because I’m really feeling more in-person connections and really wanting to connect with you guys face-to-face and heart-to-heart. So I really want to do more events and have more opportunities to meet you guys in real life and have you all meet each other, and you know, take this beautiful community that we’ve built through social media and bring it to the real world because if it just stops at the social media it’s not really doing its job.

So social media is a blessing, it’s a portal, it’s an opening, but we have to step into that opening, step into that vortex and take the relationships that really interest us and that make us curious and want to learn more and take initiative and the effort to go out there and meet those people and cultivate those relationships because everything—a friendship, an online relationship, a real-life relationship takes cultivation, and trust, and maintenance, and putting yourself out there. So I’m so looking forward to meeting you guys in person, and I’ll see you guys on the “Mindy Body Balancers” Facebook group.

If you loved this episode I would love to send you a free gift, which is the first half of my “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type” e-book. This is an unreleased book different from my book, “Eat Feel Fresh,” which is going to be out October 2nd in big bookstores nationwide. To get the first half free all you gotta do is leave a review on iTunes, take a screenshot before you hit send, and send that screenshot to me at Sahara, S-A-H-A-R-A, @eatfeelfresh.com and I will send you back the first half of my unreleased book, “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” Namaste.

Episode 102 – My Engagement Story

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