So I Just Got PROPOSED TO in Bali

So I came here to Bali two weeks ago to focus writing my next book and just spend time in nature. I begged my bf Steven (now FIANCÉ what?!) to come but he kept saying how busy he was with work, so I decided to come solo.

I’m on my last few days of the trip and my friend Tara Mackey texts me saying she has a friend named Deniz Reno who wants to do a free photoshoot with me. Well I’m obvi a sucker for free photoshoots because #content so I say yes. She suggests I wear white for an airy look so I quickly buy a long white lace robe from the side of the street.

It was raining heavily that day and I had just done a 3-hour long podcast interview with my Shamanic Teacher Malaika. It was about to get dark and I really didn’t think I’d make it to the shoot but I checked maps and it was just 5 minutes away and something came over me to just go do it.


The moment I arrived, it stopped raining and a little sliver of sun came out. Deniz asks me to take some photos on my knees. I think it’s kinda weird but don’t question it (turns out it was so I wouldn’t spin around and see who was creeping up behind me.) I’m on my knees trying to look cute and then someone squeezes me from behind and says “Shmooby,” Steven and I’s nickname for each other.
My first thought is “Hmm someone else must have that nickname” and I turn around and see him there on his knees. I literally don’t know if I’m dreaming or awake. Here he is in his black T-shirt from LA standing in front of me in the jungle of BALI.
I look around to see if I’m awake or this is a hallucination, as he starts saying,
“You are everything to me. You are the most beautiful woman in the world on the inside and out. I love you unconditionally. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
Again I wasn’t sure if I was tripping or this moment was actually happening. My first response: “Is this real???? Am I dreaming??”

I’m touching his face to see if he’s real or made of thin air. I look at the photographer and she’s cracking up too. It hits me that the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life is happening.


He asks again, laughing. “Will you marry me?” My response: OF COURSE!!!! And out he pulls out my ideal ring, a raw green tourmaline on a rustic gold band.


And like that, we are getting married! See how happy we are here.


There were SO many coincidences and serendipities leading up to this moment, and as I teach, you fall into kriya (effortless flow) when you are in alignment with your dharma (life purpose.)


Turns out, the moment I told Steven I was going to Bali months ago, he knew instantly that was when he’d propose. The whole time he was telling me he had work and couldn’t come so I would have NO idea. (It worked.)
He was waiting for the ring to be made and finally the day it was, he rushed to the airport and bought a flight on his way there on his phone. He knew I was staying in Ubud and asked someone where they recommend for a proposal and they mentioned The Sayan House, overlooking a cliff. Little did he know, Ubud is comprised of multiple cities over a large area of land (like LA) and I was staying about 30 min outside of Ubud deep in the jungle.. which happened to be 5 minutes away from Sayan House!

He contacted a photographer I was shooting with but she wasn’t available so she connected him with a friend of a friend, Deniz who was just visiting Bali for 3 weeks and happens to stay NEXT to the Sayan House.


So they connect and she recognizes his name.. they had met 6 years ago, as she is also a singer/song-writer and sent him her music in the Myspace days!


Then she says, “Wait, are you @iamsahararose‘s Steven?” and he says “Yes!”

She says, “My friend Tara Mackey is good friends with your gf and at her book launch last year and I started following you then and recognize you from her stories!”


So that’s when Steven thinks of the idea: to set up a fake photo shoot where Tara will tell me her friend Deniz wants to shoot me for free and then he will sneak up behind me and propose! And the rest is history.
I share this with you because TRUE LOVE EXISTS.
We are surrounded by so many horrific stories in the news these days and sometimes we need a reminder that romance, synchronicities, magic and playful spontaneity is still very much around us.. and is waiting for you to just say YES!
I’m beginning a Conscious Wedding Series on Highest Self Podcast where I share with you all the behind-the-scenes of:
  • How I manifested my soul-mate/twin-flame/soul-flame (and what that all means)
  • Why I chose a conscious wedding ring and don’t support the diamond industry
  • Planning an eco-friendly, plastic-free wedding in Tulum, Mexico
  • A conscious way of looking at the wedding planning process
  • The Zorastrian ancient Persian wedding ceremony I’ll be having on the beach
  • Calling in the ancestors for our sacred day
  • Choosing an affordable wedding dress
  • Staying present and balanced while I also am still very much writing my next book on Ayurvedic Entrepreneurship, have my Eat Feel Fresh book launch in October, run a full-time business, 3x a week podcast, perform speaking engagements all over the country, start a new apparel business (stay turned for that) plus all the admin work of being an entrepreneur/ human in 2018!
  • And everything in between!
Fittingly enough, the podcast I recorded a month ago that came out this week is How To Spiritually Grow Through Ease!
My spirit guides were preparing me for the major upgrades I’ve been receiving transforming me from single girl to married woman!
Click here to listen on iTunes and here for Soundcloud (it’s totally free)
Thank you so much for being with my throughout the journey and can’t wait to share with you as it unfolds!
Sending you love from mama Bali,
Sahara Rose
PS: I’ll be chronicling our adventures, ceremonies, eats and more throughout Bali on my Instagram story @iamsahararose here!
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