Highest Self Podcast 048: Why You Need Medicinal Mushrooms In Your Life: Interview with Four Sigmati

Order your Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs for 15% off at foursigmatic.com/sahara Tero is such a fun-gi! Ok I’ll hold back on the mushroom jokes. If you’ve haven’t heard of medicinal mushrooms yet, you are in for a real treat. They have countless health benefits from healing adrenals to increasing energy to reducing stress to fighting inflammation to balancing hormones and everything in between. In this episode, we discuss:1. What medicinal mushrooms are2. Why Tero created Four Sigmatic to make mushroom consumption easier for people3. How each mushroom has different benefits4. If people with Candida can consume mushrooms (the answer is YES and he explaisn why)5. Why mix mushrooms + coffee?6. How to make the most out of your mushroomsAnd so much more!There is so mush-room to grow in the mushroom space! (Okay I’ll stop now..)Be sure to order your box at foursigmatic.com/sahara (I drink the reishi DAILY and my bf is obsessed with the coffee/ cordyceps.)

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