Highest Self Podcast 267: Why You Aren’t Living Your Dharma Yet with Sahara Rose

Another real one! As I’m writing my book Discover Your Dharma I’m speaking to more and more people who are on the quest of discovering your dharma and going back into my own mindset when I was discovering my own, which was reminded me of the many fears and limiting beliefs we carry that are withholding us from operating at our maximum truth and highest frequency. In this episode, I discuss why you aren’t living your dharma yet and how to get started on the journey.

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Episode 267 – Why You Aren’t Living Your Dharma Yet with Sahara Rose

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to the “Highest Self” podcast. A place where we discuss what makes you your soul’s highest evolvement.

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If it’s your first time listening, welcome, you caught me on a juicy one. And if you’re here all the time, again, you know the drill I’m busted up on some shit and I’m about to talk about it. So recently on my Instagram, if you’re not following me on my Instagram, it’s @iamsahararose, but recently I’ve been sharing my daily schedule on my Instagram Story. Because I used to wonder what do authors do in their like day to day lives? Like do they just like write the books and then they’re just hanging out? Like what has Eckhart Tolle been doing like since “The Power of Now,” you know?

I mean, now I know he’s doing a lot, but I used to think, you know, being an author must be so easy, you just write the book, it just takes you a couple months of the year, and then you’re kind of just hanging out, right? Until I became one, and especially an author in today’s world is very different from how one used to live even ten, 20 years ago because the industry was very different. People were making their full-time money off of being an author, whereas now, most authors, all authors are essentially creating their own businesses on the back end. Whether it is coaching, programs, courses, speaking engagements, retreats, et cetera.

And their book is more like the thing that brings people in through these different avenues. The book is actually not really the thing that sustains for them because the amount that, you know, publishers are paying for books these days is compared to what living standards are is less because there’s just so many more books out there, and so many more people are getting online, content instead of reading books.

So once I became an author I realized like, “Wow, I have to… or I get to… manage a business, and I get to come up with different products, and courses, and ways to really educate people, and ways to create transformation in their lives, and it’s a whole different world.” So I began sharing every day like how I actually spend my time, you know? I’m on emails, I go to meetings, I have calls, I’m coming up with email funnels, and I’m doing all of these things that one would never guess.

And as I began sharing it on my Instagram, people were like, “What? Wow, like I didn’t know you do so much in the day. Like I thought you just like record these podcasts, and like hang out, and like think for the rest of the day.” And I wanted to share this because I think it’s important to unveil what goes on behind the scenes because sometimes we can paint a picture of other people’s lives. Whether it is someone, you know, like myself who you might listen to, or someone that you might follow on social media, or a friend, or a stranger. And we think that other people have it so easy. We think that, “Oh, they don’t know how much I have on my plate. They don’t know how difficult things are for me.”

And because of that, we use it as an excuse to not step up fully into who we are. So as I begin sharing, you know, all of the many things I do all day, which most are not related to writing my book. When I’m writing a book, I just go all into it, and I really write that book, and then I have to continue with my business. So it really, you know, inspired people to begin being honest that they work, that they work hard. And it made me aware of this kind of trend that is happening these days, and that trend is pretending you don’t work that hard.

So this is not the trend that I think is happening with like the mainstream everyone. I think most people in mainstream world are talking about how hard they work, and they’re almost saying like, “Oh, I’m so stressed. No, I’m even more stressed. No, I’m even more stressed,” and they’re like using that as a way to one-up each other. But what I’m seeing happening in the conscious community is like the reverse, and it’s like, “Oh, like I just manifest everything in my life, and you know, I don’t have to even like put my finger down to get anything done because I just manifested it, and the universe provides.” You know, people like not being honest about how much they work.

And I would see this, you know, because I know so many of the people who are creating this content, and I see that they work really hard, and it’s a beautiful thing. I see that they drive around for podcast interviews, and really care about getting their books out there, and are researching all the same marketing things that that I openly just talk about. But they feel ashamed of talking about it because they think that people won’t think the spirituality thing works. You know, people won’t think manifestation works if they talk about that they’re also working hard.

And I see a lot of people talking about how even the word work is like a bad word, or the word hustle is a bad word, and we should not be using these words. And I think everyone will have their own relationship to any words. Some words like the F-bomb, fuck, you might just turn off the podcast right here because you hate it and it pushes you away. Or that might make you lean in and be like, “Oh my God, she swears, I feel more comfortable around her,” because of the exact same word. So different words can have different meanings to different people, but I think that it’s important not to villainize the word “work,” which is why we are all here, why we’re all creating life.

So I was doing my Instagram Story, and then this came through my mind. I use the laws of manifestation, and I use the laws of get shit done. And I think that a lot of us need to just see that you could have both. You can have things on your visionboard, you can pray for them, you can meditate on them for the new moon, you can put it in your calendar of all the things you’re manifesting. Go for it. And take the auction on it, and what are the emails you can send to get there? You know, you can dream about having your show, you can put all of your pictures of your show on your visionboard, and have you written a treatment? Have you actually taken the steps to fiure out what it’s like to get a show out there?

So I’m seeing a lot of people getting complacent. So the biggest things, and I just finished writing my book, “Discover Your Dharma,” on how to find your soul’s purpose. It’s going to be out next January, it’s like my best book by far, hands down. It is a game changer for the entire personal development, spiritual industry because this is really what the book is about. But what I realize—and I interviewed so many people on why they have not found their dharmas, as well as why they did find their dharmas—and the biggest things that I saw were confusion and complacency.

So confusion, that was my drink of choice of, “Well, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to focus on. I have too many ideas. I don’t know if I want to go this direction or that direction.” And you use it as an excuse to not do anything at all. You’re afraid, essentially, of moving forward towards something that you’re not 100% sure about, and you don’t want to use the energy of doing it, so you remain doing nothing at all.

So for example, let’s say you really want to start a jewelry line. Like you have the designs in your mind, you even having the branding stuff, and all of these fun creative things, but are you out there actually vending at markets? Are you contacting all of the boutiques that you can? Are you learning everything you can about Shopify, and S.E.O., and influencer marketing, and all of these things? Potentially or probably not. You know, so that vision is there, “Ah, my jewelry line’s going to save the world,” but the action is not.

So this confusion is really coming down to not putting enough stake in the game. You know, you’re gonna be confused about something until you’re actually full on doing it, and then there’s nothing to be confused about, you’re in it. I could be confused about whether I want to run the marathon or not, but once that blow horn goes, and I’m running, there’s no more space for me to be confused, now I gotta figure out how I’m gonna finish it.

So we stay confused because we’re afraid of stepping in. it’s way easier for us to label ourselves as confused than it is to put in the work, and put in the time, and put in the sacrifices that it takes. And again, these aren’t sexy words in the spiritual community. Ooh, sacrifice, uh. But there’s a level of sacrifice in any decision that you make because we have something called opportunity cost. You know, if you guys remember in economics class. So everything that you do in your time, whether you’re choosing to water your plants instead of meditate, or you’re choosing to go in this business or another one, there’s an opportunity cost of not doing the other thing.

So some of us are so afraid of missing out on potentially different avenues of, “I don’t know if I want to go all in, in my jewelry line, because then that means I’ll never make it as an actress. I’m scared of never making it as an actress because that’s actually the thing I really want to do. The jewelry is kind of my plan B, so I don’t really want to go all in on my jewelry because I’m still not sure if I’m going to get the role for a big movie.”

So you’re not actually confused, you’re just lying to yourself. You’re just lying to yourself because the thing that you really want you’re afraid that you might not get, so you’re pretending you want your plan B, but you don’t actually want your plan B because if you have your plan B, that means you won’t get your plan A. Does that make sense?

And I see people do this all the time. I myself would do this all the time too of like there was that thing that I really wanted, which for me was writing the Ayurveda book, to bring it to the modern world, to modernize it, to mix it with plant-based nutrition. And I was so fucking scared of it, I didn’t know the path, I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know an author, I didn’t know anything about the publishing world. I never had written a book in my life, I was only 23 years old, so it’s a lot easier for me to pretend I wanted other things that I didn’t really want. I would be okay with it, but it’s not what I really wanted, it wasn’t my plan A. So I would say, “Oh, well you know, maybe I want to, you know, learn how to make a skincare line. Maybe I want to do this. Maybe I want to do that.” But then I was “confused” so I wouldn’t actually go down that rabbit hole because I was lying to myself.

So I share this because the anecdote to it is very simple. The anecdote is to, first of all, be honest to yourself, go for the thing that you truly want, take all of the action that is possible. And then if you reach a point that you’re just so adamantly rejected that there’s no other avenue, and you genuinely tried every other avenue—and I don’t think most people do. I think what most people do is they get rejected once ore twice, or even ten times, and then they say it’s not gonna work out for me anymore. But they don’t know that maybe they just had to knock on one more door for it to work.

So this brings up the question that I can feel you guys are asking, “Well, how do we know when rejection is protection? How do we know when it’s redirection? Or how do we know if we actually have to push through it?” So this was the biggest question that I definitely had because I wanted so badly to write this Ayurveda book, and I was rejected by 30 publishers who all echoed back the same exact fears as I did—as I had in my mind.

So they’d say, “You’re too young. You’re not a doctor. No one cares about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is not cool. No one’s talking about it. This book is never gonna happen.” So, you know, that would have been a really good time for me to stop. Here’s some professional ass people telling me that my visions and my dreams are bullshit, so clearly I’m sipping on some ganja juice or something. My mind’s in the wrong place, but it wasn’t, it was just they didn’t see the vision that I had, and that I needed a bit more preparation before I wrote my modern Ayurveda book. I first had to write an Ayurvedic textbook to show that I know my shit, and to get my foot in the door, and to really understand Ayurveda at such a deep core level. So that was my unique soul curriculum that I had to go through.

So I did write that book eventually, “Eat Feel Fresh,” but it was actually after I wrote “The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda.” Had I quit then and said, “You know what? I’m giving up on this whole Ayurveda book thing. I’m just gonna go to plan B, C, D, or maybe even Z.” Then I wouldn’t be here right now, I wouldn’t be speaking to you, I wouldn’t have this life, I wouldn’t have this essence, I wouldn’t have this passion in my voice to lift other people up and raise them. I would have said, you know, “Following your dreams is a bunch of bullshit. Doesn’t work. Didn’t work for me,” and that’s how most people are.

So if you’re confused you’re just lying to yourself, and that’s okay, most of us do, it’s our ego’s way of protecting ourselves. It’s our ego’s way of you know when you really, really want something but you’re so afraid of not getting it that it’s easier for you to pretend that you don’t want it? Well, that’s exactly what we do, and then we say that we’re confused when we’re just not fully stepping into what we want.

So how many of you guys listening, is it you right now who feels like, “I’m confused. I don’t really know what I want. I don’t really know what direction. Da da da da da…” But like deep down inside if you had a year to live what is that thing that you would want to do? What is that thing that you would want to leave the world with? Listen to that.

And now the second side of this is complacency. Complacency, just like confusion, is also fear masked. When we are complacent, when we don’t take action, when we essentially wait around, and procrastinate, and say, “Oh, well there’s another season of ‘Stranger Things,’ so kind of busy this fall,” you know? Again, that’s us being afraid of putting ourselves out there. You know, the more you put yourselves out there, the more you have respect for other people who put themselves out there because you realize it’s an incredibly vulnerable thing.

And all of the people out there who are haters are never people who are putting themselves out there. They are the people with the anonymous profile pic. Have you ever noticed none of them are profile pics? All their profiles are private because they are so afraid of putting themselves out there, but they will smash you down for putting yourself out there. And if someone is not someone you would want to be like, don’t take any advice from them. Personally, I don’t want to take any advice from someone who has no profile pic, has their profile on private, and then is hating other people for putting themselves out there. That’s not someone I want to take advice from.

But we remain so afraid of those people. We let these people dictate our lives. People we don’t even know. We think so much about what would they say? What would they think? They’ll say that I’m a loser, they’ll say I’m a fraud, they’ll say I’m a phony, they’ll say I’m not smart enough, they’ll say… who the fuck is they? Like is they like this like group of people who like make a list of everyone in every industry and is like, “Uh, that one’s bullshit, let’s go after them.” No, they is a bunch of isolated people on their own who are so deeply afraid of their souls, and their purpose, and the magnitude that they have living inside of them. They’re so freaking scared of it that they shoot everyone down that has an ounce of the glimmer that they have in themselves. Because it just reminds them of how much they are not stepping up.

So this is actually a very sad case, and we let their own sadness, and their own fear, and their own insecurity dictate our lives. And this is why we remain complacent. We are so afraid what other people think. So this group of people, the “theys,” it might be the strangers on the internet, the hater, the haterade squad. It might be your family, it might be your childhood friends, or your colleagues. You know, in my mastermind, “Together We Empress” mastermind, which is actually right now we’re taking in applicants, so you could find out more about that in togetherwempress.com. It’s my only avenue that I coach people directly through, but I was speaking through one of our mastermind girls, and she really wants to make this career shift. She’s really good at this other thing, and she’s so afraid of what people in her current job will think.

You know, what will they say? What will they gossip about? I know they’re already gossiping, so I’m afraid of what they’re going to be saying about me because I know I’m gonna be, you know, the meat that they’re putting in the middle of the gossip pile. And I was like who the fuck cares? And I know, easier said than done. When you’re in it, you really care, but the only reason why the people in your former job might be upset, or angry, or triggered that you’ve left the job is because they want to also because you’ve stepped into something that they have been afraid of steeping into themselves. And the people who are really happy at that job will be like, “Oh, great, she found what made her happy. I’m already in what makes me happy.”

So they’re not offended by it, they’re not triggered by it, like it doesn’t even mean anything for them. Like let’s say I hire someone for a job, and she’s like, “This is just not in alignment with my dharma. These are not skills I want to have. I’m not interested in this.” I’d be like, “Okay.” I’m not gonna be like, “You failure! You’re such a loser!” Like of course not, I’ll be like, “I don’t want anyone doing what is not in alignment with their dharma,” and no one who cares about you would.

We care so much about what these people who aren’t even living their truths think. So you remain complacent. Complacency, procrastination, is just you being afraid of the results that you might actually get. About what your life could look like if you were fully in your power. You know, a lot of us are afraid of the money we would make. We sabotage ourselves. Self-sabotage, anyone? Anyone out here?

Like when things are really getting good and then suddenly they go bad, guess what, that doesn’t actually just naturally happen, you create it. You make it happen because you’re carrying the belief that whenever things go good then they go bad. And I share this in-depth in, I think it’s “Highest Self” podcast episode like 14. One of my first ones three years ago when I walked up to Deepak Chopra at a festival, but… at a conference, not a music festival, but that would be pretty awesome. Deepak Chopra at EDC!

But before that, I grew up with the belief that whenever something good happens, then something bad happens, so brace yourself. And don’t talk about the good things that happen to you because you’re going to jinx it. And then I realized that the only reason why I had proof on that because it was the belief that I was carrying. And if your belief is life’s tough, get a helmet, guess what? You’re gonna have a lot of rocks falling on your head. And you’re going to find a lot of reasons why life is not safe without your helmet, without your you know, mile away from that thing that you really want.

So this is how we sabotage ourselves because we’re afraid of what feeling good could really be like. We’re afraid of stepping into our power. And sometimes we’re afraid of the responsibility, the responsibility of the impact that we have in other people’s lives, or the money that we make in mismanaging it. Or whatever else it is we’re so afraid of the results that we don’t actually ever get there, and then we just become resentful that we don’t have them.

So I personally, self-sabotage has not been my thing that I have dealt with, but I’ve seen it happen with a lot of clients, happens a lot with the kapha archetype because the kapha archetype is really about putting their attention, and their focus on it, taking care of other people. So for example, a friend of mine who’s very kapha, she is such a beautiful person, she’s so smart, she’s so wise, she’s so funny, but she never lets this light shine through. She always dims herself, she always feels like she has to be behind someone else. Even though she is someone who clearly has a mission and a voice to share, but part of her is so afraid of fully being into the light that she creates these situations for herself where she is second, or third, or fourth.

So this is her self-sabotaging herself. She self-sabotages by not fully asking for what she’s worth. For if someone not, for example, paying her, or hiring her what her perceived value is in her head, she won’t say anything, but then think, “This person doesn’t value me,” and then all the worthiness stuff comes up. She has all these ideas of things she wants to do, but she thinks she has to get chosen for them. And then when things do start to go good, she reminds herself of all of the fucked up things that have happened to her as a child. And that she’s still that same girl with the fucked up childhood, and it brings her back to square one.

So these are ways we self-sabotage. We chain ourselves to our past, we chain ourselves to what was possible for us previously, which is not the truth, and not what is possible for us now. We put a ceiling on ourselves and we don’t realize that ceilings are meant to become your future floors. So I wanted to do this episode about these topics because I’m very passionate about helping good, conscious, beautiful, soulful aligned people and helping them live their dharma, helping them live their truth, helping them be the lights that they were meant to be in this world.

And this is why when I see in the spiritual community, and I’ve done my past couple solocasts really about this topic, of just this idea that like you shouldn’t work so hard, and that like working is a bad thing, and that if something’s meant to be, it should just happen. And you know, it’s not even true that everything happens for a reason. That’s not true. You can create something happening for your reason. You know, if everything just happens for a reason, then we should just like lie around like blobs, and then like the right amount of money, and the right jobs, and the right opportunities, and the right people should just like show up in our lives.

Well how is that gonna even happen because they’re also believing the same thing that everything happens for a reason, so they’re not doing anything. I think everything happens, and some things have reason, and some things we create the reason for. So maybe something happens that you just completely had no control over. Well, with the laws of karma, it would actually show that you were getting signals from it before. So, you know, a collision doesn’t just happen. It might seem like it’s happening out of the ordinary, and this doesn’t necessarily mean a car collision, but a collision in your life. It might seem like it just came out of the blue, but like you don’t go into debt overnight. You know, you don’t get divorced overnight. You don’t get fired overnight. You might think it’s overnight, but there were actually a series of events and a series of science that have led you to that moment that you may have ignored.

You know, you may have ignored your boss continually telling you, “Well, this is not really up to our standards, or you’re coming late, or whatever it is.” You might have just ignored like, you know, “Me and my husband are getting into a lot of fights, but it’s gonna be fine. Or we haven’t had sex in a couple months, but you know, we’re good.” Until they file for a divorce, or whatever the situation is, we act like these things are coincidences when nothing is a coincidence. Nothing is a coincidence.

When we act like things are a coincidence, we give up our own personal power. You have the power to make things happen. The life that you were meant to live is up to you to create. It’s not going to be handed to you. And there are universal laws that are supporting you, and guiding you in certain directions, and there are signs that you can 100% ask the universe for support, and we always should. And the universe will respond by giving us the clearest path of action, which we have to take.

And though we are ancient souls, there are things we have to learn in this modern lifetime. You know, my soul might be ancient, but I had to learn how to do digital marketing, I was not born with that skill. I wasn’t born knowing how to do a podcast. I had to Google that shit and ask. So we think like, “Oh, well if it’s meant to be, it will just happen.” Like no, like you learn, and you try, and you put effort in, and there’s nothing wrong with effort.

Like we’re not here to be like ghosts, and just like you know, meander around, and end up in the right places. Like no, you are a fire bolt. You know, you have direction, you have drive, you have passion, you have purpose. And I think a lot of, for example, the entrepreneurial community they have this in them, but they often don’t have this spiritual focus, and they don’t have the self-care, and they don’t have the alignment in place. But then a lot of the spiritual community doesn’t have like the drive, and the ambition, and the structure, and the discipline in place, and what we really need is both.

We really need entrepreneurship, and spirituality to come together. We need… and not just an entrepreneurship in any type of avenue that you work in, whether it’s corporate, or a hospital, or whatever else. We need people to be soul centered who are taking action because the world is going to be run by the action takers. I mean we see this in politics, we see this in business, so we can sit around and complain, that’s not gonna do much, or we can become the people who are making the decisions. We can become the people who have the money and then choose how we’re gonna spend it. We can become the people who are, you know, in control of our politics, or our non-profits, or whatever it is that your dharma is calling you to do. But you gotta get out of your own way, you gotta stop lying to yourself. As long as confusion and complacency are in your life, you’re never going to fulfill your dharma.

So I share this with you because the world needs you, the world needs more empowered dharma seekers fulfilling this purpose. Not just dreaming about it, not just kumbaya-ing around it, but actually embodying it, and creating opportunity for other people to embody their own. So if this is resonating with you, I invite you right now to just take action. Take action on something. Maybe you’re finally gonna hit publish on that website. Maybe you’re finally gonna start applying to some jobs that are in alignment with you. Or you’re finally going to get rid of that relationship that is holding you back. Or whatever it is for you, you know your truth, you know what it is you need to do right now, so I invite you right now to go do it.

This month I have a very special offer with my alma mater, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And we are offering their biggest and baddest discount off of becoming a holistic health coach, which is a $2,250 off scholarship, including my bonuses on business coaching, how to have a thriving business as a health coach, and so much more.

You don’t just have to become a health coach by graduating from I.I.N., but there are so many career options available for you. You can start your own clinic, you can work at retreats, or a hospital, or wellness centers. You can teach children, or work in school systems, or spas, or whatever it is that is calling to you. There are so many people doing incredible things from products, to full on coaching businesses, from graduating from I.I.N. And I’m so grateful for my own time at I.I.N. because I would not be here, sharing this podcast, living this path if I had not signed up and said yes to the calling to learn more about my passion of wellness, and bringing it out into the world, and creating a business doing what I love.

So if you’re interested in getting $2,250 off tuition, just head over to my link in bio. It has the link exactly right there, you can put in your email, get all the information, get notified, see a sample class, check out their curriculum, all that good stuff. And I’m so excited to having you on our team, raising consciousness together, while being handsome rewarded. Again, you can find that link in the show notes, you could also find it on my website, iamsahararose.com. Right on the bottom a lot of it says, “Become a holistic health coach,” and I am so excited to have you join is.

If you loved this episode, I would love if you could leave me a review in the iTunes store, and as a free gift, I will share with you the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” Simply email a screenshot of your review over to [email protected] Again, sahara, S-A-H-A-R-A, @eatfeelfresh.com and I will send you over the first half of my unreleased book, “Eat Right For Your Mind Body Type.” Thank you and Namaste.

Episode 267 – Why You Aren’t Living Your Dharma Yet with Sahara Rose

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