Are You Ready To Awaken Your Powers?

Hey you.

Yes I am talking to you.
You who keeps hiding your wisdom.
You who keeps second-guessing yourself.
You who knows you were meant to be a leader on this planet but don’t know where to start.

I want to tell you something.

You have an important message to share.
Your voice needs to be heard.
You are more knowledgeable, powerful and brilliant than you even begin to give yourself credit for.
And the world needs you.
I teamed up with my dear soul bro Shaman Durek to create the Awaken Your Powers Master Class particularly for you.

It’s for the person who knows they were meant to majorly serve in this world but isn’t sure how to start.
It’s for the person who wants to use their social media platform for positive change, who wants to create a career doing what they love while helping others.
It’s for the person who wants to lead by example and step up to create a career doing what they love, while empowering people along the way.
It’s for the coach, the entrepreneur, the healer, the yogi, the mother, the doctor, the teacher, the writer, the speaker, the designer.
Whether that’s already your career or whether it hasn’t blossomed to fruition.. yet.
The #AwakenYourPowers Master Class is all about tapping into your innate potential, so you can serve as a leader in the new paradigm.

We share all the secrets, tips and stories that we’ve learned along the way so you don’t have to go through the mud like we did.

It’s so important to be mentored along your journey by people who are doing the types of things you seek to fulfill, so if your dharma includes being a conscious leader, we invite you to join us.

In this masterclass, you will:

1. Learn to emerge as an authentic leader in the new paradigm
2. Break through the perceived blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small
3. Embody radiance and success from the inside out to become a magnet for opportunities
4. Attract beneficial collaborations and partnerships, from clients to corporate speaking gigs
5. Find your authentic voice and stand out in the saturated social media space to build your soul tribe
6. Use the internet as your sacred tool to raise consciousness
7. Fully rise up into your power, embodying your Doshic constitution and energetic blueprint
We will empower you to:

Live As Your Energetic Signature
You were born with a unique energetic blueprint that makes you THRIVE at certain style of leadership

Tap Into Your Dosha’s Strengths
Your Doshic constitution will tell you exactly what your leadership style is and how to focus on your strengths

Take Your Voice and Message Global
It’s time to drop the fear and playing small. You are more than ready to be seen and heard. We need you.

Lead Authentically Earn Your Worth
Build an authentic tribe and blast through any feelings that your message is not worthy so you can live and serve abundantly

The master class consists of:
• Four 30 minute videos on awakening your power, available to watch as soon as you sign up
• A live Q+A call with Shaman Durek and I week of August 13th answer your questions live
• A private Facebook support group
• An Instagram pod to cultivate tribe in the community.
Early bird rate of $35 til August 1st, then moving up to $50.
Click here to learn more about the masterclass and get started!
Can’t wait to meet you and #awakenyourpowers

With gratitude,
Sahara Rose

PS: Send this to someone you want to sign up with/ who’s ready to awaken their powers!

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