Which Hindu Goddess Are You Based on Your Ayurvedic Dosha?

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Yoga originates from the Vedas, an ancient Sanskrit text based on how to live your life for optimal well-being. This includes everything from how to maintain proper health to how to connect to various aspects of your personality. The Vedas are a spiritual science, combining the physical with the metaphysical, the seen with the unseen.

Two archetypal systems I have studied deeply in the Vedic sciences are Ayurveda, the system based on health and wellness, and the Hindu Goddesses.

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An archetype is a symbolic characteristic that recurs across many individuals. Ayurveda has three archetypes, called the Doshas: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth). Vatas are imaginative, quick-moving and restless. Pittas are sharp, fierce and competitive. Kaphas are calm, collected and a bit lazy.

You can find out which Dosha you are on my quiz here.

Hinduism offers hundreds of archetypes in the forms of gods and goddesses. The goddesses represent various elements of the Shakti, or feminine energy. A female is not just a female – there are many archetypes living within us: the creative artist, the powerful warrior, the nurturing mother.

Goddesses represent various elements of the Shakti, or feminine energy.

Through studying both, I’ve noticed similarities between the two philosophies. I have found that each of the Doshas relates to a particular Goddess and most importantly, with a different part of ourselves.
Goddesses represent various elements of the Shakti, or feminine energy.
In this article, we will compare the three Doshas to three different Goddesses so you can see which most relates to you.

Ready to learn about the way the Hindu Goddesses connect to the Ayurvedic Doshas?


Let’s dive in!


1. Vata Dosha = Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati is a goddess very near and dear to my heart – in fact my clothing line, Saraswati Couture, is named after her, made of recycled sari material by victims of sexual trafficking in India. She also relates to my most prominent Dosha, Vata.

Saraswati is the goddess of creativity, knowledge, arts, music, literacy and education. She is always seen playing the sitar, with books around her. Similarly, Vata types are highly creative, artistic, intellectual and airy, though sometimes can begin too many projects that they are never able to complete. They have strong imaginations and bring beauty into everything they do, from a painting to a blog post.

If you are a big idea person with a natural draw towards acquiring knowledge and self-expression, then Saraswati is your Goddess and Vata is your Dosha.

2. Pitta Dosha = Goddess Durga

Pitta is the fire Dosha, in charge of all transformation in the body: digestion, metabolism, nutrient assimilation. In the mind, Pittas are ambitious, goal-oriented, driven and sometimes a bit competitive and impatient.

Similarly, Durga is the powerful warrior Goddess who protects those around her. She is always seen with a tiger and bow and arrow in hand, illustrating her power. Both Pitta and Durga take control and are naturally strong leaders. They use their power for good and are protectors of others.

If you are a sharp go-getter who loves to lead and achieve, then Pitta is your Dosha and Durga is your goddess.

3. Kapha Dosha = Goddess Lakshmi

Kapha is the Earth Dosha: calm, cool and collected. It has a very grounded energy and is in charge of stability and structure in the body. Similarly, the Goddess Lakshmi is the sustainer of life and prosperity. Lakshmi is depicted as soft and curvy with a round face and big, warm eyes.

Kaphas have similar figures, with soft skin and a natural tendency to put on weight easily. Both Kapha and Lakshmi are motherly givers who care for the wellbeing of others – sometimes before themselves. Lakshmi is often found with an elephant, which are Kapha’s spirit animals.

If you are an Earthy mama with a loving demeanor and chill vibe, then you are connected to the Goddess Lakshmi and the Kapha Dosha.

So now I would love to know:

  • Which Dosha/Goddess do you connect to most?
  • Which one is your Mom?
  • How about your best friend?

Share this article with them so discover your Ayurvedic Dosha and Goddess Archetype.

Practice more art and creative endeavors to bring up your Saraswati/Vata. Do more warrior poses and strength-building exercises to bring out your Durga/Pitta. Connect to nature and ground down your energy to connect to your Laksmi/Kapha Dosha.

Remember – we are all three Goddesses and Doshas in varying amounts. If there is one you feel you are missing, try to bring it out!


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